Simon Scamwell is the killer of an alumni named Brian Anloki in The Job Scam (Case #1 in Tripea Bay (Case #1 in Cortonith Island)), but he is ended up being killed in New Recruit.


Simon Scamwell is a 28-year-old shady person. Simon uses guns, wears red clothes inside a black jacket, and he wears a hat.

Height 5'8" 
Age 28
Weight 195 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B+

Role in Case(s)

The Job Scam

Simon was the killer of an alumni named Brian Anloki. He lured him into getting a job of being a police officer, thus killing him for money to get at his shack. Afterwards, Simon Scamwell got 30 years in jail with a chance of parole for 15 years.

Murder Details

Killer and Motives

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