Screams from the Dead
General information
Case # 1
Initial release date 13th September 2020
Number of chapters 7 Chapters
Main characters Kindaichi Hajime
Nanase Miyuki
Number of suspects 12 People (8 Men & 4 Women)
Deaths 3 People (3 Women)
Setting(s) Opera House Hotel, Uta Island, Japan
Case chronology
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A series of murders set in the opera house that will give you chills to the spine.....coming soon, Screams From the Dead, memento mori...
—-Case teaser

Screams from the Dead is a case featured in The Kindaichi Case Files as the first case of the series.

Main characters

  • Kindaichi Hajime (17) - Fudo High Student
  • Nanase Miyuki (17) - Fudo High Student


  • Makabe Makoto (18) - Fudo High Senior - Student Guest Actor
  • Hidaka Orie (17) - Fudo High Student - Student Actress
  • Kenmochi Isamu (48) - Metropolitan Police Officer
  • Murakami Souta (17) - Fudo High Student - Sound Technician
  • Saki Ryuta (17) - Fudo High Student - Cameraman - Lighting Technician
  • Ogata Natsuyo (37) - Fudo High Music Teacher - Drama Club Advisor
  • Arimori Yuji (17) - Fudo High Student - Stage Props Maker
  • Kurosawa Kazuma (63) - Opera House Hotel Owner
  • Yuki Eisaku (42) - Doctor
  • Kiryu Harumi (17) - Fudo High Student - Student Actress
  • Saotome Ryoko (18) - Fudo High Senior - Student Lead Actress
  • Senke Takashi (17) - Fudo High Student - Sound Technician


In the middle of the night, a little girly silhouette, face bandaged, stood right on the hospital's rooftop, spreading her hands to the "audience" below, who were bewildered by the view they were witnessing, trying to stop the girl... But it was too late, she started to remove the bandage, revealing her disfigured face... "I am the phantom of the opera..." A bright morning at Fudo High while Nanase Miyuki is revising her studies inside the classroom, gazing at the blank spot next to her and wondering why "he" is still absent from class even after multiple punishments and warnings. However, suddenly, she hears some noises coming from outside the window before opening it. And that's when she sees her dorky childhood friend named Kindaichi Hajime, grabbing into the water pipe next to the window so tightly that it is about to break, clumsily explaining that he was "busy" sleeping on the school's terrace that he missed the classroom's bell. After getting helped by Miyuki and another classmate, Murakami Souta, the dork gets into the classroom. The homeroom teacher, who is incensed with rage after seeing Kindaichi's usual antics, scolds the dork out with anger beheld on his face, telling him to sit down after hitting him in his head with his hand. While he returns to his seat, however, Miyuki angrily scolds him for his antics, and Murakami is seen laughing and worried at the same time. Kindaichi then apologizes to them while scratching his head off, and they begin to continue their studies back. After the class is over, the homeroom teacher is seen in the school’s staff room with another music teacher, Ogata Natsuyo, who charmingly smiles at him. He then talks about Kindaichi's troublemaking manners with her furiously, telling her that the boy must be expelled. However, Ms Ogata merely laughs at that claim, saying that Kindaichi, despite his dork look, actually holds potential talents due to his IQ as 180. Much as the homeroom teacher’s surprise, Ogata continues to reveal that Kindaichi has passed the national entrance exam with the highest score among the students in Fudo High... Meanwhile, along the hall during the school break, Miyuki and Murakami come up to him, telling Kindaichi to prepare his belongings as they were invited by Ms Ogata, who is also the advisor of the school’s Drama Club, to an opera house hotel in Uta Island with a yacht to spectate a rehearsal from the club for the annual High School Drama Contest, with the famous play “The Phantom of the Opera”. Obviously, as a member of the club’s sound department, Kindaichi has to go….albeit never wants to do so… Nonetheless….what awaits the group there… not only a play….. Inside the yacht, a lot of members are there, including Kindaichi and his friends who sit on the back row. The dork seems to enjoy himself with the scene of the vast blue sea before Miyuki hands him a copy of the script. Kindaichi, who is frustrated after reading half of the script, throws it to the ground before Miyuki has to persuade him to finish the reading so that he can help manage the volumes since per Miyuki, a girl just quit the club. Curious, Kindaichi asks her what has happened, only for Miyuki to realize something and then tell Kindaichi not to worry about it. Right then, a mysterious masked figure lurks behind Miyuki, frightening her. The guy with the mask is revealed to be a guest actor for the drama club, senior Makabe Makoto, who asks Miyuki to join him playing cards with the others. The girl voluntarily agrees and asks Kindaichi to join in, but is stopped by Makabe, who arrogantly tells her that Kindaichi is just a pathetic loser, making the dork offended while hearing that in another seat. Moments later, Makabe shows a mind-reading card trick, surprising Miyuki and another girl as Makabe can know exactly which cards the girls have picked. Kindaichi then pops out from the backseat during Miyuki’s turn, watching Makabe doing his magic trick and smirking at him. Before an annoyed Makabe tries to shoo Kindaichi away, the dork tells the girls to look at the corner of the card’s backside, only for them to discover a small symbol, which is exposed to help Makabe realize which card the girls were holding. The dork then continues to overwhelm everybody with his card magic tricks. Makabe, totally left humiliated, stormed off while everyone nearby applauded Kindaichi. Soon then, the other girl from earlier approaches him but calls his name wrongly as Kindani, making the boy drop to the ground, shouting his real name as Kindaichi Hajime. The girl apologizes and then smiles at him, introducing herself as Hidaka Orie, an actress of the club. She then compliments Kindaichi, saying how he reminds her of a real magician. Upon Hidaka’s question about how Kindaichi can learn magic so well, the boy grins... “Actually, it came from my super badass grandfather - Kindaichi Kousuke the famous detective!” - Kindaichi gives a thumbs up, winking as Miyuki smiles at him... Everyone nearby are totally surprised towards the grandson of the great detective, with Hidaka insistently asks him if she can be his manager once he becomes a professional detective, flattering Kindaichi while irritating Miyuki, who stomps on his feet to “get him back to the reality”. Then, a young man, in a pair of glasses and a blue-striped shirt, turns his back at Kindaichi with a broad smile on his face… “Heh, your name is, Tibbar-ichi right?” - The dork once again falls into the ground, knowing that the boy in glasses is doing that on purpose. Introducing himself as Arimori Yuji, in charge of the stage props, Arimori then continues to tease Kindaichi, making everybody nearby chuckle until a female shouts coming from the end of the yacht, telling everyone to be quiet so that she can revise her parts. While Kindaichi is annoyed, Arimori winks at him, saying that Kiryu Harumi - the girl Kindaichi is referring - would turn into a wholly different person on stage. As soon as the club arrives at the Uta Island, they are warmly welcomed by the hotel owner, Kurosawa Kazuma, who proceeds to lead the students and Ms Ogata to the main facility, where the students are amazed at how great the hotel is, just like a retro building coming from a movie. The club then gets to the hotel's theater, stunned in front of how marvellous it is. Soon after, Kurosawa introduces them to the sound room where he has to do a little sweep as the place hasn’t been used for a long time, making it full of dust, yet the sound quality still remains quite