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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Jones, a body has been found in the Oak Valleys. Go there and see what happened!<br />Alan Smith: And take Ramirez with you. He saw the body, so he deserves being in the investigation this time.<br />Ramirez: It was full of blood. I just feel impressed!<br />Jones: Ok, but this is the last time you come with us.<br />Ramirez: What a bad temper, Jones!
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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Jones, a body has been found in the Oak Valleys. Go there and see what happened!<br/>Alan Smith: And take Ramirez with you. He saw the body, so he deserves being in the investigation this time.<br/>Ramirez: It was full of blood. I just feel impressed!<br/>Jones: Ok, but this is the last time you come with us.<br/>Ramirez: What a bad temper, Jones!
==Chapter 1==
==Chapter 1==
'''''Investigate Oak Valleys'''''<br />Jones: Poor him... His death was caused by a fire weapon, but I can't find it.<br />Jones: Neither you, <Name>? This killer is really getting away with us!<br />Ramirez: And what's up with this lighter, <Rank> <Name>?<br />Jones: <Rank> <Name> know what to do, ALWAYS! It looks like it's got a name here...
'''''Investigate Oak Valleys'''''<br />Jones: Poor him... His death was caused by a fire weapon, but I can't find it.<br />Jones: Neither you, <Name>? This killer is really getting away with us!<br />Ramirez: And what's up with this lighter, <Rank> <Name>?<br />Jones: <Rank> <Name> know what to do, ALWAYS! It looks like it's got a name here...

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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Jones, a body has been found in the Oak Valleys. Go there and see what happened!
Alan Smith: And take Ramirez with you. He saw the body, so he deserves being in the investigation this time.
Ramirez: It was full of blood. I just feel impressed!
Jones: Ok, but this is the last time you come with us.
Ramirez: What a bad temper, Jones!

Chapter 1

Investigate Oak Valleys
Jones: Poor him... His death was caused by a fire weapon, but I can't find it.
Jones: Neither you, <Name>? This killer is really getting away with us!
Ramirez: And what's up with this lighter, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: <Rank> <Name> know what to do, ALWAYS! It looks like it's got a name here...

Autopsy the victim's body
Nathan: Your killer did use a fire weapon, <Rank> <Name>. Jones was right. I took the bullets, but they are useless.
Nathan: Both the victim and the killer were in an extreme situation. You know, I found adrenaline in the victim.
Nathan: The killer must have touched the corpse and as their hands were sweating by nervousness, I could take a sample of the sweat.
Nathan: I couldn't get big things, but I can tell for sure the murderer is a man.

Examine Lighter
Jones: "Steve Z."? This lighter obviously belongs to Steve Zasts!
Jones: We should have expected it, shouldn't we? We know the Oak Valleys were his, that Ashley Jamin was going to buy them and Jacqueline Ramos tore the contract.
Ramirez: Don't worry, guys. I've already got him an appointment to tell us what we need to listen to.

Question Steve Zasts about the Oak Valleys
Steve: You found something in the Oak Valleys, and that's right. What I don't understand is how come you to ask me.
Jones: Don't fool us, Zasts! The Oak Valleys are yours and we know that.
Steve: Ok, you've got me. But I don't know anything about that, I swear.

Ramirez: Isn't it suspicious that the corpse had blood, but not the soil, or the trees?
Jones: You're right! This is obvious, <Name>. Our victim wasn't killed here, he died in another place. Let's hope Alex can do something with the city surveillance cameras.
Jones: Well, that if the mayor lends them to us.

Analyze Surveillance cameras
Alex: I watched all the cars near the Oak Valleys, also pedestrians. But when a corpse comes from a car and is hung in a tree, you don't have to think twice.
Alex: The car came directly from the Townville College, and someone was murdered there, and put in a car.
Alex: The same car... that went to the Oak Valleys. Anyway, I can't even tell the killer's hair color.
Jones: Don't worry, Alex. The clue is enough. We're heading to the campus, <Name>.

