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Jerry: Good morning, <Name>. Another day at work, right? I'm getting a bit tired.
Jerry: Why? Don't you see our police station is a mess? Susana and Nora's daughter have been playing here for days. It's cool when they're friends but when they argue...
Jerry: Violet! Where are Susana and Idaho now?
Violet: Still sleeping. I'll seize the moment and clean up a bit.
Jerry: Oh, we'll help you-
James: Don't worry, I'll help her. You two need to go to Evergreen Shore. There is a dead person there.
Jerry: Really? But there's no one in the beach now. It's snowing!
James: Old George told me let you know what you have to do now. Remember to make sure nobody is in the sea, the snowstorm is really heavy!
Jerry: I don't think there's anybody in that beach besides that dead pal. Let's go, <Name>. Put a coat on!

Chapter 1

Investigate Evergreen Shore
Jerry: I love going to the beach but Evergreen Shore is always full of snow during winter! With this haze, we can't even see more than 30 feet away from us.
Jerry (panicking): OH MY GOD, I hadn't looked at the dead guy's face! What happened to his eyes...? Wait, this guy is Anton Sumner, the most handsome lifeguard this beach has ever seen.
Jerry: These must be Anton's binoculars- Oh, this explains how he died. Someone glued glass shards to his binoculars so that he would stab his face when he used them!
Jerry: Therefore, this is clearly a murder and the killer is clearly crazy. Can you examine the murder weapon, <Name>?
Jerry: What about that chumbucket? I can't see anyone fishing around here but I can barely see your face. Let's see what we can find inside.

Autopsy the victim's body
Megan: I saw the photos of the murder scene, it's beautiful! I hadn't seen a snowy beach since my last trip to Norway and-
Megan: What the f-?! WHO THREW THAT TOY TRUCK?!
Idaho: Susana did.
Megan: Is it true, Susana?
Susana: I'm sorry!
Megan: My God... I'll go straight to the point. The glass shards destroyed many veins and arteries and Anton bled gallons. That's not all anyway, there was cyanide on the victim's wounds.
Jerry: Cyanide?! Don't tell me the killer is another person doing <Name>'s investigation!
Megan: How am I supposed to know? The killer made Anton stab and poison himself. However, there was another substance in his wounds which also came from the glass shards.
Megan: It was sherry! The shards match to perfection the bottles of the most consumed sherry in our city.
Jerry: So the killer drank some sherry before breaking the bottle to kill Anton. I'll make sure that's their last drink before going to jail!

Examine Binoculars
Jerry: What are those thin fibers, <Name>? Maybe we should send them to Kyle and keep investigating out there while he takes care of this.

Analyze Fibers
Kyle: Before I tell you about the fibers, I'll tell you that on them I found traces of saliva and skin cells. I'm sure that they don't belong to Anton but I can't say much more.
Kyle: Unfortunately, the snow ruined pieces of evidence. However, I'm convinced that they left their human body just a couple of hours ago. Do you get that so far?
Jerry: Yes, they belong to the killer. The only other person who tampered with the victim's binoculars.
Kyle: Exactly! And since these fibers are wool and Anton wasn't wearing wool, we know the killer is wearing it! Isn't it fantastic?
Jerry: Y-Yeah... Fantastic. If the culprit was wearing their wool clothes just a couple of hours ago, they must be still wearing the same thing.

Examine Chumbucket
Jerry: This fisher lost a fish hook inside the chumbucket. Look, it says "Cyrus" here, it's been written with a marker.
Jerry: That must be the name of the fisher. Now let's see if we can find this person. Why don't we go to that deck and see if there's anybody around?

Interrogate Cyrus the fisher
Jerry: Are you Cyrus?
Cyrus: Cyrus Lemin, the best fisher in town! Who are you?
Jerry: The police. You left a chumbucket at Evergreen Shore. Did you see Anton Sumner there?
Cyrus: Yes, the lifeguard. He literally kicked me out of the beach! He said the storm was dangerous and it's only snow. I was just fishing!
Jerry: Anton has been murdered, Mr Lemin.
Cyrus: Holy cow! I had no idea, officer! A while ago he was at the ski lodge, that cabin over there. Maybe someone from there killed him?
Jerry: We'll go there just in case. Thanks a lot but please, don't stay out here until the storm is over.

Investigate Ski lodge
Jerry (sighing): Oooh, this place is so warm. I'll stand here for a minute while you take the snow out of that paper you found on the bar counter.
Jerry: Who knows, maybe the person who brought it here came from Evergreen Shore too. What's up with that whistle, by the way?
Jerry: Hm, lifeguards use them. If we examine the saliva on it, we'll see if it belongs to Anton.

Examine Snowy paper
Jerry: We have a clear page now but the snow made it fade away. How will we know now what this paper was about, <Name>?
Jerry: Carbon powder always helps, isn't it true?