impressive. It starts to rain when the members start to rehearse their “The Phantom of the Opera” drama at the theater. On the stage, Hidaka plays the role of a young girl who goes approaching Makabe, as a black silhouette nearby….who turns out to be the phantom of the opera, making the girl shocked, screaming for help... Yet, the scene is then cut by Ms Ogata, saying that Hidaka’s scream is not loud enough, telling her to put more strength as she just saw the opera phantom in the flesh. The rehearsal continues as Miyuki helps Kindaichi with the volumes. Suddenly, a pair of hands grab Kindaichi’s shoulders from behind, making the dork freak out and scream even louder than Hidaka just did earlier. The boy who just scared him off turns out to be Kindaichi’s childhood best friend, Senke Takashi, who gives him a broad grin at his pouting face. The duo then continues to chat a little when Arimori, holding a box full of stage props, appears and shouts at Senke, telling him to help organize the props. Excited, Kindaichi pulls out a crossbow inside the box and shoots it right to the stage, thinking it as a fake prop before Senke and Arimori stop him, saying that the crossbow is real…. The arrow hits right inches in front of Makabe who is playing the phantom’s role on the stage… Shocked for a second, Makabe then yells and throws his mask at Kindaichi for his clumsiness, only for the mask to be caught by Ms Ogata before it hits Kindaichi. Ogata then turns to Makabe, straight face, telling him not to lose his temper and end up breaking the props, especially the mask. The members go silent as Ogata wears it on her face, saying that the white mask is the Phantom’s trademark, used to hide his ugly face from the rest of the world…. The club remains quiet as Ogata finishes the opera phantom’s story….while the music teacher smiles at them and comes back to her seat, signalling the club to continue the rehearsal before a gorgeous actress in a floral gown comes to the stage… She starts to raise her voice, showing her charming face and graceful gestures to the audience…. Much as Kindaichi is stunned by the actress, Senke pops up, admiring the performance while grinning at Kindaichi, revealing that the pretty girl is, in fact, the one whom Kindaichi said to play the old lady role earlier on the yacht - Kiryu, who would turn different on stage with her hair down and her nerdy glasses taken off. Kindaichi, after realizing that the girl is Kiryu, was completely left surprised at how much a person can change. Murakami then arrives at the theatre after taking a break in the bathroom, appreciating Kiryu’s acting skills… However, the boy then slips out... “Kiryu is indeed a good actress…. But the biggest star on stage...was still definitely Tsukishima Fuyuko...” Before Kindaichi even asks about the name Fuyuko...he catches Senke and Arimori glaring at Murakami, who just realizes what he did. Murakami then tells Kindaichi that it is not a big deal to care about… Suddenly, the boys see Hidaka being shoved by another brunette girl on the stage, who angrily calls Hidaka the worst actress ever… The girl is revealed to be the club’s star actress Saotome Ryoko, who then storms off the stage. While Miyuki tries to run after Saotome, the club’s cameraman and lighting technician Saki Ryuta grabs her in the hand, saying it is no point trying as Ryoko will just be more furious due to her diva personality. Annoyed, Saki then convinces Ms Ogata to take down Saotome’s leading role, only for him to be rejected by his teacher, who tells him that the club only has two weeks left for the contest, changing the lead actress would be too risky. Hopeless, Saki places his video camera down the chair, opening his mouth… “Everything would have been better if Fuyuko was still alive…..” The club members shudder, quietly looking at Saki as he leaves the stage with his camera. Confused, Kindaichi turns to Murakami, asking if Tsukishima Fuyuko was the club member who committed suicide… Murakami facepalms, admitting the fact and saying that Ryoko then became the heroine after Fuyuko’s death... Meanwhile, Hidaka is seen feeling unwell… Miyuki approaches the girl and asks if she witnesses something wrong. Yet, Hidaka remains silent, although her eyes are still wide….as if something horrible is after her... That evening, Kindaichi helps Arimori with the stage props before the dork asks Arimori about Tsukishima Fuyuko… The blond guy goes quiet for a second but decides to tell Kindaichi the whole story about why the club members always avoid mentioning her name. Per Arimori, Fuyuko was a sweet and beautiful girl who looked like a perfect angel on stage... Until one month ago, she stumbled upon a bottle of sulfuric acid in the school’s chemistry lab. As a result, her gorgeous face was severely disfigured and had to be fully bandaged, so bad that even surgery wouldn’t help… He also revealed to Kindaichi a secret that no one except the club members knew… One day, all members, except Miyuki who had a fever, decided to visit Fuyuko in the hospital, but ended up witnessing her on the rooftop, removing the bandage and revealing her disfigured face while opening her mouth… "I am the phantom of the opera… I am the ugliest creature on Earth…. And even while the fires of hell burn this ugly creature, I'll still dream of a place in heaven!" And those were Fuyuko’s last words before she jumped off from the rooftop and killed herself, scaring everyone witnessing. Arimori then mentions that those words of Fuyuko represent the Phantom from the play when Christine sees his disfigured face. Until now, Arimori and the other members still cannot get the image of her disfigured self and her last words off their head, making Kindaichi understand why her name is avoided mentioning now... Meanwhile, Miyuki goes to check up on Saki at his room, seeing if he already feels better or not yet. The boy then calmly tells Miyuki that he has recovered and nothing goes wrong, making Miyuki feel relieved and then say goodbye, telling Saki to go to the dining room early… Yet... the boy is seen sorrowfully taking out a picture from a book after Miyuki leaves… A picture of Fuyuko… In the dining room, with the ticking sounds of the alarm clock next to a big beautiful doll placed on the shelf, Kindaichi and Senke show up, surprised that no one is still there yet. The dork then begins to take a seat, only to be yelled at by an old man, who tells Kindaichi that the seat is for him and points his name tag - Kenmochi Isamu - on the table. Kindaichi then annoyedly leaves Kenmochi’s seat just as everyone arrives at the dining room. The club members then take their seats with their corresponding name tags and begin to have their dinner as Kindaichi and Murakami are grossed out at another weird guy named Yuki Eisaku who just wants to eat with his own scalpel instead of the normal cutlery. While having her meal, Miyuki spots that Hidaka is still not present, pointing at her empty seat. Along with her strange actions earlier, Miyuki is worried that something bad may happen to Hidaka, prompting the group to split out and search for the girl... All of a sudden, a female scream is heard during the stormy night… Possibly from Hidaka herself... The group freaks out while speeding up the progress in finding Hidaka with Arimori searching outside and the others searching around the lobby… After trying to search up nearly every place in the hotel but cannot find the girl, everyone again hears a loud bell ringing sound coming from the theater. Kindaichi and Miyuki then rush to the theater’s main doors, only for the duo to witness a gruesome scenery after turning the lights on…. It’s Hidaka, lying on the stage, dead… with a giant set of stage lights crushing her body. The girl who always looks cheerful now turns cold and stiff just like a horrifying artwork. The ghastly scene causes Miyuki to faint, with Kindaichi holding her, scared...

