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Case Case Script
Slip Of A Tongue
Blue Coasts Day's carnival
Season 2
City Blue Coasts
District Evergreen Tops
Case Number 7
Partner(s) Nora MacMillon
Violet Nearnight (Chapters 2, 3 and 4)
Thomas Ravens (Additional Investigation)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Snow Bunnies Price Of Beauty
Let's just say I had already met him before I knew who he was...
Vaninna Ballaffinte talking about Gary Perkins and how they became friends so quickly.

Slip of a Tongue is the seventh case in PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts. It's also the seventh and last one in the Evergreen Tops district.

Characters introduced:

Case Background

Violet Nearnight wishes the player a happy Blue Coasts Day, since on December 1st the city celebrates its anniversary with a night comparsa parade. However, the player had to work again. Nora MacMillon had said that MAFIA's new hideout in the Evergreen Forest had flooded and now they were moving everything. On top of that, the water had brought a corpse and the player had now to investigate a new death with Nora as a secret since she was still supposed to be missing.

The victim turned out to be Nevada Hill, the MAFIA member who was in jail for the murder of Clive Goldman. The team didn't know if she had escaped or if someone had taken her out of jail. When Megan Staples autopsied the body, she noticed that Nevada's tongue was missing, just like in the murder Nevada had committed herself. This meant that MAFIA had ordered someone to kill her for revealing information about the organization, which was most likely due to the time she helped the player find out about Martin Jenkins ordering hits on MAFIA betrayers.

Nora mentioned that the old murder case that had "ruined her life" was related to prisoners on the loose. Besides, she realized that her husband (Pierre MacMillon) was having an affair with someone else since he said he couldn't pick his daughter Idaho MacMillon from the HQ because of a business meeting which actually wasn't taking place that day. Nora did not care about Pierre cheating on her but she hated the fact that he was not a caring father to Idaho. It was also shown that Nora had browsed the Internet several times looking for info about Idaho (the state). She also said to Idaho that she hadn't been named after the state actually. George Nearnight also said to the player that he thought Pierre was a terrible person and that his marriage with Nora had been a shotgun wedding.

Starting with Nora's mobile, the team suddenly found out that some things from the MAFIA hideout in the forest somehow ended up in the Evergreen Tops Police Branch Headquarters. On top of that, the MAFIA members also ended up there since Everett Sanderson started arresting them for petty felonies. The team found out that when Everett took the investigation on Mandi Joyway away from them, he didn't actually stay in the wetlands to work but had just gone hunting instead. He defended himself saying that the investigation had brought no results so he'd called it off.

Among the felons arrested there was Gary Perkins, being this the final proof that he was actually in Blue Coasts even though the database didn't say so. Gary explained that he'd escaped from Townville's prison to investigate Reuben Thacks' death and also let it slip that Reuben had founded MAFIA himself. On the other hand, besides saying that he was not actually on MAFIA's side, Gary helped them with the murder investigation and said that MAFIA wouldn't punish him for it because "this time it was ok" if they arrested this specific member of the society. He later revealed as well that when he broke into the Hilton & Hilton he was looking for info on Reuben.

Later, the Chief said that he'd been informed about the reason behind the unusually large tide. An helicopter had fallen in the sea near the coast and as far as they were concerned, there were no survivors. That helicopter turned out to be from the Japanese Kouan Keisatsu and were reinforcements to undermine MAFIA since Takeshi Meuro was actually undercover in the organization. Unfortunately, the helicopter failed and the Kouan Keisatsu suspended Takeshi.

The killer turned out to be Carmela Johnson, who had killed Nevada under MAFIA's orders but didn't even know her. Clive Goldman's missing dagger was indeed under Nevada's possession and Carmela took it from her to murder her. Violet told her that the team was not actually on MAFIA's side so she took out a gun but Takeshi managed to save them by shooting Carmela's shoulder and revealing that he spoke perfect English. Carmela was sentenced to life imprisonment with a chance for parole in 20 years and psychological therapy for 3 years. The reason why she lockpicked Nevada's handcuffs was not revealed at the time. Peggy Jasmine told the player the results of her research after the trial and said that Reuben Thacks had been sentenced to death by Samuel Perkins (grandfather of Silver Constantin and ancestor of Gary Perkins) for "Royal Treason". She didn't know why that had happened since Blue Coasts had never been part of any kingdom.