Examine Faded paper
Jerry: Fine, so here we have some kind of line and then a few crosses above that line. What is this drawing supposed to mean, <Name>? Any idea?
Jerry: I feel like I've seen the shape of this line before. Someone also wrote the words Boomburst, Pyrowork and Flamecrack. What the heck is this?
Jerry: It seems related to fire and explosions! Maybe Annabelle can decipher this code, don't you think?

Analyze Mysterious drawing
Annabelle: You didn't need a profiler here because this is not a coded drawing. You just needed someone with a bit of brain.
Jerry: Sorry for not being smart enough, you shrink.
Annabelle: I'm just kidding. This line is a piece of Blue Coasts' coast line. It's part of the shape of our city.
Jerry: I knew I'd seen it before. Then what places are those crosses near the coast?
Annabelle: Just a few random spots throughout Evergreen Shore. The key to solve this was just searching those three words in the internet and it's done.
Annabelle: It turns out that Boomburst, Pyrowork, and Flamecrack are now models of firecrackers made by Fireboom, Ned Stephenson's company.
Jerry: Uh, that's the man whose firecrackers caused the death of that boy in the gated community. Did he write this?
Annabelle: Yes, his handwriting in our database looks pretty much like this. Just like in that case, he didn't relax at the ski lodge and kept thinking about work. His handwriting shows stress.
Jerry: Well, I guess talking to him won't hurt.

Ask Ned Stephenson about the murder
Ned: Aren't you those police officers? I'm busy now.
Jerry: Just in case, are you looking for... say, this paper?
Ned: Oh dear, thanks very much! This is exactly what I needed. This is the distribution of the firecrackers I'll use on Blue Coasts Day. Mayor Miyadai hired me.
Ned: The celebrations are already planned and-
Jerry: Excuse me, we came to ask you if you had seen a man called Anton Sumner at the ski lodge.
Ned: The lifeguard? I think he was there, yes. Now, I'd like to keep working. Sorry.

Examine Saliva
Jerry: The saliva on that whistle belongs to Lucy Del Valle. Well, she must be another lifeguard or maybe just someone who uses a whistle.
Jerry: In case she's a lifeguard in the same place as Anton, we have to go and talk to her.

See who Lucy Del Valle is
Jerry: Good morning, Lucy, we're the police. Are you a lifeguard at Evergreen Shore?
Lucy: Yes, but I don't have to work today so I came to the ski lodge to relax and well... to ski too.
Jerry: Then I guess you know Anton Sumner, another lifeguard.
Lucy: W-why do you ask? Y-You're scaring me.
Jerry: Anton has been murdered this morning, Lucy.
Lucy: Oh my, this is terrible! I... I can't believe it! We hardly ever worked together but he seemed nice. Oh my God...

Back at the headquarters...

Jerry: Ok, <Name>. We have now the gruesome murder of a lifeguard with glass shards and... cyanide. Very disgusting. We know Lucy was also a lifeguard in Evergreen Shore.
Jerry: He also told that fisher to leave the beach because of the storm. And he went to the ski lodge where he met Ned.
Jerry: Nothing of that seems to be a reason to stab him in the eyes. Who did such a thing and why?
Violet: Hi, <Name>! I've got some info about Anton Sumner, your victim. It turns out that I also follow him in Momepix, like the victim from the wetlands case.
Jerry: Do you follow just hot guys in social media, Violet?
Violet: Everybody follows the people they find attractive. I'm worried about the fact that I followed two murder victims.
Violet: Well, I was about to tell you that this Anton guy is also a professional photographer apart from a lifeguard, and he had posted some photos from one of his photoshoots.
Jerry: What was the photoshoot about?
Violet: He did it for Appleton Light Industries!

Chapter 2

Violet: Yeah, I'm sure, <Name>. Take a look. Anton did a photoshoot for Montgomery Appleton's company. They also make snowboarding apparel and they've released new products.
Jerry: Um, Violet... The guy in this picture is not Anton.
VIolet: I know, Anton just took the photos. The model is called Chase Windows, his parents are British. Isn't he cute too?
Jerry: A British man in Evergreen Tops? Don't they all live near the factories?
Jerry: Well well, if Chase worked with the victim we can interrogate him. We don't have other clues anyway.

Talk to Chase Windows about his work with the victim
Jerry: Mr Windows, we're here to ask you a few questions about Anton Sumner.
Chase: The photographer? I would also like to know where he is! I have been shirtless in this room with the AC on waiting for him to take the photos for my advertisement?
Jerry: You can save your abs for later because he won't come, Chase. He has been murdered.
Chase: WHAT?! Nobody told me about that! Now I know why he didn't come yesterday either.
Jerry: No, no, he was killed this morning. Wait... He didn't show up yesterday? That was unexpected. <Name>, shall we take a look around this place?

Investigate Photo studio
Jerry: I'm disappointed, <Name>. I thought all of the snow in Chase's photos was real! It looks more like cotton.
Jerry: Well, back to work. Let's see if Anton left anything in this trash bin during his time here. You also found some glass shards. Where were they?
Jerry: Hidden under the fake snow? Seems interesting! Let's put them back together.