Minutes later, Miyuki wakes up from the faint. Realizing the bloody scene she just witnessed, the girl panics, telling everyone to help save Hidaka, only to be interrupted by Yuki, the weird man with a scalpel earlier, who claims to be a doctor… Dr Yuki turns to Miyuki, saying that her friend Hidaka died instantly due to the lights crushing her spine, making the broken ribs puncture many of her vital organs. Disgusted and hopeless in saving Hidaka, the club members start to freak out, only to be stopped by the tough-looking guy named Kenmochi, who orders them to calm down. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kenmochi then reveals himself as a police inspector from the Homicide Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department. Annoyed since his vacation is ruined by a murder, Kenmochi starts to scout around the crime scene quickly, deducing that Hidaka’s death is an accident caused by the looseness of the rope used to tie the spotlight, believing that the rope was getting old and accidentally made the lights fall right into Hidaka below… Suddenly, a voice stops him... “This was not an accident! This was murder!” - Everybody’s eyes go wide as Kindaichi sedately grabs Inspector Kenmochi’s shoulder, trying to get his attention before pointing to the rope which held the stage lights, whose end is seen to be sharply cut. Judging from that sharp end of the rope, Kindaichi believes that someone had cut it with a knife since the rope’s end would be frayed if it was old and worn. This is equal to the fact that someone cut the rope in purpose, making it crush Hidaka’s body… Embarrassed, Kenmochi then begins an investigation, telling everyone present at the crime scene to go back to the dining room for interrogations. Due to the extreme weather that makes the police unable to come, Kenmochi himself has to carry out the work. The inspector then asks for the students’ grades and names before moving on to the adults, saying that everyone there could be behind Hidaka’s murder. As Kenmochi continues, Ogata turns to him, stating the fact that Hidaka cannot be killed by everyone there, as they all were at the dining room when hearing her screams. Right when Ogata finishes her sentence, Kurosawa - the hotel owner - suddenly remembers a suspicious event… He starts saying, shivering... "My goodness, sorry Inspector Kenmochi… I just remembered… There is one more guest staying with us - It’s Mr Kagetsu... He's one particular fellow...a strange man actually... He came here yesterday and booked a stay, leaving specific instructions not to be bothered because he was working on something… And the creepiest part is that… his face is wrapped with bandages…" Kurosawa finishes as the word “bandages” makes every club member shudder… and the image of Fuyuko’s fully bandaged face after her unfortunate incident appears in their mind… Kenmochi then tells Kurosawa to lead him to Kagetsu’s room, only to find everything there slashed into pieces but no traces of Kagetsu in person… Senke then discovers a suitcase in the corner of the wall before Kindaichi opens it, which turns out to have a bandage inside. While Kindaichi judges that Kagetsu isn’t injured and the bandage was only used to hide his face, Miyuki panics, telling Kindaichi to look at the bathroom’s wall… as some red words are written on it... “Burn in the fires of hell” The image of a bandaged Fuyuko and her voice through Arimori’s words come into Kindaichi’s mind immediately. Yes... that is the poor girl’s last words before she jumped off the hospital’s rooftop, the Phantom’s line from the play…. Makabe panics, saying that he has enough and doesn’t want to stay inside a hotel with a murderer on the loose. The senior then collects his backpack and rushes to the yacht, with some more students following behind, who also want to leave despite the yacht unable to go in such stormy weather. Much to their shock, the students see the yacht breaking free of the dock, sailing far away… which is equal to that everyone is stuck on the island. Senke then approaches the dock, only to find the line, which keeps the boat docked, was cut sharp… A panicking Makabe then gets furious, blaming Kagetsu for the fuss, before Kindaichi, with a serious look on his face, tells everybody to calm down… The boy then states the fact that no one can leave the island until the storm is gone, making the students fall silent... The atmosphere is now filled with the sounds of thunder and lightning… or is that the evil laughter coming from our very own Phantom!? Later that evening, Kindaichi, Miyuki, and Kiryu are seen walking down the hotel’s hall, discussing the murder before Kiryu reminds how Kagetsu also has his face bandaged like the late Fuyuko, proposing a theory that Fuyuko's ghost returned from the grave to haunt everyone down. After the theory is denied by Kindaichi who tells her that ghosts cannot kill humans, the girl adjusts her glasses as she comes back to her room. Suddenly, Kiryu turns back to Kindaichi and Miyuki, asking them who had killed Hidaka before opening her mouth…. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was someone who has their body and soul possessed by Fuyuko’s ghost?” The girl smiles at them before locking the door, leaving Kindaichi and Miyuki, chilled… Later in Kindaichi’s room, the boy lies on the bed, wondering about Kiryu’s words earlier. Judging from her tone, Kindaichi thinks the girl may hide some pieces of truth... or even worse that she may be behind Hidaka’s murder… Meanwhile, the door of the hotel opens, revealing a mysterious silhouette walking towards Miyuki’s room. The silhouette then holds the door’s handle, awaking Miyuki by its clicking sounds. Soon after, the figure comes inside the room… “Hmph….Who’s there..?” - Miyuki, still asleep, turns her head to the mysterious person… “My name is Kagetsu.” As Miyuki’s eyes go wide, the man who calls himself Kagetsu continues... “Yet, I also have another name as well…” “The Phantom of the Opera!” Finishing his sentence, the masked man starts to charge towards Miyuki, choking her neck with both of his hands. While struggling in the pain, Miyuki uses all of her strength… to grab Kagetsu’s mask away, revealing the phantom’s face……. Suddenly everything fades away, the girl freaks out…. Turning out that her encounter with the Phantom earlier was just a dream… While still wondering what had happened, Miyuki hears sounds of footsteps… The girl then turns her head to the window… only to see... a figure wearing a white mask dashing outside… eyes staring at her... “Am I still dreaming!?” The next morning, Kindaichi gets a phone call from Senke, who informs him that another corpse has been found… Shocked, Kindaichi grabs his umbrella, running straight to the big tree outside the hotel, where he sees everyone already there… and all gazing at her… Kiryu… While the rain still continues, the poor girl’s dead body is seen hanging, slowly swinging from the big tree, with a thin wire making a creaking noise as it sways in the wind…

The group starts to panic as Saki wonders how Kiryu could commit suicide. Yet the cameraman is stopped mid-sentence by Arimori, who points out that the girl cannot hang herself with anything to stand on, hence stating that this is a murder. Kindaichi starts to scout around the scene, from the big tree hanging Kiryu which is right behind her own room, whose window is left wide open, to the set of footprints on the muddy grounds leading from the window to the tree… The amateur detective realizes that this is not a simple murder, but a classic locked-room mystery… Kenmochi then tries to stop Kindaichi, telling the boy not to exacerbate the trouble too much before stating his deduction. Kenmochi says that the murderer merely carried her out of her room and hung her in the big tree. Yet the theory is rejected by Kindaichi, who says that there is no way the killer can get out after hanging her. The evidence is the set of footprints which turns out to be Kiryu’s since the shoes she was wearing match the prints… Which means there aren’t any footprints of the killer, but only Kiryu’s footprints are present… With the window path where only the victim’s footprints are visible, along with the totally locked main door which indicates that the killer cannot carry her through the hotel lobby… How can the killer hang Kiryu on the big tree without leaving a trace? Unless... Kiryu willingly walked to the tree to be hanged... Kindaichi spots a figure standing far from the corpse, behind one of the trees, shivering in fear… who turns out to be Senior Saotome… Minutes