General information
Season 1
City Mysteries of Westwood
District Werewolf Valley
Case # 5
Initial release date 15.10.2020
Partner(s) Cal Lowe (chapter 1)
Nicholas Ryder
Case chronology
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The Ayes Have It Hot to Trot
(in Crimson Avenue)

Silver-Tongued is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the fifth case of Mysteries of Westwood. It's also the fifth and last case to take place in Werewolf Valley.


After discovering that the Mayor Bethany Winters and her werewolf accomplice are a dangerous serial killing duo, chief Nicholas Ryder told everyone to try and find Nina Shapiro and convince her to tell them the full story. However, as they were discussing their plan, they recieved a phone call from Donny Lowe who found Nina's dead body in the burned haunted mansion that used to be a hideout for werewolves. Cal and player went there to investigate, only to find Nina's dead body, bound to the chair and without her tongue. After investigating the scene, Cal and player found enough evidence to suspect Donny, his werewolf friend Loup Goldfang and werewolf pack leader Danielle Rubio. As Cal and player were walking through the forest, they were interrupted by a gunshot. The duo immediately returned back to the haunted mansion only to find Donny clutching his bloody stomach.

Horrified, the duo quickly brought injured Donny to Moira, who told them to relax since Donny's gonna make it. Worried for his younger brother, Cal asked Nik if he could stay with him to which Nik agreed. Nik and player then investigated Nina's forest cabin and found enough clues to suspect former model Dave Lloyd who confessed that he's a werewolf too. The pair also suspected the crazy conspiracy theorist Vanessa Oldman and supernatural hunter Charlie Steinberg. Later on, Nik and player learned that Nina wanted to leave the pack, much to Danielle's dismay, and that Nina turned Loup in a werewolf few years ago, but Loup denied killing her because of it and said that he always wanted to be one. After Donny regained consciousness, Nik and player discovered that he remembers confessing his love to Nina, who rejected him for his own safety. When they returned back to the scene of the murder, Dave approached them, saying how he has to confess something.

Dave then burst into tears and revealed that he's the reason Nina died. After calming down, the former model confessed that he asked Nina to meet him in the old mansion to discuss the idea of starting the new pack together away from Westwood, but the killer got to Nina first. Nik then calmed the sobbing werewolf down and told him that Nina's life was in danger even before that before leaving him with Danielle. Nik and player then decided to search the pack's new hideout and discovered that Vanessa became obsessed with Nina after discovering that she's a werewolf and started stalking her during full moon nights. They've also discovered that Nina and Charlie argued after Nina mistook him as another supernatural hunter who showed no mercy towards any supernatural creature, good or bad. After collecting all of the remaining evidence that showed them that Nina's killer is definitely The Westwood Skinner, Nik and player finally arrested Dave for all of his crimes as The Westwood Skinner.

Nik and player confronted the heartbroken werewolf who kept denying the accusations. However, when Nik told him that they know about his and Mayor's murders as The Westwood Skinners, Dave sighed and admitted to everything. Facepalming, Dave explained that he was born in a werewolf family back when supernatural hunters had no mercy towards supernatural creatures. Wiping his tears away, Dave revealed that there was a group of cruel supernatural hunters that all supernatural creatures avoided because of the way they treated them. However, when Dave and his family were outside during the full moon, the exact same group of hunters opened fire at them, fatally injuring everyone except Dave, who managed to escape in the woods when he turned back to human. After they've murdered them, the hunters skinned the dead werewolves and sold the werewolf fur on the black market, much to Dave's horror. Nik sighed and told Dave than nothing can excuse their actions, but nothing can excuse his actions either because he murdered a lot of innocent people. Dave then snapped back at Nik and said that he only targeted the relatives of the hunters, such as their children or grandchildren, wanting them to feel his pain when they took his family away from him and his aunt, Mayor Winters. When Nik questioned Dave about Donny and Nina, Dave sighed and revealed that Nina was his closest friend and that she knew about everything from the start, but decided to keep quiet. However, after meeting Donny and falling in love with him, Nina told him everything because she couldn't take it anymore. When Donny confronted Dave in the animal shelter and threatened to tell everything to Cal and his friends, Dave knocked him out and had his memory erased by his vampire friend. After taking care of Donny, Dave gave Nina another chance but had to silence her after Nina killed Bethany to stop the serial killings and tried to escape from Westwood. Saddened Dave admitted that he also shot Donny, worrying that his memories might return some day. After listening to Dave's confession, they brought him to Danielle who banished him from the pact before handling him to FBI paranormal experts. When Nik and player returned back to the station and told everyone what happend, Moira suggested that they should talk to vampire coven leader Lorena Austin about the vampire who helped Dave erase Donny's memory.

