Sinner's Enigma
General information
Season 1
Setting Evergrace, United States
No. of cases in season 56
Initial release date May 24th 2019
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- A Spiritual Mystery
Welcome to Sinner’s Enigma, in the darkest city of Evergrace, where all of your sins run rampant in this prosperous and very dangerous city located in the year of 1890... Be careful where you look, because there’s always a sinner around every corner...

Sinner's Enigma is the title of a solo season of Criminal Case that is set in the late 19th century city of Evergrace.


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The events of Sinner's Enigma is set in the city of Evergrace. It is made up of nine districts, and is home to a total of fifty-six cases. The Evergrace Justice Division is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city.


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