Secrets from Beginnings
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General information
Season 3
Setting Fario
Primary LEA Fario Police Department
No. of cases in season 85
No. of districts in season 15
Released 12. VI 2019.
Unlocked by All 41 case of Save The Europe completed
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Save The Europe A World Without Danger
Fario is back, babe! Totally re-masted city with the new adventures and dark secrets coming from your sloppy beginning, Detective! Ready for another law-breaking round with Diego?
—Teaser for Secrets from Beginnings

Secrets from Beginnings is the title of the third and last season of Criminal Case, which release date is still unknown.

Set in the returning city of Fario, following the events of Save The Europe, Secrets from Beginnings focuses on the secrets of the city who appeared after players promotion.


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The events of Secrets From Beginnings is set in the now-restructured city of Frio, which is made up of ten districts and is home to a total of sixty cases that are currently planned for the season. The Fario Police Department reappears as the law enforcement agency that serves the city.


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