Investigate Campus
Jones: This note is a big clue, <Name>!
Jones: "Gerard, I'll be waiting for you in the front of the campus tonight. I have something to show you. Darren."
Ramirez: I know many Gerards, <Name>. But I know Gerard Jamin is studying here.
Jones: Thanks, Ramirez. We'll go talk to him.
Jones: And... a flower? I know we need a clue, <Name>, but we're not so desperate.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name> always knows what to do.

Examine Note
Ramirez: I'd never seen a <Rank> with such ability to pick up fingerprints!
Ramirez: Had you, Jones?
Jones: No, but we're in a hurry. Alex will tell us who left the prints here.

Analyze Fingerprints
Alex: The fingerprints on the note were from a man called Darren White.
Alex: I'd tell you to add him to your suspects list, but in his photo, he looks pretty like your victim.
Alex: Our database doesn't mention any identical twins, so your victim is Darren White!
Jones: Perfect! I'm sure Steve Zasts will be pleased to talk to us about Darren.

Interrogate Steve Zasts about the victim
Ramirez: Do you know Darren White?
Steve: Darren? Yes! Where did you meet him?
Jones: He's what we found in the valleys.
Steve: Oh! I didn't know he was dead.
Steve: I'm gonna tell you. Darren worked for Cecilia Di Giappo as a farmer. I've been dealing with her recently, and I met him there.
Steve: When her cousin killed her brother, she was left alone. As she was friends with Darren, she chose him to work with her. I think she'll have to choose someone again.
Ramirez: That's all we wanted to hear.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, let's ask Cecilia what she knows.

Quiz Cecilia Di Giappo about Darren
Cecilia: YOU again? Oh, and I see you're three now. You've brought a friend.
Cecilia: What do you want now?
Jones: We want you to talk to us about the murder of Darren White.
Cecilia: I've got nothing to say about that.
Ramirez: So... so... you knew he was dead?
Cecilia: Of course. I was smoking when I noticed he wasn't coming. He'd been doing weird things before his death. It was obvious.
Jones: Why not think he was ill?
Cecilia: He'd told me he was worried about his life. I just couldn't think about anything else.

Examine Flower
Jones: Sure it's useful, <Name>? Maybe it's just pollen! I'll send it to the lab and you'll see.

Analyze Substance
Jones: And, Grace? Was it pollen?
Grace: Exactly the opposite. The molecles you gave me were saline, mandarine juice, and chamomile tea. All of them antidotes for pollen allergy.
Grace: There was pollen on the victim, and his organism didn't fight it. This belongs to your killer!
Jones: Is our killer allergic to pollen? That's really weird.

Ask Gerard Jamin about the note you found
Gerard: Darren? I don't know any Darren.
Jones: He left you a note at University. If you don't know him, he did.
Gerard: Did?
Jones: He's dead, ok. But just tell us if somebody left you any notes.
Gerard: Well, you know I'm well-off. Loads of girls send me notes everyday. I just trash them. I like to break their hearts.
Gerard: Where did you find that note?
Jones: Near some flowers.
Gerard: Maybe I was drunk and don't remember. I bury bad things under flowers to make sure I won't touch them again, because I'm allergic to pollen.

Chapter 2

Alan Smith: And? What do you have?
Ramirez: This is amusing! I'm feeling action, at last!
Jones: None of our suspects seem to have killed anyone. What can we do?
Alan Smith: Just go back to the campus, and find the murder weapon. It must be there.
Alan Smith: And there's a woman who wants to talk to <Rank> <Name>, Kristen Noby. I'm sure it's about this case.

Kristen Noby needs to talk to you
Kristen: I came to report that my boyfriend is missing. His name is Darren White.
Jones: We're sorry for you, but he's dead.
Kristen: No, it can't be true! We were to marry next week. Why? Why?
Jones: We're investigating that, we just need you to tell us anything you know about him.
Kristen: He was meeting his lawyer too much. His name is Albert Presto.
Ramirez: That smell... is that the new perfume with pollen?
Kristen: I hope it's not. I'm allergic to pollen.
Kristen: But nice try, constable. I'll consider you if I don't find another Darren.