later, while Kindaichi walks down the hall with Senke and Arimori, wondering about Saotome’s actions and the way how the killer could kill Kiryu without leaving a trace, Senke starts to panic, thinking that the next victim would be him. Before Arimori and Kindaichi manage to stop him, a sweating Saki approaches the trio, telling them to come with him to the props room instantly. What the group witnesses is a huge terrible mess: nearly all props are destroyed and the stage outfits are slashed in pieces. While Kenmochi suspects that it was Kagetsu who sabotaged the club, Makabe freaks out, saying that his stage outfits for the Phantom role, including the mask, the hat and the robe, totally go missing. Arimori who searches nearby also reports that the crossbow is gone. As the club members discuss the reason why Kagetsu took the crossbow and the Phantom’s costumes, Miyuki realizes the connection thanks to the last night when she saw the Phantom outside her room’s window - that this series of murders is an almost exact resemblance to the play “The Phantom of the Opera”. Much to everybody’s shock upon the realization, Miyuki recalls the story to Kenmochi who knows nothing about the play. It features a man living in the catacombs underneath a Parisian opera house, who hid his deformed face behind a white mask, afraid to show his face to the world. One day he fell in love with a singer named Christine who dreamed of becoming an opera star. To help her, the Phantom got rid of the opera house’s star singer by cutting the chandelier during her performance, killing the star singer. Unfortunately then, a man discovered the identity of the Phantom, who then choked him to death to silence him forever. Miyuki then states how Hidaka’s death by the falling stage lights and Kiryu’s death from hanging exactly resemble the star singer and the man’s deaths respectively before revealing that the next victim in the play was killed by drowning. Yet, Inspector Kenmochi immediately rejects all of Miyuki’s theories, saying that it is just a coincidence… Later, as the group members take their leave, Miyuki and Ms Ogata are seen walking down the hotel’s hall. The music teacher expresses her viewpoint that she doubts Kindaichi is an “idiot” as everyone often thinks, before telling Miyuki that Kindaichi was accepted to the Fudo High School with the highest score, much to Miyuki’s shock as she always saw Kindaichi struggling to pass his grades. Ogata then reveals to Miyuki that she saw Kindaichi’s IQ test he had taken in junior high, revealing his IQ as 180. “1---180!? I-Isn’t that the IQ of a genius!?” - Miyuki, bewildered over Ogata’s words… “You are right, your friend seems to be a hidden genius… And I don’t think that’s even enough… I think he has something more… something that was inherited from his grandfather, famous detective Kindaichi Kousuke…” - Ogata smirks at Miyuki before coming back to her room, leaving the girl lost in thought… Shortly after, Kindaichi and Miyuki start to recap the series of murders, before Kindaichi accidentally sneezes at her, disgusting Miyuki while also making her doubt Ms Ogata’s words earlier. The duo then recaps how everybody had their alibi at the dining room when Hidaka was killed, along with how Kiryu’s murder leaves a lot of unanswered questions: from the muddy grounds with only the victim’s footprints visible, to the locked door which means no one could not go through… Much as Miyuki feels confused over the mysteries, Kindaichi confirms one fact that this series of murder is not a spur of the moment, but is totally pre-planned… by a wicked human being under the alias of Kagetsu… Somewhere in the hotel, Dr Yuki is seen staring at his scalpel, whose handle sports his own initials Y.E.. The doctor then tucks his scalpel into his white coat’s pocket as he continues to walk away... By the windows, Ms Ogata is gazing at the outside scenery before being approached by Kurosawa, who tells her to go back to her room as there is still a murderer on the loose… Replying that she just wants to have some fresh air, Ms Ogata also asks the hotel owner about the stone mound on the hill outside the hotel… to which Kurosawa’s eyes suddenly go wide… The hotel owner then sighs, revealing that it is his daughter’s grave who passed away at the age of 17 four years ago… Apologizing for the sensitive question, Ogata then excuses herself before Kurosawa also says he has some patrolling to do. Yet, the hotel owner then glares at the music teacher as she turns her back to him, as if he has something mysterious in mind… Walking down the hotel lane, abruptly, Ms Ogata hears a strange sound coming from the theater. As the woman opens the door, she turns on her lighter as the only light source… Ogata then makes her way to a place... believing it is where the sound starts, before starting to look around… only to find something… with a round shape… “Wait… This could have been used for the murder…” - Ogata, realizing that she just found a clue to the murder. Yet…. ...right behind her, a silent silhouette is seen approaching… with a brick on their hands… As the teacher realizes who the killer can be, the silhouette raises the brick… And... As Kindaichi recaps the murders alone in his room, he receives a call from Miyuki asking him for help when her bathroom is leaking. At Miyuki’s room, Kindaichi sees the water starting to leak from the ceiling, assuming that someone upstairs must have left the shower running. Yet, the leaking water starts to turn red, as the red droplets start to drip down on Kindaichi’s palm, he realizes that these are, in fact, blood. Terrified, the duo heads to Ms Ogata’s room which is upstairs… only to find the shower indeed running… and a dead body... The scenery looks almost exactly like a bloodbath at that time with the corpse of Ogata inside the bathtub, one of her nails going missing and her long black hair floating like seaweed. Per Dr Yuki, the back of her head is cracked open by a solid object. The students then show up, with Senke and Saotome then panic, feeling like throwing up before getting calmed down by Kurosawa, who then helps the team. Hands on her face crying for her teacher’s death, Miyuki seemingly realizes one thing… The third victim in the play “The Phantom of the Opera” also got drowned in the water. While the others realize the murder’s resemblance with the play, Kindaichi takes one look around the crime scene and seems to recognize one thing: Ms Ogata’s murder is different from the previous two… The boy then explains that if the killer wanted to follow the play’s motif like Hidaka and Kiryu’s murders, then they would simply drown Ogata in the waters, instead of such complicated ways as bashing her head in and throwing her corpse inside the bathtub. Furthermore, the killer also made a mistake. Kindaichi then points at the proof - one of the victim’s missing nails. Since Ms Ogata is a music teacher, having long nails would cause difficulty for her in playing the piano, thus explaining the reason why she uses removable fake nails. While the others still cannot figure out the connection between the mistake and the fake nails, Kindaichi asks them: “Why would she take the bath while still having her fake nails on?” As the group realizes the connection, Kindaichi goes on, concluding that the bathroom is just a set-up crime scene, when in fact Ogata was killed in another place. As Murakami approaches and asks why the killer had to do such complex moves killing Ogata, Kindaichi has the feelings that… Ogata’s death was unexpected to the killer, that she wasn’t supposed to be the victim at all. Kindaichi then continues to investigate, spotting a clothes basket next to the bathtub, which contains Ogata’s clothes, yet they are not what the late teacher wore yesterday… proving that blood may have spilled on Ogata’s clothes when she was killed, prompting the culprit to get rid of them. Yet, inside the basket, there is also a pair of pantyhose which was indeed what Ogata wore. Despite the pantyhose having no blood on them, Kindaichi finds a lot of dust stains… leading him to think that Ogata was originally murdered in a place that not many people go to… Kindaichi then deduces... “I don’t think Ogata-sensei was on the culprit’s killing list… But something may have forced them to kill her… It is possible that Ogata had found a clue that leads to the killer, prompting them to silence her forever, and then make her death look like the one of the play...” And the questions that concern the detective right now are… “Where was she killed?”... and “What did she see?”

