Selina Thompson was a minor character who appeared during the events of after the murder investigation of Border Control Officer Miguel Esposito in Welcome to Toomeswood (Case #1 of Toomeswood)


Selina is a mountie from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She has gray eyes and sports long wavy strawberry blonde hair partially concealed underneath her ranger hat. She dons a typical Mountie uniform. In addition, she wears a heart-shaped badge of a horse on the right side of the uniform.

Events of Criminal Case

Welcome to Toomeswood

Selina arrived to the Toomeswood Police Department to intervene and prevent the team from being wrongfully arrested by regional health and safety inspector John McKenzie, who during the investigation demanded that prostitute Todd Merowitz be arrested, despite being innocent of the murder. Selina then thanked the team for arresting the true killer and informed the team that she would always help them whenever they needed it.


  • Selina loosely resembles Criminal Case canon character Adrienna Brassiere

Case Appearances

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