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Season 1
City Starlight Shores
District La Mirada
Case Number 16
Partner(s) Linda Potters
Preceded by Succeeded by
The Results Are In
(in Central City)
Independence Slay

Screamboat is a case featured in Criminal Case, appearing as the sixteenth case in Starlight Shores and the first one situated in the La Mirada district.


After arriving at the docks to meet Martin, the docks were investigated. Instead of finding Martin they find the bruised body of Clarissa Clark lying in a steamboat. Autopsy confirmed the cause of death to be extreme bunt force trauma. Malcolm was also able to confirm her killer had stabbed her through the stomach with a small blade after she was dead.

During the investigation, five people were suspected of the murder: Cassidy Clark (the victim's sister), Marvin Gate (a famous local party planner), Isaac Holmes (a businessman), Niall Fowler (a scientist who works for Omega Labs) and Lily Kelly (the previous mayoral secretary who has turned into a protester).

After gathering enough evidence, the team were able to arrest Marvin for Clarissa's murder. After being confronted, Marvin admitted to the murder. He said that Clarissa had a huge ego and would constantly go on about how she was beautiful so Marvin decided to shut her up by destroying her looks forever. Admitting to having no remorse and being proud of the murder, Judge Donovan sentenced him to life in jail for the brutal murder of the young woman.

During the AI, they received a call from Martin Bird. He stated he wasn't able to meet at the docks because he's being watched and wasn't able to make it to the docks. He then explained his mother left behind a box of information about Omega Labs at the smoking lounge.

After examining this box it found evidence of a mysterious person known as "The Masked Man". Linda and the player were able to link this person to two unsolved murders that occurred in La Mirada years before. Both of these victim's were Omega Labs scientists. The SSPD decided they needed to do more investigating into the Masked Man and Omega Labs.

Before they could think of their next plan Martin called saying to get to the re-enactment taking place as he believed an Omega Labs associate is hiding there.



  • Clarissa Clark (beaten and stabbed to death aboard a steamboat)

Murder Weapons

  • Oar


  • Marvin Gate


Cassidy Clark
Victim's sister
Height 5'7'
Age 26
Weight 156 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood A+
Marvin Gate
Party Planner
Height 5'8'
Age 19
Weight 164 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O-
Isaac Holmes
Height 5'9"
Age 45
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O+
Niall Fowler
Omega Labs Scientist
Height 5'7'
Age 41
Weight 155 lbs
Eyes Gray
Blood A+
Lily Kelly
Height 5'7"
Age 27
Weight 164 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+


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Killer's Profile

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Crime Scenes

Docks Rowing Boat Docks Bonus
Smoking Lounge Fireplace Smoking Lounge Bonus
The Breakspear Restaurant Bar The Breakspear Restaurant Bonus


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