Later, Kindaichi accompanies a scared Miyuki, who’s also saddened over her teacher’s death, back to her room before someone knocks on the door. Miyuki opens it, revealing a worried Saotome outside. The senior then tells them that a letter was at her room’s door and hands them a black envelope, which turns out to be a letter from Kagetsu, as known as the Phantom… “Let Tsukishima Fuyuko play the role of Christine… Or you will be cursed for good - The Phantom of the Opera.” Miyuki immediately realizes the letter’s context in the play, explaining that the Phantom also gave the same one to the opera manager. But the girl then wonders how Kagetsu knows about Tsukishima Fuyuko… Kindaichi then stares at a shivering Saotome as he remembers the exact scared expression of her, back in the morning when the group found Kiryu’s body, prompting the detective to ask the senior if she is hiding anything… Shuddering at the question, Saotome buries her hands on her face, constantly muttering that Fuyuko’s death was not her fault. As Miyuki calms the senior down, Saotome then reveals a shocking truth… that she, Kiryu and Hidaka were the ones who called Fuyuko to the chemistry lab. Because the three girls were jealous of Fuyuko being chosen for the role of Christine, they decided to scare her a little in revenge by using a little bit of sulfuric acid to make a hole on her skirt… The girls were successful in their prank, yet Fuyuko, freaking out after her skirt being burned, then accidentally bumped into one of the cupboards, making a bottle of sulfuric acid on the top fall right into her, totally burning her face and her body as Saotome, Kiryu and Hidaka witnessed nearby… Since Saotome can be the next target of the Phantom, Kindaichi tells Miyuki to look after the sobbing senior as he reports the incident to Inspector Kenmochi and continues his investigation. Walking down the lanes with Kindaichi, Inspector Kenmochi, after being filled with Saotome’s backstory, suspected that Kagetsu is Fuyuko’s acquaintance, or even lover who is already aware of the actual reason behind the late girl’s suicide. As Kagetsu knew the drama club, including Hidaka, Kiryu and Saotome, would come to the Opera House Hotel on Uta Island for the rehearsal, he secretly planned out the murders… and became a murderous Phantom. In the meantime, Miyuki is trying to comfort a crying Saotome, reassuring her that Kindaichi is very dependable when it comes to such crises as murders because he is the grandson of Kindaichi Kousuke. The calm doesn’t last long… when… behind Miyuki… the Phantom again strikes… as he raises a big stone and breaks the windows of the room open… Glass shards scatter everywhere when Kindaichi and Kenmochi hear the loud noise. In the room, Miyuki and Saotome hold each other, frightened, when the Phantom manages to get into and pulls out a knife… about to strike the senior… The door is slammed open as Kindaichi and Inspector Kenmochi rush inside. Before Kenmochi is able to arrest Kagetsu for the murders, the Phantom is too quick. He dashes out to the corridor with Kenmochi and Kindaichi following right behind. The Phantom then takes a look at the duo before uncapping a bottle of gasoline and pouring it on the floor. Kindaichi is then stopped by Kenmochi as the Phantom then throws a lighter to the gasoline puddle, creating a blast. Quick thinking, Kindaichi spots a flower vase nearby and splashes the water inside to the fire, managing to put it out. As Kindaichi takes the turn at the corner of the road, he accidentally bumps into Arimori as he, Senke and Senior Makabe run from the opposite corridor, asking about the noise they heard earlier. Having no time to explain, Kindaichi then looks for traces of Kagetsu when he discovers the Phantom’s muddy footprints heading right out the open window at the end of the two U-shaped corridors. Kenmochi and Kindaichi check out the window as they see a cliff. Much to Kindaichi’s shock, Kenmochi turns out his flashlight and discovers the Phantom’s white mask and his black robe floating on the sea below them… which means... Kagetsu fell into the ocean!? The police inspector then starts to deduce… Judging from that there were people from both sides of the hall, including Kindaichi and him at one corridor while Arimori, Makabe and Senke at the other one, there is no way out apart from the window, not to mention no places to hide, either. In short, Inspector Kenmochi concludes that Kagetsu tried to climb down from the window, but accidentally fell into the ocean. From such height and the rough surface of the cliff’s edge and the sea, there is no way Kagetsu could survive if he fell… which means… Kagetsu’s “death” has ended the series of cruel murders in the opera house... While the other club members are greatly relieved over the realization that “Kagetsu was dead”, Kurosawa and Dr Yuki, who are both soaked, approach and ask them what had happened. As Kenmochi fills them out, Kurosawa is delighted over the “good news” while Dr Yuki’s face still remains straight... A sweating Murakami then also rushes to the group, unaware of the events since he was taking a bath… Miyuki then sports Kindaichi by the window, who seems not to believe it... instead, the boy is thinking of another possibility… Suddenly, he sports one fact that... the windowsill is totally clean… Holding his fist, Kindaichi’s eyebrows are furrowed… as he finds out that this is actually another wicked trick… and that only one person could do it… The amateur detective then stares at his delighted friends.... then at the adults.... before speaking to himself... “The killer is still among us! And I will reveal them… in the name of my grandfather!” As the time passes by, it’s already midnight when Kindaichi calls Miyuki for help accompany him to investigate the theater’s stage. While Miyuki still holds the thought that Kagetsu already perished and wonders why Kindaichi still carries on the investigation, the detective scouts around the stage and notices a strange pattern: Hidaka’s blood ends abruptly in a line. Suspecting a trick being used, Kindaichi then asks Miyuki to help him pull the curtain down before he discovers more blood on it, which matches exactly the one splattered on the stage, thus confirming that the stage lights fell on Hidaka when the curtain was pulled down… Yet the duo did witness the curtains already up when they reached the theater and found Hidaka’s dead body… How!? Furthermore, regarding Ms Ogata’s accidental death as she found out clues indicating the Phantom… there is a lot of dust on her pantyhose… The pulled-down curtain, Hidaka’s screams and the dust… All of them lead Kindaichi to one place: the sound room! The duo then heads inside the room as Kindaichi explains to Miyuki that Ogata’s dusty pantyhose, which the culprit forgot to get rid of, proves that the teacher was at a place full of dust before her death. As the detective expected, he finds a deciding evidence there - Ogata’s missing fake nail - confirming that a clue was hidden by the killer in the sound room until Ogata’s murder… But… what did the late teacher find!? Kindaichi then asks Miyuki for a test as he comes up with a possibility. The boy then tells her to pull up the curtain and stand on the stage. He then shouts to her, asking if Miyuki can hear his voice. After gesturing OK as she hears Kindaichi loud and clear, Miyuki pulls down the curtain per Kindaichi’s request. The boy then continues to yell at her side… but no responses show up, meaning that Miyuki cannot hear his voice when the curtain is down. That fact leads Kindaichi to realize the alibi trick Kagetsu had used. However, still one mystery is left unsolved: Why did the culprit end “Kagetsu”’s life when there is still the last target Saotome who is alive? As the sun starts to rise in the next morning, a sleepless Kindaichi goes to the dining room, asking Kurosawa for a cup of coffee. Per the hotel owner, a boat is supposed to come from the mainland to the hotel around 10 AM, which means that the Phantom still has the time to take action until ten o’clock.... As the boy turns his head to the alarm clock on the shelf to check the time, he realizes that it was gone… When being asked about the missing clock, hotel owner Kurosawa tells Kindaichi that he didn’t put it away, and then jokes to him that the Phantom had taken it… The missing clock, the Phantom… Kindaichi is reminded back to the moment when the props room was destroyed… and Arimori told everyone that the crossbow is gone… “Wait… I got it…” “The mystery has been solved!”

