Shawn Wakefield
Biographical information
Full name Shawn Wakefield
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated*
Birth 1848
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Baton Rouge, United States
Evergrace, United States
Past profession(s) Politician
Evergrace Justice Division
Rank Chief of Police
Game information
Appears in Sinner's Enigma
First appearance Case #1: Right on the Nail (s1)
Hey there, partner, the times have changed. This ‘ere, the Louisiana Purchase thing really changed the times, especially the city of Evergrace. Maybe you can get us back on our feet!
—Shawn Wakefield

Shawn Wakefield is a main character featured in Sinner's Enigma where he serves as the Evergrace Justice Division's Chief of Police.

He was revealed to be the killer of Mayor Dave Whiston in Making a Point (Case #42 of Sinner's Enigma).


Hailing from Baton Rouge, United States, Shawn is 42 years old and serving as the Chief of Police in the Evergrace Justice Division. He has medium cut red hair under a dark gray cap and brown eyes. He is seen wearing a white collared shirt with an olive green gear patterned vest under a brown sleeveless jacket. He is also seen with red facial hair, a scar between his eyes and an orange bow tie. It is known that he is an easy-going person who is known to be serious and determined in his line of work.

Notable Events of Sinner's Enigma

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The player may choose Shawn to join the investigation of each crime scene and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 5-hint, level-50 partner.

Case appearances

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