Jones: Now, <Name>, we're heading to the campus!

Ask Albert Presto about the victim
Albert: Darren dead? I told him to hire a bodyguard, he knew this would happen.
Albert: Now I see why he didn't call me.
Jones: How long have you known him?
Albert: He got married two years ago. Last year he came to me saying he wanted to get divorced. Ever since, I'm his lawyer for everything.
Ramirez: What's his ex-wife name?
Albert: It was Cecilia, but I'm not sure about the surname. Di Gaffo,or De Gipo, something similar.
Jones: Cecilia Di Giappo?
Albert: Yes, I think it was her. A cigarette, sir?

Ask Cecilia about her marriage with the victim
Cecilia: Yes, Darren was my ex-husband. Ex-husbands die, it's natural.
Jones: Then why did you invite him to work with you?
Cecilia: I was alone, you remember? Facondo dead, Rico in jail, he was all I had! And... I still loved him.
Cecilia: We had a nightclub, we were divine. And he left me.

Jones: I know who is Cecilia White now... I feel sorry for her.

Investigate Fountain
Ramirez: I'd bet this gun is the murder weapon.
Jones: We know that! But Nathan must analyze it. There might be more guns in the campus.
Jones: And this card... I feel it's a clue. It's a card of Nightfun Club. It's a nightclub, of course, but it belongs to Darren White!
Jones: And it's also property of Cecilia White. We'll let Alex investigate her.
Ramirez: I went there a bit of times, I just don't remember where it is.
Jones: Really? Don't worry, we'll decipher the adress. It's a shame the card is wet and partially illegible.

Analyze Gun
Nathan: The bullets in the gun don't match the bullet in Darren's head. And there were fingerprints on the gun, but we couldn't know who their owner is.
Jones: Then it's not our murder weapon?
Nathan: It is, in fact. I found traces of the victim's blood on it. The bullets in the gun were all different from each other.

Analyze Name
Alex: I couldn't find Cecilia White anywhere. But I found something interesting.
Alex: Darren White was divorced. His ex-wife surname must be different now, and that's why she's not in the database.

Examine Adress
Jones: Great work, <Name>! Are you ready to investigate the Nightfun Club?

Investigate Nightclub
Jones: A flower, a cigarette butt... Are you ok, <Name>?
Ramirez: At least this cellphone looks really useful. It's got a photo of Darren and Kristen kissing!
Jone: Ramirez, do not touch the evidence! If it's Darren's mobile it's gold, and we can't take it so easy.

Examine Cigarette butt
Jones: These prints are a big clue for the case, <Name>!
Jones: Wish Alex finds it useful, or we'll have wasted time.

Analyze Fingerprints
Alex: Those fingerprints couldn't be identified, but they matched perfectly with the ones on the murder weapon.
Jones: So our killer smokes!
Jones: I remember Cecilia told us she smoked. And we know that Steve Zasts does because we found his lighter.

Analyze Cellphone
Alex: Well, Darren's messages were normal, so don't worry about them.
Alex: I asked Nathan what time the victim died. And after that time, there were eight calls missed in the mobile.
Alex: Two from a certain Kristen, and six from a number I identified as... Gerard Jamin.
Jones: ENOUGH! That kid DID know Darren. He's got no chance against us.
Jones: And we'll talk to Kristen Noby too. She's surely got information for us.

Make Gerard tell the truth
Jones: Darren White! Is it clear now, toddler?
Gerard: White... White... I think I saw him a few times.
Jones: And why did you have his phone number?
Gerard: Partying, just that. Do you know Nightfun Club? We went there a few times. Good drinks, good girls, everything's already paid.
Gerard: I thought you'd come to me for something important.
Ramirez: Why didn't you know him the other time?
Gerard: Bad memory. Now I'll smoke one, see if a girl notices me.