Just right after, Saotome, accompanied by Miyuki, comes into the dining room for breakfast… While the senior is still frightened over the Phantom, Kindaichi tells them that he needs their help. Some minutes later, Murakami and Senke run towards the dining room and take their seats, full of beans due to the fact that “Kagetsu already committed suicide”. Shortly after, Kindaichi goes out as Saki, still carrying his bulky film camera, and Senior Makabe, glaring at the dork who tells them that he has something to tell, pass by. Right then, Dr Yuki walks into the room, calmly sits on the dining chair as he orders Kurosawa, who is nearby, some tea for his refreshment. Inspector Kenmochi then shows up, taking a seat and feeling relieved for “Kagetsu’s death”. As the last person, Arimori walks along the corridor, still yawning before bumping into a hurried Kindaichi, who tells him to go inside since everybody’s there already. Arimori then takes a peek at his watch as he nods. After Kindaichi tells a half-asleep Arimori to take any open seat when he asks where to sit, an annoyed Makabe slams the table before asking Kindaichi about the thing he wants to talk about. As he takes a look at everybody, Kindaichi opens his mouth to say… “I’m about to tell you guys the whole truth behind this series of murders, and who “Kagetsu” really is…” - A serious Kindaichi announces to everybody… When Kenmochi stands up, telling Kindaichi Kagetsu was already dead by falling from the window, Kindaichi responds, saying that the case isn’t closed yet… “Because Kagetsu actually never exists, “he” is, in fact, the biggest trick of the killer!” - Kindaichi continues. His words leave everybody in shock.... The detective then recalls the day before the trip when “Kagetsu” checked in at the hotel. He was actually the murderer in disguise, who destroyed the room and sneaked off the island after strictly telling the staff not to disturb him. Since it is impossible to swim back to the mainland from an isolated island, “Kagetsu” had used a rubber boat, as he let the air out and hid it inside the big suitcase, the very same one that the group found inside his room. One day later, the murderer again came back to the island as if he’d never been there... “Yes, the murderer is one of us, and is sitting in this room!” As Murakami seems to deny what the detective said, stating everyone got an alibi when Hidaka’s killed, Kindaichi tells him that it’s actually an alibi trick that the murder had used. At the rehearsal, the killer recorded Hidaka’s scream (the one which Ms Ogata said not to sound loud enough) by the theater’s sound equipment and then sent her an anonymous threat to her, telling Hidaka to come to the stage at dinner time and possibly threatening that Fuyuko’s accident would have been exposed if she had not come. The murderer had chosen the dinner time on purpose to create their own alibi. That evening, they set a timer on the reel in the sound room, making the group panic and separate their ways to search for Hidaka after her “recorded” scream was heard. Yet in fact, when the fake scream was played, Hidaka was still alive… The reason why she did not hear it was due to the thick layer of the curtain which acted as a “sound shield”, preventing Hidaka from hearing the recorded scream although she was on the stage. Upon realizing the reason behind her and Kindaichi’s experiment at the theater yesterday, Miyuki confirms that anyone who is on the stage when the curtain is down is unable to hear anything. Kindaichi then goes on as he proves that Hidaka was killed when the curtain was pulled down. After leaving the dining room pretending to look for Hidaka, the killer actually went back to the theater, turning on the intermission bell to cover Hidaka’s real scream and then cutting the wire holding the stage lights, thus killing the girl instantly. Right after Hidaka was killed, the killer opened the curtain and then came back to the group, pretending to be shocked as they discovered her body... And that’s how the Phantom created a perfect alibi in Hidaka’s murder. Yet, because the killer didn’t have enough time to get rid of the reel, they ended up leaving it at the sound room… And that is the cause of Ms Ogata’s unplanned murder. As the killer came back to the sound room to retrieve the reel, they were frightened that the teacher was there, and discovered the reel as well. Having no choice, the killer had to grab something nearby and kill Ogata to silence her, then they got rid of the reel and created a fake crime scene in Ms Ogata’s bathroom. When Arimori asks Kindaichi for the evidence, the detective pulls out one thing from his pocket - the missing fake nail of Ms Ogata which he found in the sound room. As a result, no one had an alibi during Ogata’s murder… One minute until 7 AM, Inspector Kenmochi already loses his patience, standing up and asking Kindaichi who the killer actually is... before being stopped mid-sentence by the detective. As Kindaichi orders everyone to sit still, he says to them... “When the time comes… the killer will surrender!” As everyone goes bewildered by Kindaichi’s words… that the killer will surrender when the time comes, the amateur detective continues saying to them, that the killer had faked Kagetsu’s “death” on purpose.... And that purpose is... to set a trap and kill the fourth victim right in the dining room. The atmosphere is filled with more and more tension as every second passes… 11 seconds to 7 AM… 10… Kurosawa sweats… seemingly unaware of what will happen next... 9… Dr Yuki stares at his own scalpel… face still calm as if he knows he is not the killer... 8… Saki bites his lower lip, his hands still on his film camera... 7… Kenmochi grips his teeth in uneasiness.... 6… Makabe furrows his brows, looking like he still doesn’t trust Kindaichi’s words... 5… Murakami looks worried, wondering who will be the victim and who will be the killer.... 4… Senke bites his nails, his feelings... uncertain... 3… Arimori facepalms, muttering under his breath... 2… Miyuki holds Saotome’s hand in a firm clasp as the senior closes her eyes in fear… 1… Kindaichi stares at his watch and then turns his head to the killer… 0!

