Small... But Still Deadly
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Silicon Bay
Case # 14
Initial release date 16. V 2021.
Partner(s) Rosetta Calconi & Marcus Valentino (All chapters)
Case Chronology
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Saw That Blood? Playback
Within this place, you find a body that looks very pale only to be revealed with nanobots! You have to find the killer before it's too late

Small... But Still Deadly is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 14th case of the game. It is the fourth one to take place in Silicon Bay, a district of Crimestone.


With the realization of the counter-virus made by Ludovica and Michael the family started to prepare the plan to infiltrate Tortorelli Inc in order to set the plan in motion. Giuseppe said how they will probably need a side help from Marcus as Camilla mentioned that he might not need to be there as she can seduce the main guards and allow Ludovica and the player to go inside. Diocleziano then stood forward said that he would gladly be a backup and beat every guard they can find. After considering some ideas and consulting with Lawrence about the play the two come to the final conclusion: Camilla would distract the main security on the back doors with her hustler skills as Diocleziano would then enter inside and observe the area, with marking everything clean Ludovica and the player will progress to the main server room. Getting everything needed and separating in groups the action began. Following Camilla seduction of the security staff the trio entered inside the building as Diocleziano began to beat up the security that sometimes cam to their way. Sadly, as they arrived towards the server room the alarm went on as the dozen of security guards began to encircle them with Mancio and the police officer Emmett Hefferson who ordered the arrest of the player as the killer of the supreme leader Kim Kong Dos before Emmett put a handcuffs on all three and sent them to the custody.

Back to the mansion, as the family listened to what is happening Giuseppe tear out his headphones and threw them against a wall, saying that everyone is irresponsible and that they need to jail break the player and the others. Lawrence then pointed that they need to find the real person who killed Kim because they are caught with bloody hands and jailbreak would make things worse. He sighed as Lawrence suggested that Marcus and Rosetta take the case and discover the real killer. Giuseppe nodded and told him to tell Marcus and Rosetta the plan. After Lawrence did so, Marcus and Rosetta went to the scene of the crime where Emmett watched with anger as Marcus told him that chief ordered him to take the case with the assistant from another police branch. With a angry growl Emmett let them investigate as he handed them files and crime scene access. Soon after the two searched the area they requested the body to be transferred to Rosetta's branch where disguised Lawrence would pick the body. Soon after that was done, a duo discovered that engineer John Lidwigstain had a conversation with the victim before his death as they then discovered that upon victim's arrival at the USA he had been assigned at doctor and their ally Tim Klügmann. Rosetta and Marcus then discovered that Marcus' colleague, CPDs tech expert Cynthia Perrin has been tracking the victim. After the initial interrogation the team went to Lawrence who said that the victim's clothing was strangely covered in the player's fingerprints despite the fact no one knowing Kim Kong Dos was in the USA or why would be come to the snake's nest at the first place. He also said that he is shocked to learn that he was killed with nanobots and said that the killer needed to have access to them in order to modify them which also requiters nanobot technology knowledge.

Shortly after that Marcus began to compare reports who were so far matching, saying that there is no conspiracy against the player or the family so far. Marcus then told Rosetta that they should recap the case so far before Estella slide into the room, saying how her contact said that the player, Ludovica and Dioleziano have 24 hours in the custody before they get background checked and that everyone needs to hurry up with the investigation. With a new time limit, Marcus said that they need to go and investigate the server room where the player and the rest are caught. Rosetta agreed and the duo went down the corporation where they discovered by security cameras that the victim was there with the unknown man that later they confirmed to be the engineering student Peter Gyllenhaal before discovering through John that Mancio planned to sign the big deal with North Korea in order to exploit weak governmental system assure his dominance in DC with coup that will be staged using the hi-tech machinery building in secret. As Marcus noted all that they continued to find clues that will release their crew as they then found Ludovica's sister, Monica Martinetti, roaming around the news agency but also that Cynthia was tasked by the president directly to track the victim so that FBI and NSA could make an arrest if he do something bad but that now that he is dead there is nothing to be worry about.

