Snowflake Parsley
Full name Snowflake Kateryna Parsley
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 24/05/2003
Nationality Russian
Residence Irutsk, Russia
Family Elliot Parsley (Brother)

Natalya Parsley (Mother; incarcerated) Amy Long (Cousin) Yelizaveta Saffronova (Aunt) Nikolai Parsley (Uncle) Alyona Parsley (Grandmother;deceased)

Profession Student
Appearance(s) Police International Edition
"What can I say? I'm not THE best at technology but I do care!"

Snowflake Kateryna Parsley is a central character in Police International Edition. She is a high school student and first debuts in Freeze! (Case #3 of PIE) and makes numerous appearances throughout the entire season.


Haling from Irutsk, Russia, Snowflake is the 15-year-old sister to IPD Tech Expert Elliot Parsley. She has long, blonde hair tied up in a chignon and green eyes. She wears a pink sweater over a purple t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots. In addition, she also is in a pink wheelchair with the wheels designed like the Russian flag. She is known to be silly, a geek and a lover of the outdoors.

Age 15
Height 5' (In wheelchair)
Weight 109lbs
Eyes Green
Blood B-

Events in CutePets95's Version of Criminal Case


After the player, Elliot and Amy arrested her mother for her grandmother's murder, Elliot asked them to help find her. After finding her handbike and using a GPS to track her phone down in deep into the woods in, they found her and after being caught up with what happened minorly in the case, she agreed to go with them.


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