The watch reaches 7AM… All of a sudden, Arimori jumps out from his seat and rolls down on the floor like he is about to get hit by something monstrous... As nearby people get concerned and startled at Arimori, Kindaichi steps up to him, telling him that the crossbow will not launch any more arrows. In other words, the action Arimori just did... proves himself to be the killer behind this brutal series of murders. Initially Arimori denies all of Kindaichi’s accusations, pretending to be unaware of the crossbow as Kindaichi explains the trick he used. As the detective noticed two missing things, including the crossbow and the alarm clock, he figured out the trick that Arimori would use to murder Saotome - the last target. He pulled back the drawstring of the crossbow and made it fixed with a thin wire connecting to the alarm clock. On the clock, he put a blade on its hour hand and then moved it next to the crossbow so that the blade would cut its drawstring when the hour hand reached 7 AM. He then hid the crossbow and the clock, aiming at Saotome’s seat as he knew that the dining room would decide the seats based on the nametags on the table. Therefore, during breakfast an arrow would be shot at Saotome, killing her as Arimori still had his alibi. Yet, as Kindaichi figured out the trick, he asked Miyuki and Saotome for help searching around the dining room for the deadly trap, thus finding it hidden inside the big doll’s dress. As Kindaichi carefully deactivated the trap and hid the crossbow, as well as the clock, inside his room so that Arimori would not have another chance to set up the trap again. He then tricked Arimori into being the latest person to come to the dining room as he changed Arimori’s watch ten minutes later; then forced him to take the only leftover seat, which was originally Saotome’s. Arimori then denied all of Kindaichi’s deductions, saying that he just lost his balance and fell out of his seat. The blond guy then continues to question Kindaichi regarding the culprit’s trick to kill Kiryu in the second murder, asking how would anyone do it without hypnotizing her. Kindaichi then told him that he has all the answers, including the key into the trick creating Kiryu’s locked room murder. He set a thin wire around the window frame of Kiryu’s room with one of its ends connected to the above room, which was Hidaka’s. During the night when Hidaka died, Arimori snuck into her room and called Kiryu, who was downstairs, to peek her head outside the window. As Arimori witnessed Kiryu’s peeking head from Hidaka’s room, he quickly pulled the wire around the window frame as it started to wrap around Kiryu’s neck, strangling her to death… As the girl took her last breath, Arimori climbed down Kiryu’s room via the wire and started to carry the body to the tree by wearing Kiryu’s shoes. He then walked along the grasslands to escape the crime scene. Arimori then came back to Hidaka’s room to remove the wire and then destroyed the props room, thus stealing the crossbow and Makabe’s Phantom costume. The killer then continued to dress as Kagetsu and dashed over Miyuki’s room on purpose, to make everyone believe the murders were committed by a madman... Arimori then shouted at Kindaichi, telling him not to joke around anymore as the boy said that Kagetsu already died from falling into the ocean. Yet, Kindaichi stopped him mid-sentence, saying he already found the truth behind Kagetsu’s “death”, which turns out to be the most solid proof confirming that Arimori was the killer. After “Kagetsu jumped off the window”, Kindaichi spotted an odd detail: the clean windowsill without any muddy footprints of Kagetsu. In order to jump off the cliff from such a high window, “Kagetsu” must have stood on the windowsill and then jumped, thus leaving his muddy footprints on it. Yet the clean windowsill was a huge mistake of Arimori, as it meant that Kagetsu never stood on it and fell off the window at all - he was still at the hallway. In fact, when Kindaichi and Inspector Kenmochi chase Arimori, under the guise of Kagetsu, to the end of the U-shape corridors, Arimori quickly threw out the Phantom guise off the window, then he watched Kindaichi and Kenmochi running to the turning point as he pretended to run from the other side of the U-shape corridors and bump into Kindaichi, making it look like he was also searching for Kagetsu. Judging from the fact that the killer never jumped off the window, then he could only “disappear” with the mentioned trick. And the only person who could do the trick is the first one to appear from the other end of the corridor - Arimori. Kindaichi then shouts at him that he has no more ways to escape now... As emotionlessness sparks in Arimori’s eyes, he snaps at Saotome and grabs her at knifepoint, much to everyone’s fright. No matter how many times the group tells him to stop, Arimori keeps glaring at them, saying that Saotome and the two girls deserved to die for what they did to Fuyuko. Arimori then revealed the truth that he had been dating Fuyuko but did not let everyone know about their relationship. The day when Fuyuko got her face and body disfigured by the acid, Arimori knew that it was Hidaka, Kiryu and Saotome who called her to the chemistry lab, yet Fuyuko did not reveal them to Arimori, meaning that the poor Fuyuko wanted to forgive the three girls… However, the day before Fuyuko’s suicide, Arimori took her out of her room for a walk to have some fresh air… And that was the moment when the couple spotted Hidaka, Kiryu and Saotome on the hospital’s roof, who just paid a visit to Fuyuko… “Thank god… she did not expose us.” - Hidaka, saying with a relieved expression... “Well, we are still so lucky, you know it.” - Kiryu stared at Hidaka… “Hah, now you two believe me? I already told you that little Fuyuko always pretended to be a nice girl or whatever. Thanks to that we would never be discovered.” - Saotome smirked at them, twirling her hair… Arimori and Fuyuko stood shocked at the trio… Before Arimori was able to snap at them and confront the girls for what they had done to his girlfriend, Fuyuko’s weak hands grabbed his arms, stopping him… Arimori was about to ask Fuyuko why she could forgive those evil human beings after they ruined her life… only for him to sport some sparks of vulnerability in her eyes, making him unable to say any more words… The next day, his girlfriend committed suicide… “Yeah… and that’s it… Fuyuko committed suicide... Her life was ruined so much by those three bitches…. so much that she had to commit suicide… And when I heard her last words… I swore to myself… ...I have to take revenge…” - Arimori turns to everyone… “For Fuyuko’s soul to rest in place, I vowed to end those bitches’ lives… by my own hands!” As Arimori brings the knife nearer to Saotome’s neck, Kindaichi snaps at him, telling him that he’s so wrong… that Tsukishima Fuyuko never wanted Arimori to avenge her death… All she just wanted was…. “Do you still remember Fuyuko’s last words? Arimori!?” “And even while the fires of hell burn this ugly creature… ...I'll still dream of a place in heaven!" Arimori’s eyes go wide with realization… And then Kindaichi continues… “She never held any feelings of animosity towards the three girls who ruined her life… She still forgave her… She wanted to wash away all the greed and hatred before her demise… …so that she could go to heaven…” - Kindaichi says to Arimori…. Arimori looks down… the happy face of his girlfriend comes into mind… along with her voice… “Arimori… What is heaven like?”... Everything… is too late…. Arimori shoves Saotome to one side and escapes the dining room, running towards somewhere… As the team chases after Arimori, the boy threatens to kill everyone there if they do not let him go… Hopeless, the group watches the boy running away… Inside a room, Arimori splashes fuel everywhere… As he holds the lighter, Arimori mumbles... “Fuyuko… I’m coming to see you… ...Please… lead me to you...”