With ticking clock, a duo stood outside the cafe and talked where to go next now that they have only 3 more hours. Then Marcus' speaker turned on, the police officer from the other side saying that Diokleziano broke out of the custody and whoever to see him has a permission to kill. With the new news, Rosetta said that they should find him before hit hot temper get the best of him and expose entire family and ruin everything they built. Rosetta said that he might go back to the corporation and that is the best to wait him there. Marcus nodded and the two went back to the corporation where they found and calmed Diokleziano as Marcus told him to jump inside the car and wait there. The two then went to search the building again (primarily the murder scene) where they discovered that Tim had a plan to poison Kim as the order from the police before discovering that Monica was fascinated to met the victim but that he pushed her way as she wanted to talk. They then concluded their investigation by discovering that Peter was offered lots of money to join North Korean's military engineering but that he rejected the offer.

Marcus sighed and told Rosetta to be calm as they will need to arrest this killer together with Emmett so they can prove the innocence of others. Emmett angrily came closer and together with the two they went to arrest Monica. With a shocked expression she said that she doesn't care about the victim enough to kill him but as the trio began to expose the evidence she keeled down in anger before shouting that no one cares about the victim, that everyone hates him and want him dead that it doesn't matter what motive she has. Rosetta clutched her fist and asked for the motive. The girl looked at her and said that she just wanted to be someone. Someone to be recognized, praised, to not be alone and in shadows of he much recognized and praised sister. She stood up and locked her eyes on Rosetta telling her that she knows very good who she is behind that mask and that she is sick of people like her, like her sister who plays gangsters and be rich and famous while she was always just a shadow, obeying and underestimated but that that Monica died now as she decided to taste the life of the other side and was fully welcomed by Mancio who just asked for a murder of a approval and showed her a target since that way he can infiltrate his own people there and cause the war while his family will deal weapons on both sides, making a huge profit and together crush Calconi family and her sister. She also stated how Mancio's virus who stole the data from Calconi's servers gave them the player's fingerprints so everyone will be dislocated and make the progress smoother. Finally connecting all dots, Emmett stepped and handcuffed Monica before rising his gun towards the duo, saying that he finally knows everything and when he gift the chief those trophies he will finally be recognized as the best cop. Rosetta told him that Monica is just crazy and that she isn't part of any criminal organization just Monica on what he growled, saying that he wasn't born yesterday. He then got into fight with Marcus , resulting in Emmett's gun shooting Marcus' chest as he fell down. Looking down at him, Emmett called him pathetic as he turned towards Rosetta as she took the fire extinguisher and slammed it against Emmett's head, making him unconscious. Hearing sirens she quickly bruised herself and uncuffed Monica before pushing her down to see like the trio had a struggle with her. With the backup arriving to the scene they quickly called ambulance for Marcus and Emmett as they "helped" Rosetta to cuff to arrest Monica. After Monica's trial who resulted in the life in jail she waited for the player and Ludovica to be released as she smiled at them, saying that with them free they can finally finish their job as Ludovica said that she can't do it and gave Rosetta the USB as she ran away.

After Ludovica ran away, they returned to Giuseppe who told them that she just needs a moment. He told Rosetta to go and have time for herself as Alfonso and the player have a task to plant more evidence from investigation Rosetta and Marcus did and cause his downfall. He said that they need to go and visit Kelp O'Brien in news agency and show him the evidence that will publicly expose Mancio. As the duo went to talk with Kelp he stopped them, saying that he will take their request but first he needed to find his special microphone. Unable to wait, a duo searched the office and found his microphone. After returning it to him he thanked them and asked what they want. Alfonso smirked and showed him the USB from the interrogations and investigations, saying how information here will skyrocket his career. Kelp was skeptical but still took the USB and scanned documents as he in shock asked where they got it only for them to say that is classified. Kelp quickly sorted the story and began the live air, exposing Mancio's corporation and his plans for the future. On the other side, Mancio watched the live broadcast and grind his teeth as he took his gun and shot the TV before taking his coat and slamming the door behind him. Back to the TV station Alfonso high fived the player, saying that his dad will be glad. They then exited through the back door but on their surprise Mancio shot Alfonso in the shoulder, anger bursting out of his eyes. As Alfonso fell down the player went for his gun only for Mancio to fire at them but miss. He shouted that he knew he should've shot them all instead. Firing another bullet that the player barely dodged he said that they can't run anymore as this alley is closed space and he can kill them and possibly no one will find them and after that he can call his bodyguards to dispose their bodies and kill every single employee of his corporation for spilling secrets to the "police officers". As he raised his gun at the players head he can quickly shot by the duty officer who listened to the broadcast and disarmed Mancio before putting handcuffs on him. The officer asked the player and Alfonso are they okay on what Alfonso responded with yes, covering the bullet wound on his shoulder. As the officer dragged Mancio away he turned towards them and said that they will see again and that from now on they should have eyes everywhere as his people will hunt them down... one by one.