The next day, Bella Matthews showed up and confessed that she was the hacker, since she knew the police couldn't legally arrest her for it, and explained the points that indicated Montgomery Appleton to be the hacker. She had never wanted to leave MAFIA and had lied to the team about it. When she befriended Nora in the forest, Nora unknowingly revealed that Nevada Hill had betrayed MAFIA (the organization didn't know because Bella had stopped hacking them back then). Thomas and the player agreed to keep it a secret from Nora. Bella escaped and disappeared to keep investigating Reuben's cold case.

The team found what could have prompted Bella to investigate more: an old murder of an unknown woman 2 months before Reuben Thacks' execution. They asked Gary Perkins about it and said that that old murder had actually led to the execution. In exchange for his freedom (and to keep investigating) Gary revealed that the other ancestor involved in the cold case was Marthin Farren (related to Linda Farren) and gave the police a USB key with info about MAFIA. Thanks to this (even though Martin Jenkins did not appear in the files), they found out that Vaninna Ballaffinte was actually the leader of MAFIA and that she'd made her husband get killed because he didn't want to move the club (MAFIA's hideout) as Vaninna was suggesting. Mark had no idea that MAFIA even existed. She insinuated that MAFIA used to be a bunch of criminals in their origins but after Reuben's death their mission became investigating how he'd died. That's why they let the player pretend they were part of MAFIA, since the team's investigation could actually help them find the answers they needed. Vaninna was arrested but said that she'd always be up for "a second battle".

The team also found out that Everett Sanderson was a MAFIA agent, so Chief Nearnight fired him and named Takeshi Meuro as the new Commander of Evergreen Tops before transfering his team to South Coast.



  • Nevada Hill (Her dead body was swept away by the tide into the forest.)

Murder Weapon:

  • Dagger


  • Carmela Johnson


Bella Matthews (Member of MAFIA)

Age 24
Weight 177 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-
Height 5'7"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: The suspect goes hunting - The suspect is a lockpicker - The suspect drinks insamju - The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: -

Ned Stephenson (Fireboom's CEO)

Age 36
Weight 183 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood B-
Height 6'3"
Hair Brown

Suspect's profile: The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: -

Carmela Johnson (Actress and producer)

Age 51
Weight 181 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood A-
Blood 6'1"
Hair Blonde

Suspect's profile: The suspect goes hunting - The suspect is a lockpicker - The suspect drinks insamju - The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: The suspect has a widow's peak

Takeshi Meuro (Japanese member of MAFIA)

Age 51
Weight 200 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood AB+
Height 5'1"
Hair Gray

Suspect's profile: The suspect goes hunting - The suspect is a lockpicker - The suspect drinks insamju

Suspect's appearance: The suspect has a widow's peak

Everett Sanderson (Evergreen Tops commander)

Age 42
Weight 201 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood A+
Height 5'11"
Hair Black

Suspect's profile: The suspect goes hunting - The suspect is a lockpicker - The suspect drinks insamju - The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: -

Gary Perkins (Thief, mobster, hacker)

Age 30
Weight 182 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood A+
Height 5'9"
Hair Brown

Suspect's profile: The suspect goes hunting - The suspect is a lockpicker - The suspect drinks insamju

Suspect's appearance: The suspect has a widow's peak

Montgomery Appleton (Appleton Light Industries CEO)

Age 59
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O+
Height 6'00"
Hair Gray

Suspect's profile: The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: The suspect has a widow's peak

Vaninna Ballaffinte (Mark Hilton's widow)

Age 39
Weight 171 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood AB-
Height 5'8"
Hair Brown and blonde

Suspect's profile: The suspect drinks insamju - The suspect is a Bluecoaster

Suspect's appearance: -

Killer's profile

  • The killer goes hunting
  • The killer is a lockpicker
  • The killer drinks insamju
  • The killer is a Bluecoaster
  • The killer has a widow's peak