Arimori turns on the lighter... causing a blazing fire as it meets the fuel… Arimori stays inside the burning room, eyes gazing at the burning red color of the flames… as he starts to remember the happiest moments with his girlfriend Fuyuko… “Only by this way… the Phantom… can be destroyed by the fires of hell…” Sensing the smell and witnessing the smoke… The group inside the dining room goes startled, realizing that Arimori is making a fire to commit suicide… As Inspector Kenmochi tells everyone to run away from the fire, he spots Kindaichi with his face going serious... The fire continues to spread extremely fast as the group gets into the safe place… yet Miyuki looks around… and spots no traces of Kindaichi nearby…. “Don’t tell me… he ventures into the fire to save Arimori!?” Shouting Kindaichi’s names, Miyuki runs into the burning opera hotel, but is stopped by Inspector Kenmochi and Kurosawa, who tell her that she could be burned alive if she goes to the fire like that… Some parts of the hotel start to collapse in fire as Miyuki screams Kindaichi’s name… Inside the hotel, Arimori, hopeless, sits inside the room and waits for the “fires of hell” to burn him into dust… only for him to hear someone calling his name… “Yuji… Yuji....” The boy turns his head to look…. at a girly figure in an angel’s costume… It’s his girlfriend Fuyuko, smiling at him… “Fuyuko! Fuyuko! You come here to bring me along!? Please, I don’t want to stay far away from you for any more minutes… Please take me along, Fuyuko…” - Arimori looks up at Fuyuko, beamed with happiness… yet…. “Yuji… I’m sorry I can’t bring you along.... I wish… you can live to the fullest… Farewells, Yuji...” The image of the angel starts to fade away… and further from Arimori as the boy tries to catch her.... “Fuyuko!!!!.... Fuyuko!!!... Why farewells… No! Please no! Don’t leave me…” “FUYUKO!!!!!!!” … Arimori opens his eyes… Where is he… Why… is he inside a hospital!? Where is Fuyuko!? Where is everyone!? “Finally you woke up... Arimori...” Arimori turns his head around… only to see Miyuki and the members of the drama club smiling at him… “Wh-Why am I… here….” - The boy starts to get up… but his back aches… As Miyuki tells him not to try so hard, she points to the bed next to him… It’s a sleeping Kindaichi, covered in smoke, dust and some minor injuries… It was Kindaichi who ventured into the fire to take Arimori out from the burning opera house… Miyuki recalls the moments when she and the group witnessed the opera hotel burnt into crisps… but no signs of Kindaichi… As tears strolled down her face, suddenly, Miyuki and the group heard Dr Yuki’s words, saying that he had found Kindaichi and Arimori, both unconscious but safe… It turns out that Kindaichi carried Arimori to the hotel’s basement which was nearly immune to the fire. Arimori finds out… the moments in the dream when he saw the figure of the late Fuyuko, it was Kindaichi who saved him… Arimori starts to burst into tears, staring at Kindaichi lying on the nearby bed and constantly asking why he didn’t leave him, so that he could be with Fuyuko… “Why did you do such an idiotic act… Kindorky!?” - Arimori, hands on his face… As Arimori spots Saotome in the group, he stares at her… The rage inside his eyes when he grabbed Saotome at knifepoint is gone, only for it to be replaced with the tears of regret as Saotome comes at him, apologizing to the boy… “I know I can’t make you forgive me… Arimori… But since the death of Fuyuko… We have regretted it a lot… We’re deeply sorry….” Arimori remains silent towards a sobbing Saotome… Now that Miyuki thinks again… The scared look of Hidaka before her death… The silent Kiryu who always wants to try her best for the play… And above all, the image of a sobbing Saotome when she admitted her wrongdoings to Miyuki and Kindaichi back then… They clearly show their deep regret to Tsukishima’s death… meanwhile still wearing the “calm” masks on their faces… like nothing happens… This series of murders happened… All owing to everyone’s misery… Some days later after Kindaichi finally recovers and Arimori starts to serve his sentence, Inspector Kenmochi, driving a police car, comes to pick Kindaichi and Miyuki up to school, saying that he has some information by the way. Per Kenmochi, Saotome - the only alive target - admits all of her faults, thus receiving a pardon after a thorough investigation was carried out, confirming that Fuyuko’s acid incident was truly an accident… As Miyuki smiles in relief, Kenmochi takes out a letter from his front pocket, which turns out to be Fuyuko’s last will. While Kenmochi explains that the letter was found in Arimori’s mailbox which was still Kindaichi takes the letter and reads… “Yuji, when you receive this letter, I am not in this world anymore. Since yesterday, my heart started to get uglier like this disfigured face of me… I don’t want to become worse anymore… I want to keep this pure soul… so that I can come to heaven… ...Yuji, I only have one wish. Please don’t hate those three girls anymore… I want to meet you again in heaven, I love you.” Had Arimori read this letter… the tragedy wouldn’t have happened… Kindaichi then turns his head to Kenmochi, asking the inspector if he can take the letter. After Kenmochi agrees, the car stops in front of the Fudo High as Kindaichi and Miyuki get out, thanking the inspector for the pick up. Kenmochi then stares at the dork one last time, appreciating his talents… “Well, Kindaichi was the only one who’s able to solve the case… He is indeed the grandson of Kindaichi Kousuke... ...Kindaichi, you have grown.” As Miyuki starts to walk to the school’s gate, she spots Kindaichi leaving the school and then grabs him in the hands, knowing that he would skip classes to go to the game center again… But… she’s wrong… “I’m going to deliver this letter to Arimori.” - Miyuki’s eyes go wide in surprise towards Kindaichi’s response. She then takes a look at the ringing school bell… and then looks at Kindaichi again… “Will you come with me? Miyuki?” - Kindaichi asks Miyuki… before the girl nods and comes with him… This is the first time Miyuki skips classes… Despite being worried, it was not due to the feeling of wrongdoings… In the prison, the duo meets Arimori, who looks better than the last time they met him at the hospital… As Arimori smiles at him, teasing Kindaichi about what made the all-rounded Nanase Miyuki skip classes to come meet him. Kindaichi laughs, saying that he and Miyuki are being carrier pigeons, as the boy hands Arimori the letter from Fuyuko… Arimori takes the letter and instantly realizes the handwriting… As the boy starts to read, he covers his face… as he does not want to let the duo see his crying face… Once again, Arimori remembers the dream of him meeting Fuyuko, the angel, for the last time… Now looking back… he feels like… continuing to live is a right choice… Somewhere in the world, he knows that there will be an angel following him and ensuring him that life still has a lot of great things to discover… “Kindaichi, I want to meet you… under different circumstances…” - Arimori smiles at the detective as the prison warden takes him inside… And just like that, the series of cruel murders in the Opera House Hotel has come to the end… ... Somewhere in an undetermined location… a cave explodes, an unknown silhouette inside the cave is seen… bewildered as a figure approaches them….

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