The duo then went to speak with Lorena about the entire situation, who was disgusted that a vampire used their powers to support horrible crimes Dave commited. When Nik asked her if she knows which vampires in her coven have psychic powers, Lorena said the only person she knows has them is Tiffany Weber who is imprisoned for the murder of previous coven leader. After telling Lorena more info about the entire situation, she suggested that they should search the old mansion in case the vampire met up with Dave there. The pair then spoke with Loup who told them that Dave's stuff have been carried away from the hideout and taken to the old mansion to be burned. After searching the old mansion and finding Dave's suitcase, Nik and player went through it and found Dave's journal that they sent to Vera, who told them that Dave has been writing down everything that has been bothering him, involving his family's murder and the entire investigation into his killings. When asked about his vampire friend, Vera revealed that the only vampire Dave ever mentioned in his journal is Hannah Northstar, young vampiress who befriended Dave's sister back in high school. Knowing that Hannah has a reasonable motive for helping Dave, Nik and player confronted her about everything, but Hannah denied having psychic powers and explained that only few vampires around Westwood have those. When Nik asked her if she knows anyone from Lorena's coven who has them, pissed Hannah told them that she doesn't want to be associated with Lorena's coven after she kicked out her and multiple other vampires from the coven shortly after Athena's murder. Rubbing her temple, Hannah told them that Lorena was the worst possible choice for a coven leader since she is probably even worse than Athena ever was. After returning back to station, Moira asked them to explain what happend with Hannah. Nik then told her that Hannah claims she doesn't have psychic powers and that apparently Lorena kicked out multiple vampires. Shocked, Moira told them that she spent a lot of time with Lorena, but she never mentioned doing such a thing. Moira sighed and explained that vampires who have their coven are much more likely to turn feral and are usually staked by cruel nighthunters even if they don't turn feral at all. Horrified that Lorena put so many vampires in danger, Nik, Moira and player confronted her about everything, but she denied doing such a thing. When Nik asked her about Hannah, Lorena waved her hand and said that there are so many vampires in the coven and that she doesn't remember her. After Lorena continued to deny the accusations against her, Moira and Nik decided to drop it until there's more proof that Lorena actually kicked those vampires out.

Meanwhile, Cal and player went to visit injured Donny in the hospital, who weakly smiled at them and thanked them for arresting Dave. The werewolf brothers then shared a hug before Donny suggested that they should make a small memorial for Nina because she decided to do the right thing in the end, despite supporting Dave's actions in the beggining. After investigating the new werewolf hideout and, with Danielle's help, finding various items and photos of Nina and other werewolves. Later that night, the team and Danielle's pack attended Nina's memorial where Danielle smiled and said that the pack will never be the same without Nina and that all werewolves will forever carry her in their hearts. Later, when everyone turned to leave, tearful Donny stopped Cal and player from leaving and invited them to stay few more minutes because he also has things to say. Heartbroken Donny then admitted that he now remembers all memories of him and Nina and that he regrets not making their relationship official because he trully believed that Nina was the perfect choice for him. Cal pat his back and promised him that Nina loves him too and that she's going to watch over him and the entire pack for sure.

After all of these events, Nik suggested that they should head to the Crimson Avenue, Westwood district populated with vampires in order to find the vampire who helped Dave and discover Lorena's motives behind endangering many innocent vampires...



Murder Weapon:

  • Silver Knife




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats chicken fried steak.
  • The killer is an insomniac.
  • The killer has contact with wood mushrooms.
  • The killer is male.
  • The killer wears Stockinette stitch.

Crime Scenes

Burned Old Mansion Old Driveway Burned Old Mansion Bonus
Victim's Forest Cabin Kitchen Counter Victim's Forest Cabin Bonus
New Werewolf Hideout Garden New Werewolf Hideout Bonus
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