Scream, But Escape You Won't Find
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Ratcrown Bridge
Case # 8
Initial release date 02. VIII 2020.
Partner(s) Rosetta Calconi (All Chapters)
Alfonso Calconi (Road of Disappearance 3)
Sam Clifton (1 task in Road of Disappearance 3)
Case Chronology
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Keep That Pretty Mouth Shut Back to Your Twisted Mind
Human mind is a complex set, capable of everything possible and impossible... But how long is needed to be in complete silence, so silent that you can hear you blood running through your veins until you become insane? You will soon be the witness of that...

Scream, But Escape You Won't Find is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 8th case of the game. It is the third one to take place in Ratcrown Bridge, a district of Crimestone.


As the Calconi family got a strange signal coming from Ludovica's tablet, the boss Giuseppe told the player and the queen of mean Rosetta to go there ASAP and find Ludovica and if is needed to eliminate Mancio Tortorelli or any other member of Tortorelli Family. Encouraged to find her, Rosetta and the player, armed and with a burning passion drove to the illegal hospital and entered inside. As the night already appeared and the hospital were in the dark a duo turned on their flashlight and searched further. The player eventually approached the strange room that had a heavy iron door a small window. They called for Rosetta to approach and when she did she told them that Mancio might've locked Ludovica inside. With the bit of work a duo broke the door knob and slowly opened the door only fora strange and fixed body to fall in front of them making Rosetta to drop and break her flashlight. They then looked closer on the body as they saw dozen of scratches all over the face, a seriously creepy and mad expression on his face as arms all up with his fingers fixed in the position like in the insane psychopath. The player then noticed ID card that said that the victim is the hospital owner, a triad Xi Ping Wong. Rosetta then looked inside only for hr to run outside right on the spot, saying that he was tortured inside the room of dead silence.

Quickly after that, Rosetta ordered the player to put the body in the bag and send to Lawrence and that they will see who caused a death of this Triad while searching for Ludovica. In the same time, the player discovered that the victim had a notorious doctor and Gideovani Family mafia member Placido Gideovani as the lead doctor in the hospital who said that is glad to see some allies and promised a duo that who ever killed Xi Ping will be personally killed by his scalper. A duo soon discovered that the victim also owned a casino business Le Triadas where a duo found that a cowboy, that they met a while ago, Sam "Lonewolf" Clifton spent some of his free time trying to get some "hunting" opportunities. As well, they discovered that a nurse of the victim's hospital Maurinica Sims sometimes helped the victim with the casino. After the autopsy was finished, Lawrence said that he is fascinated by the killer's method to murder the notorious triad. He then said how being locked up in the room of dead silence for ten minutes is bad but that he assumes that the victim was there for at least four hours which led to his complete mental breakdown and the scratches all over his body left by the victim himself as the way to battle the breakdown. However, he said that even if the killer didn't physically killed him they still has a bit of a struggle, saying the he found some food crumbles on his coat that were biscotti, an Italian biscuits and how the victim's stomach was biscotti free he concluded that only the killer could've leave them.

A duo added that to the notes as they left the morgue, speaking about how they need to find Ludovica she gets transferred somewhere else before they got approached by Camilla who said that she spread some words about the victim and discovered that the victim planned to buy a local mini market and turn it into dust. Hearing that interesting detail, a duo decided to visit the market and see what was so popular about it where they found an investigative reporter they recently met, Kelp O'Brien who waited for the victim to show up to be interviewed about how he plan to turn the market into another casino but after a duo told him that he is dead he made a frown, saying that the scoop of his career burned down. Rosetta and the player, knowing that the victim was in the market, decided to search around and see what could find about his life and death. A duo soon discovered that the victim had a conversation with a German doctor Tim Klügmann before discovering that Sam almost went into the blood fight with the victim after the victim attempted to kidnap his dog. They as well found a secret documents that Placido used to blackmail the victim and gained more control over him but that the victim in recent times started to push him away and play reverse mind-games.

Rosetta and the player then talked about the case in front of the mansion as panicking Tim called the team, saying that Maurinica overdosed herself and that he fears the worst. Rosetta and the player knowing that Maurinica could've been a crucial link to find Ludovica quickly went to get Lawrence and hurried to the hospital where Tim did his best to get her back in consciousness. Lawrence approached and helped Tim where after some hours Maurinica woke up and Rosetta slowly started to interrogate her. Thought the tears she said how she wasn't very honest with them, saying that she was very close to the victim, lovers close and said how one night she stayed pregnant with the victim but how the victim never wanted any child and obligated her to abort, and how she was not in position to be on her own or lose a job she obeyed his orders but said how its hard and that she can't bear that loss. Rosetta told her to rest and that everything would be okay before dragging the player out and saying that when they find the killer or Xi Ping she will make sure for the killer to get the best treatment since they get rid of the worst parasite of the planet and said that they should work more. Eventually they discovered that Tim rejected to take bribes from the victim and that victim was threatening him if he don't accept bad things will happen before finding that the victim faked the entire interview with Kelp, making him furious because of the embarrassment he got on the national television.

