Seikoh Wolf
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Biographical information
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1979
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family Rosa Wolf(daughter)-Deceased

Cassandra Wolf(daughter) George Wolf(husband)

Partner(s) Sebastian Doofensmertz(ex-boyfriend)-deceased

George Wolf(husband)-Deceased

Game information
First appearance Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

Seikoh Wolf was the killer of her ex-boyfriend, homeless camp owner Sebastian Doofensmertz in Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde) and the killer of her husband George wolf in A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde) before showing up as a suspect in the murder investigation of Law Sergeant Zachary miller in Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)


Seikoh Wolf is the 39-year-old wife of George Wolf. She has a green shirt, black tie, along with a badge with the words 'officer worker of the year' it is known that Seikoh drinks moonshine, takes antidepressants, and has a criminal record

In her second suspect appearance she wears a prison uniform and a necklace of George Wolf. It is known that Seikoh plays Tennis, eats cactus, and goes fishing

In her third suspect appearance, her hair is a mess and she has twiigs in her hair as well as cuts on her face. It is learned Seikoh speaks Mandarin Chinese, uses hand sanitizer and collects stamps

Events of criminal case

Seikoh was first questioned when the team found her in a magazine article with the victim. Seikoh said that she met Sebastian in grimsbourough and they had a five year long romance. However, she dumped as soon as she met George

Seikoh was questioned about her letters to the victim. Seikoh just said that Sebastian just wouldn't understand that they were over

FInally, it was revealed that Seikoh was Sebastian's killer. Initially denying involvement she finally admitted that she did the murder. Seikoh killed Sebastian because he got her pregnant with Cassandra it was fine for a while, because George was none the wiser and once they moved to Sr Ronde she was relived because Sabastian was a city away, But her plans were shattered when Sebastian came to St Ronde she tried to get Sebastian out of St Ronde. Seikoh felt like she had no choice. she was sentenced to life in prison, no parole, solitary confinement by Kane Cartwright

Case appearances

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde)

Back to Gaol (Case 56 of St Ronde)


Seikoh's name is based off the term psycho. which is short for psychopath

judging from Cassandra wolf's age Seikoh was 19 when she had her. in chapter 3 of 'Homeless Death" she mentioned how she had dated Sebastian for 5 years before meeting George Wolf. Meaning Seikoh started to date Sebastian when she was 14.

Seiko is one of the characters to appear in three districts

Seiko is one of the characters to appear as a suspect thrice

Seikoh is the only character to be a killer twice

Seikoh is one of the few characters to get sentenced to death. The other examples being Daniel Harold and Govis Noears.

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