Get info from Kristen
Kristen: Things I know about Albert Presto. Well, he was meeting Darren very often lately.
Kristen: Darren talked a lot about him. He told me Albert didn't want us to get married. "A client married is a client lost", he said.
Ramirez: Nothing else, lady?
Kristen: Yes, useless things. Darren said Albert and I were alike. He's allergic to pollen, and also a certain Zasts.
Jones: So Albert was to lose money with the marriage! If money is the murder reason, I won't believe it!

Chapter 3

Jones: <Name>, why don't we go back to the Oak Valleys? The oak where Daren died is hiding something, I'm sure.
Jones: I don't think we can get more from our suspects, we've got everything about them.
Jones: Ramirez, where ARE you?
Ramirez: Below these papers! I'm full of work.
Jones: Well, then let's do it alone now, <Name>.

Investigate Oak
Jones: Footprints are always important, <Name>! It can tell us more about the killer.

Analyze Footprint
Alex: That footprint was surely the killer's, since Darren's shoes were not a match.
Alex: Taking account of the soil in the Oak Valleys, and the type of shoes used, I can say that your killer weighs 170 pounds!

Jones: I know we're close to it, <Name>, we are!
Jones: Judging that all of our suspects knew Darren, we can ssume the killer has been to Nightfun Club!
Jones: We could search there, by the shelves.

Investigate Shelves
Jones: If someone ripped this page, it must hide something. Why don't we piece it back, <Name?

Examine Torn page
Jones: A birthday note? "Happy 23s!" And the date. Is that it?
Jones: Wait, Darren must have been 23! If the killer sent him this, we should look for clues now.

Examine Note
Jones: Let's just wish these prints lead us to the killer!

Analyze Fingerprints
Alex: I found two different prints. Darren's ones, and also the ones in the gun! They shared this paper.
Alex: But the date was not Darren's birthday. And as this was some months ago, your killer is still 23 years old!
Jones: <Name>, it's crystal clear. Let's put the killer behind bars!

Arrest killer
Jones: So you took Darren's life, kid! Why?
Gerard: We were good friends, I swear. We used to mess around, with knives and toy guns. They thought we were thieves, but we never took anything. Just jokes, and it was so stupid but funny.
Gerard: And that night he wanted to show me something, which turned out to be a... gun. A real gun. I was shocked, it could get ouf control! And it did.
Gerard: I wanted to take it and stop with the nonsense, but I accidentally shot him. I thought nobody would notice him in the Oak Valleys. I was wrong.
Jones: Why did you call a corpse, then?
Gerard: I don't remember that. I drank alcohol to forget it. I only forgot what happened afterwards.

Olivia Hall: Mr Jamin, do you plead guilty for your actions?
Gerard: Yes, your Honor. I took my friend's life and neither money nor apologies can bring him back.
Albert: Gerard, shut up!
Jones: Albert Presto?
Albert: Your Honor, you're getting my client wrong. He didn't technically kill anyone!
Olivia Hall: He did, and he'll pay for it! For the manslaughter of Darren White, this Court dictates a sentence of 8 years in jail with parole in 4.

Jones: Poor Gerard. I ended up hating him and he's a good boy.
Jones: Darren was the real criminal. Carrying guns because of nothing! I just wish he had a permission.
Ramirez: Boys, I finally get to see you! And? Who killed Darren?
Jones: Gerard Jamin. A long history, we'll tell you later, in a bar and with some churros!

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Excellent, <Rank> <Name>. You mastered this manslaughter perfectly! But we've got a few tasks to do.
Alan Smith: Steve Zasts called to report a theft. He's in the Oak Valleys, and go see him as soon as possible.
Alan Smith: And Albert Presto has been seen near the nightclub. See what he wants.
Alan Smith: Oh, I almost forgot. Kristen Noby is in the headquarter. She requested your help, and she wants to see Ramirez. Good luck with her, constable.
Ramirez: How... how could I? She's just a lady!
Jones: Yeah, ok. Let's start, <Name>! We'll have to keep busy for a long time.

Get the report from Steve Zasts

See what Albert Presto needs

Find out what Kristen Noby wants

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