Examine Trash bin
Jerry: Isn't this a contract? What was it doing in the trash? Ooh, it's too long to read it, <Name>.
Jerry: Why don't you look for that signature in our database? That may help.

Examine Signature
Jerry: The signature belongs to Anton Sumner? What is his contract doing in the trash? Was he fired? That would explain why he didn't come to the studio yesterday.
Jerry: I'm definitely not reading all these pages. Hans is a lawyer so he should take care of this.

Analyze Anton's contract
Hans: I've read this contract and there is nothing unusual in it. Most employment contracts should look like this actually.
Hans: Therefore, I decided to look for Anton Sumner in Appleton Light Industries' legal status. The police has access to that information so I didn't have to ask Thomas for help.
Jerry (impatient): Get to the point, Hans...
Hans: I was about to do that. Sumner was fired from the company indeed but all the info they subscribed says that he violated article number 26.
Hans: Luckily, I had the contract with me. Article 26 says, in other words, that the contract will have no longer legal effects if Anton smuggled alcohol or other addictive substances in his workplace.
Jerry: What the-?! We didn't know this side of Anton. Could it be related to his murder? Even if he knows we know he's hacking us, we have to ask Montgomery about this.

Discuss the victim's actions with Montgomery Appleton
Jerry: Good noon, Mr Appleton. Before we ask you some questions, is there anything you want to tell us? Anything you want to apologize for?
Montgomery: Apologize??? Well, sorry if I didn't treat you kindly the last time we met, <Rank> <Name>. I was in a bad mood but it's normal when your house has just been vandalized.
Jerry: We don't mean that! You know... It never rains but it pours.
Montgomery: You're saying that again? I have no idea what you mean! Can you tell me what you're here for?!
Jerry: Anton Sumner has been murdered. Can you help us with that?
Montgomery: I fired him because I caught him with cocaine in the studio where he's supposed to WORK only. You know I respect law verbatim.
Montgomery: Excluding, of course... That mistake from three years ago Mr Ravens probably told you about.
Jerry: There's no point in carrying on lying, Mr Appleton! If you want to play, at least play honestly.

Examine Glass shards
Jerry: What is this? It's a... broken bottle. Hm... I wonder what it is. Let's ask Kyle to see if it's relevant.

Analyze Broken bottle
Kyle: Believe it or not, guys. This is a bottle of cyanide.
Jerry: Really?! That means the killer has been at the studio where Anton worked!
Kyle: Certainly. There are also traces of sherry and wool on the edge of the broken bottle. I spent hours looking for fingerprints or more substances but it was in vain.
Kyle: I'm sorry, <Name>. I couldn't find anything else.
Jerry: No, the fact that we know this bottle belonged to the killer is enough. It was in that studio and that means that the culprit works for Montgomery's company.
Jerry: Chase is the model for his new ad so he matches this profile.

Back at the police station...

Jerry: I can't believe Montgomery is pretending to be innocent! We know he's hacking us and we know he's in MAFIA!
Jerry: First of all, Martin Jenkins used his speeding ticket to order the hit on Mark Hilton. For some reason, he stopped hacking us when we mentioned Thomas.
Jerry: He hacked us again when his son told him we were near his house, and that MAFIA squad stole the package that Vaninna Hilton had sent to him.
Jerry: I'm sure Mark Hilton was in MAFIA and now that he's dead they're threatening Vaninna to do what they say. They are also chasing Bella Matthews...
Jerry: And we also know one of us is in MAFIA. I refuse to think it's you, <Name>. Hans can't be right. Let's focus on Anton now, please.
Jerry: We know the killer works for Montgomery's company so I'll add it to his profile. Let's return to the ski lodge, ok?

Investigate Rococo fireplace
Jerry: I hadn't noticed that someone had left a napkin on this table. They wrote something on it but it seems they also used it to clean the table afterwards.
Jerry: If we apply our magical powder, maybe the words will be revealed.
Jerry: We also have an e-book reader! Can you try to unlock it? Then we'll see if it's of interest.

Examine Napkin
Jerry: The note says "Grierson Hospital - Room 314 10am to 8pm". It seems somebody wants to visit a friend in hospital, but who?
Jerry: Asking Thomas to hack the hospital would take longer than looking for this handwriting in our database. I'm just saying...

Examine Handwriting
Jerry: That note was written by Lucy Del Valle, the lifeguard. She didn't look worried or mention a sick friend or relative. Could it be just something irrelevant?
Jerry: At least we should make sure she keeps the note with her, <Name>. Let's talk to her.

Return the note to Lucy
Jerry: Lucy, you forgot your note at the ski lodge! Here you are.
Lucy: Thank you! How could I forget it? Maybe the lodge barman gave me too much sherry.
Jerry: Is a relative of yours in hospital, Lucy?
Lucy: It's my aunt. The doctors say she'll recover soon. She lives with me so we're very close. I had to get an inventory control job at Appleton Light Industries because of her.
Lucy: Unfortunately, she's unemployed and my lifeguard salary is not enough...

