Silverbarrow is the first setting for the first chapter of Luigifan400/Alex48. yet a favorite place for tourists and such.


Silverbarrow has 6 districts.

Industry City

This district features the main part of industry in Silverbarrow, the district also celebrates a centennial festival as celebration for the industrious people here.

In the district are a group of robbers, named the "TIGERS", has come back from its 10 year rest from robbing. Also, a serial killer named Dart Man, originated from this district, has also come back from many years from its murders.

Cases 1-6 are situated in this district.

Autumn Town

This the second district, features a nice comfy hotel, and the district's famous dishes. The district is unusually autumn time, which was adapted by the inhabitants there.

A new antagonist, hypnotizes people to kill others. The district also hosts a monthly carnival here.

Cases 7- 14 are situated in this district.

Summer Seaside

The third district, this place is famous for its beaches and its seven wonders. The place is summer-only, which the people adapted it. There's also a SEALS training base at the east side of the district.

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