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General Information
Season 2
City West Ridge
District Old Paradise
Case # 7
Initial release date 18. VI 2021.
Partner(s) Lucifer Coltrane (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Your History Curved in the Stone Paint it Red
You came to a boomer hangout, also known as the West Ridge Theater to look for Nikita but Lucifer instead take you to a stand-up comedy that ends stand-down as the lead pretty comedian gets crushed by a sand bag. It was truly a drop dead gorgeous... but that means more job for you Detective!

Showtime-Deadtime! is a case featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case as a 7th case of the season and 33rd case overall. It is the second one to take place in Old Paradise, a district of West Ridge.


With discovery of Nikita's secret the team decided to follow her steps and question her more. Their investigation led them to find about Nikita's attendance at the West Ridge theater. The player and Lucifer Coltrane went to one hall as Bianca Dinamo went to another. Inside the hall Lucifer and the player went was stand-up comedy night a famous comedian Melanie Offspin. A due seat on the free seats as Melanie began roasting audience and making jokes. As Lucifer watched Melanie's show, the player looked around to find Nikita but without any success. Soon, as the show came to an end and people began to leave, a duo decided to visit backstage and see if Nikita might be there. As Bianca searched other part of the theater, Lucifer and the player went in the backstage but then they heard a falling sound as the sand began to spread on the floor. The team moved towards the source of it where they found a bloody sack with a bloody sand and Melanie being dead underneath on the empty stage.

The team quickly sent body to Katerina as they soon found their first suspect, a male prostitute Seth Zwart before informing a theater owner Elly Bloosom about the murder on her grounds. They also found reasons to suspect an artist Julian Carter. After the autopsy, Katerina revealed that the victim died from a blunt force trauma caused by the heavy sack falling onto her. She also concluded that the killer uses strawberry soap.

A due them grouped in the station together with Bianca to recap the case as Walter showed up to say how he found where Nikita is. They looked at Walter who said that he caught her at the bank, trying to deposit some money. The team rushed there to stop her and quickly encircle her from both sides as they asked to speak with her. She rolled her eyes and sighed heavily as she said that's the matter now on what they asked her again the same question as before only for her to again repeat the same and told them to leave her alone or she will sue them. They then decided to search around and discovered that the victim recently took large amount of money from Julian before finding reasons to suspect a sorority girl Beverly Hughes. The team also discovered that the victim spend lots of theater money, angering Elly but also that she would humiliate Seth because of his profession.

Soon after, Lucifer confessed how the victim wasn't really the good person she pretended to be before blushing Bianca approached the team, saying how Nikita visited the bank again. Lucifer coughed as he told Bianca to lead the way. A trio soon appeared in the bank to see Nikita talking with clerk. The team then asked her what is she doing here again on what she smirked and said that the victim was her deadly rival and how that she is dead she can transfer all Melanie's money onto her account as she snapped her fingers and said that before they start to "blabbling" about the law it's all legit. They then also discovered how the victim was in same sorority as Beverly. She confessed that they were classmates and sorority sisters but that she was always careful around her because of her history with lawlessness and political involvement and she never wanted any of her sisters to be brainwashed by some random 4san propaganda.

Soon the killer was exposed to be Elly. Elly raised her eyebrows and denied that she killed the stand-up comedian but after the team fire the incriminating evidence against her she pulled her jacket off and revealed that she did killed her but only for the sake of people and her legacy. She angrily explained how the political pawn as Melanie was a pest and danger to her theater and how her radicalization of youth as shown with some students and how it only led to nothing but unnecessarily hate for everyone around. She crossed her arms and looked up, saying how she couldn't let that this place, her family legacy built on generations for entertainment and education be a new breeding place for society distracts who wants only blood on their hands. With a sigh she then separate her arms and said that she did what she needed to do and that people will celebrate her as a hero as the player cuffed her. On the court stand she repeated how she only did for the greater good, making Judge Hyundai laugh a bit and sentence her to 15 years in prison for her crimes.

Leaving the courtroom, Lucifer laughed as he said how Elly was totally nut but then run his fingers though his hair and said that they still need to grill Nikita more and make her confess. Firstly, Lucifer and the player went back to Theater to search for anything that belongs to Nikita, eventually discovering her purse in the cabinet of the backstage. After opening it they found a hair in the evidence bag that they sent to Katerina who revealed that the hair belongs to Nikita's mother who mysteriously died couple of years ago and that she was been interrogated but that she claimed the alibi of being with Seth. The team then visited Seth to ask him again about that night what he said that she made him lie about her being with him that night so police wouldn't suspect her. He also said that she came all dirty. Having this on their own hands, a duo approached Nikita to questions her about her frauds on what she said that Seth all set it up on her but the team put on a poker face and said that they did discovered the murder weapon which made Nikita growl and said that she did it for the initiation in the organization making Lucifer clap his hands and cuff her, saying that she now confessed to them. Nikita called it a fake and that they had no legal law to do this before kicking both of them in the stomach and running away. As the team stood up they rushed after here into the big theater area where they began to search everywhere only to discover a bloody handcuffs that Nikita used to be cuffed. Lucifer clutched them and said that they have to return and tell Chief Liazúli about this.

A duo returned to the station and told Bianca to follow as the trio entered inside the office and told chief about Nikita's confession to be member of the organization and murder of her own mother to join but that she ran away and that the city needs to be clocked. Chief Lazuli then quickly called for the city blockade and patrol vehicles to find Nikita as Ian and Walter began to scan the internet for her. Finally, Ian managed to track her credit card activity at the bank. Bianca and the player then quickly rushed tot he patrol vehicle and drove to the bank followed by Lucifer. A trio entered inside and went to a bank clerk to ask her about Nikita. A girl confessed that she came here and left again but that they can find the receipt int he bank. A trio nodded and began to search, soon discovering that the receipt got mixed up with Beverly's. A trio then went to find Beverly to exchange receipts. Beverly apologized for what she did back in the bank and that she would blame victim's bad influence.

Finally, the team returned to the station and gave Ian the paper with transactions. Ian began to type in his laptop while the team prepared and listened to the radio for any update. Soon after the radio said how they found the clothing that matched Nikita's but nothing else. Ian then finished his analyzes and discovered that she paid money to the museum of Art Gallery as Bianca alerted the closest patrol unit before taking her jacket and in and saying that she will also go to check things out. Time passed but no one answered as the team got concerned. The player and Lucifer then hopped in the car and went to the Gallery as they entered inside only to find lots of blood inside...



  • Melanie Offspin (Crushed by a sandbag)

Murder Weapon

  • Sandbag


  • Elly Bloosom


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks Rocket Sphynx.
  • The Killer uses strawberry soap.
  • The Killer chews gums.
  • The Killer wears green.
  • The Killer has white hair.

Crime Scenes

Stand-Up Comedy Theater Theater Stage Stand-Up Comedy Theater Bonus
Theater Backstage Victim's Room Theater Backstage Bonus
Bank Vault Nikita's Deposit Vault Bank Vault Bonus