Shannon Kitt was one of the suspects during the murder investigations of singer and leader of Scarlett and the Shakers, Scarlett Love in The Price of Fame (Case #1 of Darnestown) and umpire Bertha Wormon in Strike Three, You're Dead (Case #3 of Darnestown)


Shannon is a 28-year-old reporter and photographer. She sports long blond hair and wears a brown modern cap, a tartan shirt under an open dark blue jacket and black hipster glasses. Also, she holds a camera.

In her first appearance, it is known that she drinks cocoa

In her second appearance, it is known that she is allergic to pollen and uses shoe polish

Height 5'6"
Age 28
Weight 147 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

The Price of Fame

Despite Franco's disagreement, he and the player had to interrogate Shannon because she atempted to infiltrate in the recording studio, a.k.a. the murder scene. There, Shannon explained her friend, the detective, that she was wanting to do a serious report about Scarlett's murder. Franco explained the reporter they hadn't finished the investigation so she couldn't came poking about it. To convince the reporter, Franco promised Shannon to call her when the investigation was over.

However, the detective had to call his friend for other reason. After investigating the victim's apartment a second time and restoring a photo where the victim was sniffing cocaine, a message reading "Say no to this, junky!" was revealed. Shannon revealed that she tried for months to do an interview to the victim. But the singer avoided the reporter multiple times and she was tired of unsuccessfully trying to take a word from her. So, when Shannon spotted Scarlett in the party, she couldn't resist to take the picture and wrote that to the victim. Nevertheless, knowing it was a childlish action, she torn it.

Shannon was proven to be innocent of murder after Clover Henderson was found guilty. However, the team had to interrogate her again because Chief Maddavar was worried about the drug's traffic in Musical Spot and her photo was the only solid clue about the problem. She told them she had no idea about the drugs but, thanks to a logical conclusion, the victimm had to hide the cocaine's mirror somewhere in her apartment. Without knowing it, Shannon helped the team to track down a drug seller: Sue Scotish.

Strike Three, You're Dead



  • Shannon is based on Flipline Studios character who is also called Shannon
  • Shannon is one of the characters who has appeared as a suspect in two cases

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