Back to the mansion and with Marcus and Emmett in the hospital and Ludovica nowhere to be found, Giuseppe said that there is no back down. He said that instead of Ludovica Michael will help installing the counter-virus. Rosetta upted to help in the plan with the player and she already knows the staff. She said that the best key to success is through John but that they need to let him go away from the room. Camilla then winked at them and approached, saying that she can deal with it. Knowing that her stills never disappointed Giuseppe agreed for her to be additional help. Firstly, she and the player went to John where the player introduced her to him and Camilla began to her charm as the player silently waited outside where they searched the area, discovering the blueprint to this place and sent it to Michael to analyze properly so they can make a quick escape in case of emergency. An hour later, Camilla hugged the player from behind, whispering that she managed to deal a "date" with him in the server room but that the "date" would just be diversion for her to drug his wine with the dug they can get from Tim. The player assisted Camilla in the talk with Tim who said that he would gladly help and said that he has a right drug they can use. He slide towards the shelves and picked up the red liquid, saying that just two drops will be enough to make him dizzy and sleepy for 2 hours. With the needed ingredients Camilla went to the server room to do her magic. For that time, Michel analyzed the blueprint and discovered old vent system that they can quickly use to escape. Rosetta congratulated him on good job as they then decided that while Michel will insert the virus, Rosetta will be in change to get the vent system ready for escape and the player will be the guard in case someone comes. The trio then drove backstage and when Camilla was done with her part of the mission, a trio quickly went to the server room. The player quickly unlocked the pad needed to Michael to work. While Michael hacked the data and spread the counter-virus across Macio's network Rosetta unscrewed vent holder and when thievery was done, Michael quickly pulled USB out as the alarm started. In quickly and swift movements the player, Rosetta and Michael escaped outside. With the job done Michael waved goodbye to the duo and said that his job is finished so he can go back to be lowlife hacker he always was.

With the counter virus spreading through the network, deleting all data that they had on Calconi family, the entire gang sighed a sigh of a relief. Well, all but Ludovica who was still missing. As Camilla expressed concern for her well being, Rosetta brushed it off, saying that is probably because of her sister and that she will return as she probably is with her girlfriend right now. Giuseppe said how there is no time for sentimental sobbing as they are still far from winning the game. He said that while Mancio is in the custody his remnants still float around and can everywhere seeking revenge. Lawrence then entered the room after he finished legal issues with N. Korean communist party about the the supreme leader's death and that Mancio's trial would soon begin as they should watch it- They turned on the TV as the trial began. Everyone awaiting their biggest nemesis to fell, unaware of other threats waiting outside...

In the building at the edge of Silicon Bay inside the massive computer room a drugged person was strapped on the chair with the shadow watching watching over the defenseless victim. The figure dug their hands inside their pocket, taking up the microchip "necklace" out and looked over it at the light. The eyes of the victim widen as they began to struggle, knowing the importance of whatever is there , the secret that can change the course of the city. The figure smirked and laid the "necklace" on the table as then took the remove and pressed the button. In the matter of seconds the victim began to shake as the voltage became bigger and stronger. Couple of minutes later the room was covered in smoke as the victim, now dead, fell down the chair onto the floor... the smoke continued to escalate until the body cooled down...



  • Kim Kong Dos (Killed by nanobots)

Murder Weapon

  • Nanobots


  • Monica Martinetti



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer eats blackberries.
  • The Killer knows nanobots technology.
  • The Killer uses silver polish.
  • The Killer wears a badge.
  • The Killer wears a tie.

Crime Scenes

Tortorelli Inc Hallway Security Room Entrance Tortorelli Inc Hallway Bonus
News Agency Computers News Agency Bonus
Tortorelli Inc Server Room Giant Machines Tortorelli Inc Server Room Bonus


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