Skydell Police Department is the police force that gonna be serving in AlternativeEnoch's first season, Skydell.


Name Age Position Previous Job Homeland
Jacob Herch 35 Chief of Police Model Skydell, USA
Anastasia Sokolova 34 Administrative Assistant Intern Moscow, Russia
The Player N/A Detective N/A N/A
George Thomas 30 Agent Director Los Angeles, USA
Arthur Sokolova 29 Officer N/A Moscow, Russia
Aslan Marangoz 36 Coroner Military Veteran Istanbul, Turkey
Isabella Thompson 33 Forensic Expert Scientist Wellington, New Zealand
Valentina Sousa 40 Technical Expert Call Center Agent Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tiana Rakotomalala TBA Profiler Forensic Expert Antsirabe, Madagascar
John Casey 32 Balistics and Weapons Expert Bodyguard Manchester, England
Alexander Hallowhill 28 Historian N/A Skydell, USA
Mathias Moreau 37 Informant University Teacher Nice, France
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