Examine E-book reader
Jerry: Well done, <Name>! Here it says "The truth behind cocaine", so the owner of this thing was reading that. An unlucky coincidence after the last thing we learnt about Anton.
Jerry: I'm sure Thomas will find out who it belongs to in no time.

Analyze E-book reader
Jerry: Do you know if the e-book reader belongs to Anton?
Thomas: The fingerprints on it as well as the serial and barcode point at a different person. Sorry to disappoint you, guys. It's not Anton Sumner.
Jerry: Then who is it? It may be someone related to Anton's drug-dealing business.
Thomas: It's just Ned Stephenson, Fireboom's CEO. Do you really think that guy could be a drug dealer?
Jerry: Why not? At least we can suspect him. Are you up for another interrogation, <Name>?

Quiz Ned Stephenson over the victim's cocaine business
Jerry: Mr Stephenson, we found your e-book reader at the ski lodge.
Ned: I was going to return later and the barman told me it was a safe place. You didn't have to touch it.
Jerry: We didn't know it was yours at first. We saw you've been reading a book about cocaine. Can you tell us why?
Ned: I'm interested in the world of drug dealing. Not because I use drugs or because I am a dealer. I just watched a few documentaries that really caught my attention.
Jerry: What was exactly the relation between you and Anton Sumner?
Ned: I just saw him a few times at that ski lodge. I promise there's no link between me and Anton or me and cocaine. I've only read about it, never tried consuming it.

Some minutes later...

Jerry: The case is far from being closed but we might know why someone decided to kill Anton. He was on drugs and maybe he was also a dealer. It's easy to have troubles that way.
Jerry: However, the suspects barely know what his face looked like. Nobody was close to him! Also-
Jerry (doubtful): Hey, what's that sound? It sounds like... gas?
Thomas: Cough, cough! What the heck, guys?! Someone dropped a stink bomb in my lab!

Chapter 3

Jerry: A stink bomb?! OK, GIRLS THIS IS ENOUGH! Which one of you did it?
Idaho: I didn't do anything!
Jerry: Was it you, Susana?
Susana: What... What's a stink bomb? Does it explode when you fart?
Megan: Susana doesn't know how to make stink bombs and I'm sure I've never bought her one. About Idaho, I made sure she didn't have any dangerous toy when she came here.
Megan: I'm sure you can see how worried I am. There are no prisoners in here and the girls didn't do it. Therefore, one of us is the culprit!
James: <Name>, Jerry, I-! What's that scent?
Jerry: Someone made a stink bomb go off. This is definitely not funny.
James: Well, I came to say that the officers surveilling the murder scene reported having seen a herd of white rabbits wandering!
James: Then they e-mailed me this photo of a man who was trying to catch them.
Jerry: What the-? That's Chase, the British model! Why is he in the crime scene? The rabbits will make a mess, let's stop this guy, <Name>!

Ask Chase Windows what he thinks he's doing
Jerry: HEY, HEY! Can't you see the officers are here because it's a murder scene? What are all these rabbits?
Chase: I can explain! This morning I took my rabbit to the photo studio because she's pregnant so I can't leave her alone. It was cool and, you know... she's friendly.
Jerry (bored): ???
Chase: I had a break after you interrogated me and I went to have some sherry and when I returned I saw my rabbit with a little bunny by her side!
Chase: THEY WERE BORN AND I COULDN'T SEE THEM! I asked everyone where the babies were and they told me they had escaped!
Jerry: I just... Finish picking up your rabbits while we go back to the studio before the evidences disappear.

Investigate Studio cameras
Jerry: Oh my God, <Name>! This rabbit is bleeding from a wound! It's just lying here on a small blanket. Why is it hurt?
Jerry: There's something on the blanket... Can you take a sample of this with our vacuum? I'll make sure this little bunny is safe in our station and not abandoned here.
Jerry: What's the matter with that suitcase? It has this company's logo, so it may have info about Montgomery. Will you try to unlock it, <Name>?

Examine Blanket
Jerry: I've already given the rabbit to Souleyman or whatever his name is. I hope he's able to heal the little guy.
Jerry: Well, the stink bomb is still stinking. I wonder who did it and why in Thomas' room. Anyway, did you collect the sample from the blanket?
Jerry: Ha, our vacuum is wonderful just like you! Now we only need to put it under the microscope and see what it is.

Examine Powder
Jerry: The powder on the blanket was cocaine?! Ok, <Name>, I'm very positive the rabbit did not buy it from a dealer. The one who took care of it is the one on drugs!
Jerry: We can't be sure it was Chase or anybody else at the studio but it's a big coincidence with Anton's expulsion from the studio. What should we do now?
Jerry: Hm, maybe Austin can give us more info about this person after he's done taking care of the cute tiny rabbit. Let's wait.