Crime Scenes

Flooded forest Tidal flow Flooded forest Bonus
City festival Carnival float City festival Bonus
District police headquarters Evidence storage room District police headquarters Bonus


Chapter 1: Tongue-lashed betrayer

  • Investigate Flooded forest (Clues: Victim's body, Handcuffs, Silver watch)
  • Autopsy the victim's body (18:00:00)
  • Examine Handcuffs (Result: Code deciphered)
  • Analyze Handcuffs (3:00:00)
  • Examine Fingerprints (Result: Bella Matthews' fingerprints)
  • Check Bella Matthews' knowledge about the victim
  • Investigate City festival (Clues: Stained handkerchief, Wick)
  • Examine Stained handkerchief (Result: Pollen)
  • Analyze Pollen (7:00:00)
  • Have a chat with Carmela Johnson
  • Examine Wick (Result: Strontium, copper and gunpowder)
  • See if Ned Stephenson knows something about the case
  • Go to Chapter 2 (No stars)

Chapter 2: Police collaboration

  • Examine Tracking app (Result: App hacked)
  • Analyze George's tablet (9:00:00)
  • Investigate District police headquarters (Clues: Green cellphone, Drawer, Skeleton key)
  • Examine Green cellphone (Result: Partial fingerprints)
  • Analyze Partial fingerprints (5:00:00)
  • Confront Takeshi Meuro about Nora's mobile
  • Examine Drawer (Result: Journal)
  • Examine Torn page (Result: Wetlands page)
  • Analyze Journal (6:00:00)
  • Talk to Everett Sanderson about his behavior in the wetlands
  • Examine Skeleton key (Result: Blood)
  • Analyze Blood (9:00:00)
  • Go to Chapter 3 (No stars)

Chapter 3: MAFIA relocates

  • Examine Mugshot (Result: Gary Perkins' mugshot)
  • Ask Gary Perkins what the MAFIA fuss is about
  • Analyze Gary's phone (9:00:00)
  • Investigate Carnival float (Clues: Torn leaflet, Trash container)
  • Examine Torn leaflet (Result: Faded leaflet)
  • Examine Faded leaflet (Result: Festival leaflet)
  • See if Montgomery Appleton can help you
  • Examine Trash container (Result: Bloodstained bottle)
  • Analyze Bloodstained bottle (10:00:00)
  • Try to get info from Vaninna Ballaffinte
  • Go to Chapter 4 (No stars)

Chapter 4: Execution ordered

  • Investigate Evidence storage room (Clues: Dirty folder, Jewel box)
  • Examine Dirty folder (Result: Evergreen Tops Police Branch folder)
  • Analyze Police folder (6:00:00)
  • Ask Gary Perkins about the Hilton & Hilton break-in
  • Examine Jewel box (Result: Fibers and leaves)
  • Ask Carmela Johnson about the police station
  • Investigate Tidal flow (Clues: Dagger, Wet papers)
  • Examine Dagger (Result: Nevada Hill's blood)
  • Analyze Dagger (10:00:00)
  • Examine Wet papers (Result: Tongue)
  • Analyze Tongue (15:00:00)
  • Arrest killer
  • Go to Mobsters and Hackers 7 (No stars)

Mobsters and hackers: From evil to good

  • See what Bella Matthews knows about the hacker
  • Investigate District police headquarters (Clues: Photograph)
  • Examine Photograph (Result: Message to Gary Perkins)
  • Talk to Gary Perkins about the cold case (Reward: Burger)
  • Analyze Gary's flash drive (8:00:00)
  • Examine Voice note (Result: Vaninna Ballaffinte's voice)
  • Confront Vaninna Ballaffinte
  • Examine Blank letter (Result: Invisible ink)
  • See what Takeshi Meuro wants to talk about (Reward: Noh mask)
  • Analyze Evidence flash drive (1:00:00)
  • Send Everett Sanderson (Reward: 7 cash)
  • Investigate Next Case (No stars)