Case Case Script
Silver Tears
Case 1-0
Season 1
City Silverstream
District The Suburbs
Case Number 1
Partner(s) Leopold White
Preceded by Succeeded by
none none

Silver Tears (Case #1) is the first case of Silverstream and takes place in the district of Suburbs. It was made by Bright Forest. I'M STILL WORKING ON IT!

Case Background

The player and his new partner Leopold White went to a lake at the entrance of city, where a group of fishermen have found a underwater car. They identified the victim as Marcos Fitzgerard, a civil engineer. Later, they found out the killer was Chad Grayson, victim's brother in law.

On the night of the crime, Marcos went to a party for former University students, near to the lake. He got drunk and wanted to drive- what isn't a good idea. One of his friends called to someone from Marcos' family to pick him up (Chad), but... It was too late! Marcos and his car disappeared.

Chad was already coming, but crashed against Marcos' car. He got unharmed and his car was only a bit damaged, but in other hand his brother in law was unconcious and bleeding. Desperate, without know exactly what to do, he thought the best way for end it was killing Marcos. He pushed the car (with Marcos inside) to the lake and went home, with no weight in his shoulders.

For the death of Marcos, Judge Oscar sentenced Chad to a 20 years jail, with a chance for parole in 15 years.

Crime Scenes

Silverstream Lake Marcos' Car Silverstream Lake Bonus
Modern House's Top Sylvia's Room Modern House's Top Bonus
Applegate Street Garden Applegate Street Bonus


Chapter 1

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