Analyze Hurt rabbit
Ousman: I had never seen a rabbit personally, <Rank> <Name>! Thanks very much. It's... kind of similar to a hare I saw once in my homeland, a savanna hare.
Jerry (daydreaming): I'd like to visit the Gambia someday...
Ousman: Oh, you'd like the Lepus Microtis but you should really stay out of that country's trouble.
Jerry: It's not like we're much safer in the USA anyway. Besides that, do you know who hurt this boy?
Ousman: It's a female actually, and it was extremely cold! The wound was done with some small hook according to its shape.
Ousman: It has traces of things used as chum and scales from a fish. Kyle said he found DNA from a middle-aged stocky caucasic man.
Jerry: That description... chum... hook... fish...
Jerry: <Name>, it's Cyrus Lemin, the fisher! It seems this bunny ran into him after escaping to Evergreen Shore. Let's go and put him in his place.

Have a brief talk with Cyrus Lemin
Jerry: Cyrus, didn't we tell you to leave the shore?! You might get lost in the snowstorm and it's also a crime scene! Why are you still here?
Cyrus: This is my lucky day, that's why! I've already fished eleven of these guys.
Jerry: And a rabbit too! Why did you hurt that little bunny with your fishing hook?
Cyrus: Oh, that guy who was trying to pick his rabbits. One of them fell to the sea and I'm too old and fat to jump in to rescue a rabbit. I had to fish it.
Cyrus: I hurt it but I saved its life! I had heard the man saying to those officers he'd come from the photo studio over there so I left the rabbit there and returned.
Jerry: Yeah, on a blanket full of cocaine! Can you explain that too?
Cyrus: That blanket wasn't mine. It was over there, where Anton always sat.
Jerry: So that's Anton's place. It explains the cocaine then. <Name>, let's take another look at this place before any evidence ends up covered in snow.

Investigate Lifeguard's chair
Jerry: You found a bottle of glue, huh? Maybe it was used to stick the glass shards to the binoculars. I just wonder why the killer left pieces of evidence everywhere.
Jerry: There's some faded ink here. Do you think it's important, <Name>? Please, recover it just in case.

Examine Glue
Jerry: Ok, there's a faded symbol on it and it also says "" near the edge of the bottle's tag. What does this thing mean? Any idea?
Jerry: Hm... Maybe Annabelle can solve this problem?

Analyze Glue
Annabelle: I'm hoping to get one of these days a task that requires actual knowledge in psychology. Whatever, I've got your results.
Jerry: What's that mood, Anna? Where is our profiler with that will to live we've always seen?
Annabelle: Well, she's just bothered by the stink bomb whose stink is everywhere and by the fact that we're constantly being watched by Montgomery Appleton!
Annabelle: Arresting killers is also important, so... I was sure that "" is part of a webpage's name so I asked Thomas to show me pages finishing in scope-dot-com.
Annabelle: After we checked dozens and dozens of pages including and, we found this exact same symbol in!
Annabelle: It's a page in which your given name seems to determine your fate. I could rant about why people believe in that though the priority is this cute symbol now.
Annabelle: Somehow the killer wrote this and the ink got to the glue bottle. Kyle found sherry, cyanide and wool on the bottle. This symbol is Jupiter and in the website represents the letter Y.
Jerry: So if the killer did the horoscope with their name, there is a Y on it. You rock, Annabelle!

Examine Suitcase
Jerry: Well done, <Name>, but... why do you think this is important? There's only a laptop inside this suitcase.
Jerry: Ok, just let Thomas handle this while we keep working with Anton's case.

Analyze Laptop
Thomas: I AM FURIOUS! Besides having to work with this awful scent. I've just been given Montgomery's personal laptop and I couldn't find anything about the hack!
Jerry: Don't think that, you're great anyways! If you work for the city's first police team and unmasked a tax evader, would you think you've failed as a computer genius?
Thomas (mad): Of course I'd think I've failed! I've been hacking people for ages and now they hack my police department's database like it's a piece of cake! How would you feel?
Jerry: Er... I'm sure you'll eventually find something if you keep searching. What did you find so far?
Thomas: At least it seems he's not evading taxes anymore. However, he has a lot of info about Anton Sumner, the dead lifeguard who is now in Megan's lab.
Jerry: At last we get back to our murder investigation instead of chasing rabbits! We need to see right away why Montgomery was so interested in Anton.

Question Montgomery Appleton about his interest in the victim
Jerry: Mr Appleton- what are you drinking? Are you getting drunk at work?
Montgomery: It's just a glass of sherry and technically I'm not in my working hours. I just need to keep warm.
Jerry: You'd be ok with just coffee but nevermind. We happened to find this laptop of yours-
Montgomery: GIVE THAT TO ME! Are you trying to hack me again? I know how you work, <Rank> <Name>!
Jerry: We're legally allowed to do it because it's evidence in a murder investigation! You're not legally allowed to hack the police, Montgomery!
Jerry: Now tell us why you have all this load of information about Anton Sumner. Did you have a crush on him or what?!
Montgomery: I had caught him with cocaine in my studio, do you think I'd let it slip easily? I had to stop Anton before he became a bigger threat!
Jerry: Well, murder was absolutely a good way to prevent him from doing anything, don't you think?
Montgomery: I didn't kill him! If it's useful to you, I found out he spent much time in that ski lodge near the beach. If there's evidence about his actions, it's definitely there!

