Shweta Noorani
Biographical information
Full name Shweta Noorani
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1975
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss
(skull cut in half)
Personal information
Nationality Flag of India Indian
Residence Venusville
Profession(s) Science Professor
Family Malik Noorani (father; incarcerated)

Unnamed mother †

Rukaya Noorani (sister)

Affiliation(s) Venusville University
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Venusville
First appeared Case #1 Learn the Ropes
Shweta Noorani (1975-2018) was the victim in Learn the Ropes (Case #1 of Venusville)


Shweta was a 44-year-old science professor who had black hair and brown eyes. She was seen wearing earrings, red tilaka mark and red glasses. She donned a red shirt underneath a lab coat, and a blue and yellow dupatta around her neck. On her lab coat, she had a university badge and an elephant brooch.

Murder Details

Shweta was found killed in science classroom with her skull cut in half.Philip said that killer used an electric blade to do this.They have also left traces of chilli peppers on her skull.Since Shweta didn't ate chilli peppers,Philip confirmed that the killer eats chilli peppers.

Killer and motives

The killer was revealed to be Shweta's father, Malik Noorani.

Upon admitting to murder,Malik said that he didn't killed his daughter and that he has only killed a demon that was living inside of his daughter.Bruno and player were confused,but then Malik explained that the demon took over her body and decided to send Malik to rest home.Earlier today,she picked him up for a family dinner.Since he wanted to ''free'' his little girl,he grabbed a rock saw and cut her skull in half.Judge Grayson Pierre sadly decided that Malik must spend his remaining days in psychiatric facility with strict supervision and everyday psychiatric counseling.

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