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The dark begining
Season 1 of 15
City Tomorrow land
District Los Vegas
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Greg Gibbens
Preceded by Succeeded by
None - First Case the virus


After the player arrived in 2040, Los Vegas Califoria, He/she found out that the chief of the CCCSIPD had gotten ill from a unknown virus. The player theorize that the so called virus could be connected to the sudden death of the other 3 PD.

The victim is Chief Sky Opal 2.0, some kind of virus was released in his hard drive making him ill. The person who made the virus is not known yet, but it rumored to be a strong evil group.

Cause the ID of the leader was not known yet, they can't jump to conclusions yet. The mission to track down the leader contined in part 2 of season 1.

After trying to find out the name of the group, Agent SD gave the player a message saying that he found out the group name is, "Ombre culte" (France for Shadow cult). So it means that the leader is France and is making a new evil plan that includes killing the members of the other PD in order to do it.


  • Sky Opal 2.0. (Got corrupted by some type of virus, making him completely ill)

Murder Weapon

  • Unknown manmade Virus.


  • Not known yet.


Chapter 1

  • Head to the CCCSIPD building (Clues: Victim, tube with virus)
  • Send Sky Opal 2.0 to Liz (00:01:00)
  • send tube with Virus to Alek (00:20:00)
  • Head to the Virus lab (Clues: infected Pear laptop)
  • Get results from Liz (Clue: Note)
  • Send laptop to Alek (01:00:00)
  • Research the note (00:30:00)
  • Tell Gibbs about the scary message on the note
  • Head to the spooky lab. (Clue: Hoodie jacket, mask)
  • Get results from Alek (Murder weapon confirmed: Virus)
  • Collect liquid from mask (Results: blood)
  • Send the blood to Liz (00:01:00)
  • Get results from Liz (Clue: unknown blood type)

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Additional Investigation

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