Investigate Ski lodge
Jerry: I'm afraid Montgomery was right, <Name>. This broken bottle of sherry has to be what the killer used to murder Anton with his binoculars! It even smells a bit like cyanide.
Jerry: Examine it, <Name>! With your skills, I'm sure you'll find new evidence to get closer to the culprit!

Examine Bottle of sherry
Jerry: Well done again, <Name>! This saliva sample will take us directly to the killer after Kyle does some of his magic science on it.

Analyze Saliva
Jerry: Hello again, Kyle. Is there anything you can tell us about the sample we gave you?
Kyle: Yes, but I had to work hard to find something. I was very lucky to find a skin cell in this sample. There are always skin cells in saliva but only a few in this sample.
Jerry: Does that mean the killer is ill or anything?
Kyle: No, it's just a coincidence. I had to run my thrilling tests on the cells and I've found some useful data for you! The killer is definitely under 40 years old.
Jerry: So they'll probably spend most of their life in jail. I'll write that down!

Seconds afterwards...

Jerry: Woah, I'm glad we'll be able to put an end to this case! Let's arrest the culprit now, <Name>. And just in case, check your binoculars next time you use a pair!

Arrest killer
Jerry: Lucy Del Valle, you're under arrest for the murder of Anton Sumner! What on Earth were you thinking when you were tampering with his binoculars? We know you did it!
Lucy: I had to get revenge, ok?! That aunt of mine who is in hospital, she might die any moment because of Anton!
Lucy: He sold cocaine to my aunt and she became an addict. She's in a coma now. If you only saw the pitful state she's now in... You'd kill Anton again!
Jerry: So he was a drug dealer... Did you really need to make him stab and poison himself? Weren't the glass shards enough?
Lucy: I was afraid the glass shards wouldn't work, I had to make sure he'd die! I had tried to poison him at the photo studio but he caught me. I thought I'd never kill him.
Lucy: I got the sherry from the bar and I prepared the trap at the beach. I told him "hey, is that a person drowning?" and he fell for it! HE SCREAMED AND DIED!
Jerry: Lucy, you have gone crazy. Get some sleep so that you can get up early tomorrow for your trial.

Peggy: Miss Del Valle, you're here facing trial for the gruesome murder of Anton Sumner, which you've confessed to <Rank> <Name>.
Lucy: That's right, your Honor. I plead guilty. I did it because he sold to my aunt the drugs that left her in the state she is!!
Peggy: Unfortunately, the victim is not responsible for your aunt's addiction and lack of self-control. If it was not Anton, she would have found another dealer to get what she wanted.
Annabelle: Judge Jasmine, your conclusion added up to the murder method and my interview with Miss Del Valle bring me to a fact that I can't avoid pointing out.
Annabelle: She needs psychiatric medication and professional treatment. Her personality disorders show that we're lucky enough to have survived all these years from another of her murders.
Peggy: So she might do it anytime again... Fine, Miss Del Valle, you're sentenced to spend from 30 to 60 months in Blue Coasts Psychiatric Prison Hospital.
Peggy: After the 30th month and before the 60th, the doctors will hand in a form saying how longer you should stay in that place.
Lucy: I understand, right?! You think I'm going to break down and strife random civilians just because!!!
Peggy: ... Session adjourned!

Jerry: Wow, <Name>! Lucy is a sociopath and also a great actress. I can't believe we hadn't been able to see how crazy she was until we arrested her.
Jerry: Well, I'm sure that now the stink bomb's scent has already left our station so we may work in peace.
Jerry: Of course, while we are silently watched by Montgomery.

Mobsters and hackers 6

Thomas: You've come from Lucy's trial, right? <Name>, can you do me a favor? I heard you've been talking to Montgomery because of this case. I need your help.
Thomas: He may take you in a more serious way than me, so I would like to go with you and confront him. I'm tired of feeling watched in my own HQ...
Thomas: And I'm more tired of not being able to do anything about it!
Jerry: Wow, Thomas, are you sure you want to do that? It sounds like a waste of time to me.
James: Hey, I was told to investigate Anton's drug-dealing business. You are the ones who have info about it so I need any of you two to help me.
James: Besides, Old George said he's still waiting for your reports on Anton's murder case.
Jerry: I'll get your back, <Name>. You can go and breathe some fresh air while I take care of the reports.
Thomas: <Name>, I'd suggest going to the ski lodge. Montgomery's laptop had tons of info about that Anton guy and he spent most of his free time there.
Thomas: It seems there's a coin locker with his stuff there, so try to find it, James. And, <Name>, don't forget about me, huh?

