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Darren White - Shot in the head and then hung from a tree.
Identified during: Chapter 1 (after analyzing Fingerprints)

Murder Weapon

Identified during: Chapter 2 (after analyzing Gun)

Forensic Examining

  • Collect: Note, flower, cigarette butt, colorful plant (4 clues)
  • Decode: Lighter, paper (2 clues)
  • Reveal: Adress, note, cash register (3 clues)
  • Restore: Torn page, torn page (2 clues)
  • Find: Wallet (1 clue)

Forensic Analysis

  • Daniel Mossle: Victim's body, gun (2 clues)
  • Sabrina Stone: Substance, molecules (2 clues)
  • Lindsey Vain: Surveillance cameras, fingerprints, name, fingerprints, cellphone, footprint, fingerprints, fingerprints, code (9 clues)

Killer's profile

Profile Identified by
The killer is a man. Autopsy result
The killer is allergic to pollen. Forensic analysis (substance)
The killer smokes. Technical analysis (fingerprints/2)
The killer weighs 170 lbs. Technical analysis (footprint)
The killer is 23 years old. Technical analysis (fingerprints/3)

Suspect interrogations

Murder investigation:

Additional investigation:

Killer's arrest

Man Pollen Smokes 170 lbs 23 years
Steve Zasts Yes Yes Yes No No Innocent
Cecilia DiGiappo No No Yes No No Innocent
Gerard Jamin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guilty
Kristen Noby No Yes No Yes Yes Innocent
Albert Presto Yes Yes Yes Yes No Innocent
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