Sharkeisha Govender
Biographical information
Full name Sharkeisha Govender
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1935
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #42: Down with the Queen (S1)

Sharkeisha Govender was a suspect in the murder investigation of Betty-Lou Harlot in Chop Her Up (Case #44 of Grimsdale) and Willow Rose in I’m All Ears (Case #48 of Grimsdale). She was also a quasi-suspect in Down with the Queen (Case #42 of Grimsdale).


Height 5'3"
Age 85
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B-

Events Of Criminal Case

Down with the Queen

After learning that the necklaces she sells are made from berzelium crystals, Rozetta and Hamilton went to her shop where they asked to see her meteorite rock. After showing them, the duo asked her to give them the rock, which offended her, but after telling her they need it, she offers yo sell it for $1000 and then reduced it to $500 after seeing them in desperate needs for it.

Chop Her Up

After learning that the victim visited Sharkeisha’s pawnshop before being murdered, the duo asked Sharkeisha’s assistant where they could find Sharkeisha. After learning she was at the backyard, they spoke to Sharkeisha and asked her whether she saw Sharkeisha’s killer, where she denied doing so and told Diego and Randall to leave her pawnshop.

Sharkeisha was spoken to again after the duo saw a footage of the victim shoplifting her shop. Sharkeisha became furious, and revealed she had no idea that the victim was the one who shoplifted her and if she did, she’d have beat her up.

I’m All Ears

Sharkeisha became a suspect of the murder after her scarf was found at the waterpark. She thanked Diego and Hamilton for returned her scarf, and when Diego realized she wasn’t being herself he asked her what was her problem, where she revealed that she had a lot on her head.

Sharkeisha was spoken to again after Rozetta revealed that she was friends with the victim back at her youth. When asked why she never spoke of it, Sharkeisha revealed that Willow ditched her after she got famous as she didn’t want to gain a bad reputation for befriending a black woman, and that Sharkeisha didn’t forgive her since, especially after Willow forgotten about her.

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