Tell Montgomery Appleton to stop watching you
Thomas: Good morning, Mr Appleton. Do you remember me?
Montgomery: I don't think I know your face but for some reason I feel I've heard your voice before...
Thomas: I'm Thomas Ravens, the hacker who told Blue Coasts that your company wasn't paying taxes two years and something ago. Remember me now?
Montgomery: Thomas Ravens!!! I-I'm sorry, listen! I owe you a big explanation.
Thomas: I don't want you to explain yourself, I want you to stop hacking us!
Montgomery: WHAT?! Is that thing still going on after three years?! Look, I'm busy right now with some work at the photo studio, ok?
Montgomery: I swear I'll get myself some free time to talk to you later.
Thomas: I'm not gonna sit around and wait for you to have free time. We'll go to that studio and if you want to play... we will play again!

Investigate Photo studio
Thomas: I have no idea what excuses Montgomery has in mind for us but I'm sure I won't buy them! We need to stop him as soon as we can.
Thomas: Do you think we can find anything of interest in his briefcase? I'll help you search in it.

Examine Briefcase
Thomas: This folder says "police issues", <Name>! Does Montgomery have a folder with info about us?!
Thomas: Oh, no, it's just about his police matters with Appleton Light Industries. They're ordered by date so around April 2014 I should find his tax scandal.
Thomas: Maybe Hans can give us more detailed info about this, or at least I hope so...

Analyze Montgomery's folder
Hans: I had to ask Bryar what this investigation was about. Otherwise, I'd have uselessly read the whole folder.
Thomas: Sorry about that, Hans...
Hans: I looked for info about near the time you joined our team, which was after you exposed his taxing issues and he started hacking us back.
Hans: It turns out that one of his employees came to our HQ shortly after that for causing riots in his company's premises. However, the issue was solved quickly.
Hans: The employee's name is not in our files thereby, and no one was arrested or charged with a fine.
Thomas: It definitely sounds like Homer handled it. That was his way, solving petty things as quick as he could.
Hans: It was him in fact, Bryar's father saved us a lot of time indeed. Anyway, I looked in OUR files from those days and Homer reported that a tool of ours was missing the day after the riots.
Hans: A device made by you, boy, mysteriously disappeared. A handheld device used to detect secret microphones.
Thomas: What the-?! I've only made one of those and it's the one Montgomery had! Do you remember it, <Name>? He left it at the Hilton & Hilton after Jerry mentioned me.
Thomas: It surely looks like his employee stole it for him! They probably caused riots on purpose back then. Let's go back with that guy now!

Demand explanations from Montgomery Appleton
Thomas: I hope you have time to talk now, Montgomery. It was not nice to tell your employee to steal that device I made after years of hard work! At least you left it at the golf course then...
Montgomery: I'm here to explain myself. You see, my company was going through difficult times. I needed to cut costs and the most viable solution I saw was taxes.
Montgomery: Unfortunately, you caught me, boy. I moved heaven, earth and even hell to find a better hacker. It was stupid, but I was mad. I needed to find you and tell you how angry I was.
Thomas: Well, tell us the hacker's name already!
Montgomery: I... I don't remember who it was! We only communicated via e-mail and my current experts told me that the e-mail account leads them to dead ends only and it's untraceable.
Montgomery: The hacker sent me by mail that device of yours saying they'd stolen it from you and showing me how intelligent you were. I thought that was too much and told the hacker to stop.
Montgomery: When Deputy Jerry told me you were in this squad too, I got scared and decided to get rid of the device. I had no idea that person was still hacking you until you came and told me!
Thomas: Oh my God, I don't know why but I'll have to trust you! Pray for that hacker to be found or you'll get into more trouble. We'll charge you a fine for hacking the police!

Investigate Rococo fireplace
James: Well, it would have been great from Thomas to tell us which coin locker was Anton's one but I guess he had no idea about it either.
James: I'll use the carbon powder to reveal the fingerprints on the keyholes, ok? Then I'll have to ask you to identify Anton's ones.

Examine Fingerprints
James: Those are Anton's prints, good! His locker was the one with the number 420 on it. I guess he must have chosen it on purpose.
James: There is a shirt here and some ski goggles, also a knitted hat, a torn page and antiperspirant, a bag of chips too.
James: Well, maybe the torn note holds more info than the goggles or the chips. Let's restore it.

Examine Torn page
James: The note Anton kept in his locker says "pick up parcel on Friday" and a shipping tracking number is written below. Today is Friday, <Name>.
James: Before we risk making a move, we should get more info about Anton's parcel with this number. Don't forget drug dealers aren't people to mess with even if you're the police.
James: Thomas is busy with Montgomery Appleton's things, so who can do this? Megan is with Susana and Idaho, Kyle hates computing and sucks at it...
James: Bella is busy with the killer's psychological paperwork, Austin must be in his house... and Hans loves bureaucracy! Yeah, this is a job for him!

Analyze Tracking number
Hans: I tried to do Thomas' job as hard as I could but that's definitely not for me. I had to go through my beloved bureaucracy to find out what this is.
James: Told you so, <Name>...
Hans: I had to repeat four times that I'm a police agent and potential mayoral candidate. They finally told me that it was a package coming from Scarborough, England.
Hans: It's in fact a parcel for Chase Windows, sent by his mother. I told them to check its content and it was a bunch of letters from his British relatives.
Hans: And cocaine.
James: So Chase was part of Anton's business too! It seems he was bringing drugs from England. How will we make sure this drug traffic is stopped?
Hans: I've talked to Chief Nearnight and we've moved a few contacts... Long story short, the NCA is already working on that. It's their trouble now.
James: Well, Chase is still in OUR jurisdiction so let's arrest him now!

Arrest Chase Windows for drug trafficking
James: Mr Windows, we heard about a certain package your mother sent from Scarborough. What's in it?
Chase: O-oh, the package! Anton was supposed to pick it up for me. It must be letters from my family again.
James: The handcuffs, <Name>, quickly! Chase Windows, you're under arrest. You are the one who has been giving your English cocaine to Anton for him to sell it!
Chase: WHAT?! N-no, there must be a mistake! You can't do this! In any case, the crime is being committed in the Uk, not in Blue Coasts.
James: Don't worry about the UK, the NCA is already taking care of your mum.
Chase: The NCA?! Boy, I messed up really big shit this time...
James: Good job, <Name>! Let's go and eat something to celebrate.

Minutes after that...

Thomas: Old George, we have news about the security breach! Apparently, Montgomery Appleton is not responsible for it anymore. After I hacked him-
Thomas: HEY, CHIEF! Can you hear me with those earphones?
George: Sorry, it's just the horse race. Were you saying...?
Thomas: Montgomery Appleton had hacked us but told his hacker to stop it after they stole my device. However, the hacker stopped working for him but kept spying on us.
Thomas: That criminal has been watching us for two and a half years! I thought it was under control after a few days, but none of my techniques every worked!
George: We can't go on with this. Contact experts, Thomas. You need to learn more about those matters, technology is always advancing and you know that.
George: I'll go to the bathroom now, excuse me.
Thomas: <Name>, the Chief has been behaving differently... Why did he become interested in horse races all of a sudden? I'm sure he's listening to something else!
Thomas: Can you unlock his mobile before he returns and take it to my lab? I'll be setting my computer up.

Examine George's cellphone
Thomas: Here it is! Thank you, <Name>. We need to know what Old George is stashing, I don't like this situation!

Analyze George's cellphone
Thomas: I did it, <Name>, the Chief is not interested in horse races at all! When he has his earphones on, he's actually listening to-
Thomas: What the-?! Electricity went off! We'd never had a power outage before.
George: I did it. Our CCTV cameras work with electricity only and that hacker was about to hear what you were saying. Now tell <Name> about my mobile.
George: It was no horse race. All this time, I've been listening to Nora. <Rank> <Name> already knows that she's undercover in a MAFIA squad.
George: Nobody knew I was communicating with her though. We need people to think she's actually missing because Everett wants to fire her.
Thomas: You could have told us about it in another place where the hacker wouldn't listen! When did you two decide to make everyone think she'd gone missing?
George: Right before she met that squad. I had to think of something and I whispered in her ear so that the hacker couldn't hear us. After all, we've assumed they're in MAFIA too.
George: I also kept it secret because of our mole. Jerry told me that someone from our team gave his father's police badge to MAFIA, which they used to get into Appleton's house.
Thomas: R-Really?! If that's true... <Name>, call Jerry, please. I have something to tell you!

See what Thomas has to say
Jerry: What's wrong, Thomas? What happened?
Thomas: I don't know how to say this, so I'll get it out quickly... I am the MAFIA mole.
Jerry: WHAT THE F-?! Are you being serious, dude?! I just... but... why?
Thomas: I'm not on their side, don't get me wrong! The hacker and the Hilton & Hilton's mail were big trouble and they were driving me crazy! I needed to do something.
Thomas: So I thought about joining MAFIA to gather intelligence, just like a reconnaisance mission. I decided to contact Gary Perkins again and ask him to let me join.
Thomas: He said that if I wanted to be one of them, I should help them get into Evergreen Paradise easily. I thought about your father's badge and left it in a park he'd indicated to me.
Thomas: They used it and they never contacted me again, they fooled me!
Jerry: Thomas, if that story is true, I can't believe you were so stupid! Your story sounds more like a fraternity hazing than joining a secret society!!!
Thomas: I... I'm sorry... Please, <Name>, don't look at me like that!

A while later...

Jerry: Before you switch the power on, Chief, we all here need to know what's been going on.
George: It's ok, listen, Nora isn't missing. We made that up so that Everett doesn't fire her. I'm in constant communication with her, since she's undercover in a MAFIA squad.
Thomas: And Hans, the one who gave Homer's badge to MAFIA was me, not <Name>. A stupid mistake, I know it...
Hans: Fine, then I guess I owe you an apology. Sorry for questioning your loyalty, <Name>.
Idaho: Why did you have secrets? Aren't you a friendly team? You have to tell everything to everyone, that's called trust!
Jerry: ...
Idaho: So, will my mom be fine?
George: Of course, little girl. Just don't tell your dad about this. Sometimes we need secrets, ok? Only the ones in our team will know about it, and you're one of us.
George: Now, we need to wait for Nora to give us news, guys. I'll pull back the power lever.

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