As all dices aligned together Rosetta and the player were ready to discover the person behind the murder of this triad who ended up to be Maurinica. A duo went to the hospital where the were informed that she was set free to go. Assuming that she would've been in the hospital the team went there to question her. Inside the illegal building a duo found her siting on the floor. With a supportive voice Rosetta asked her to say why she killed Xi Ping on what she said that she couldn't handle it anymore and that everything became too much. She sighed heavily, saying that she moved to USA couple of years ago and that she had lots of problems since the beginning with rants and finding a job since she couldn't afford to apply for the university. She then said how she tried everything, moral and immoral professions just to somehow get some money and said that one night she entered that casino, just wanting to get some rest before making her way further and then she was approached by him, the victim who insisted to buy her a drink, take her on a dinner. She said how he was so kind and sweet like no one before and got lots of promises, lots of attention and love that she lacked. Continuing to explained she said how he shinned with the charm and even offered her to work a nurse in his hospital which she said that is was the best thing to happen to hear since she would finally have a stable income and that she feel in love with him by the time but that perfect doesn't last. She closed her eyes and started to tear up, saying that first months were fine, typically boyfriend-girlfriend one and that she could've feel the emotions and love between then but as they passed those feelings begun to fade from his side. She mentioned how he started to be cold, possessive, violent and more. She said how he wouldn't stand to see her with someone else, being they woman or man and that he would kept her like a pet, locking her in the room or in the house all alone if he would need to be somewhere but that she managed to handle that, thinking that he does it for her safety until he started to show up late, always in the drunk or drugged state and that every time that he would've been like that he would've take the advantage of her and forcing her on sexual acts against her will and if she wouldn't do something how he commanded or fail to satisfy his needs she would've been beaten, tied or publicly humiliated in his triad circles. She fall on the floor, breaking herself in the tears and saying how all of that became overwhelming for her but that sh couldn't afford to be on the streets and needed to handle and push her feelings down but that moment of her crack was six months ago as she then took a pregnancy test tied in the black ribbon. She then said that this happened when the victim left her pregnant and then started to be abusive towards her which led her to a miscarriage and not abortion as she stated previously. She said that after everything her mental health declined drastically and she isolated herself and spent night having the darkest thoughts and thinking about ending herself but then while she was in her worst state he and some of his friends forced some blond girl in one of the cell. She then approached her to see what is going on and found herself shocked to find that a young blond and beautiful woman was ties and forced to be in some cell. She said how she and her started to chat, exchanging the life stories and how she opened to herself about everything. She said how that woman made her grew a new strength inside her and she decided to instead of ending herself she end the one who caused her suffering and how she wanted him to suffer the similar way she did and discovered the room of silence. She made the plan and has coffee and biscotti to relax herself while she was lurking him to the room where she pushed him inside and locked the door before leaving to release the girl that made her life has a meaning again but that she was too late as no one was there but that then she started to hear his screams that stayed in her head, When, something kicked in her mind as she dropped her purse down, saying how she only wanted freedom, to be treated like a human being and be safe but that and that even if he made her life a pain, downgraded her mental health to almost zero and led to the overdose she still took someone's life and that she realized only now that she was no better person. Rosetta stepped in front, her eyes lighten up from tears while listening to her sad story and said that she is much better as she offered her hand but Maurinica stepped back and grabbed a scalper saying that the time as come for her to go as it was made by destiny but Rosetta rushed to her and kicked her hand, making Maurinica to drop the scalper as she pulled her in the tight hug, promising her that she will never let anything to happen to her.

While holding her close and in the hug, Rosetta told the player that no matter what they will help her and that Ludovica will need to wait. She then said that to talk to Tim and make sure that Maurinica will be okay. They nodded and all three slowly went to the Crimestone hospital where Tim showed his concern for Maurinica's state and asked what happened after which Rosetta said that if he dare to report her to the police the hospital will need a new doctor. With a gulp Tim said that is okay and that he will protect her no matter what s he said that a bad human being excuse Xi Ping probably had control over her medical record and medications, asking the player to find it so he could determine what's next. A duo decided to re-visit his casino as it's possible that he there hid his documents and went there where the player discovered a safe that held lots of documents that were labeled as private. Knowing that they cannot list thought everything they sent the safe to Lawrence who after the deep analyzes said that the victim hid dozen of Maurinica's records, pictures of wounds, tests and even the psychological reports that showed a cleared signs of severe and deep depression an that her won't need just a doctor but a therapist as well. Rosetta sighed and said that she knows someone but that she is unsure will she accepts because of the recent events. The player looked confused as Rosetta said that they need to try, saying that is time for the player to meet Ludovica's girlfriend and a therapist Alenka Viktorovna. As the team went to her house, Alenka opened the door, hoping to hear the news that her girlfriend was found, but Rosetta said that the work is still in progress and that they came because of more severe problem, explaining everything. After she found herself disgusted buy what all kind of people live on this planet she said that she is ready to help poor nurse and that she won't let anyone down but also found herself shocked about how much Rosetta cared on what Rosetta looked away and said that is a long story and why she promised herself that she would never turn a blind eye on something like this on what Alenka said that she can always visit her to talk about her problems on what Rosetta nodded and said that they should go to see Maurinica and Tim. They soon found themselves in the hospital where Maurinica had a hard time believing Alenka but as the time went on and Alenka showed her that she could trust her Maurinica slowly started to be open. Later, Alenka thanked a duo for letting her to help as she said how Maurinica will need time but that she is ready to fight and live and said that she promised Maurinica a lunch and asked Rosetta and the player if they want to join as well on what they agreed.

After the lunch, the player joined Alfonso who was hell of the angry at the player for lurking around instead of focusing on the task, starting to doubt his loyalty but then Rosetta said that they was with her and what is important is that they are here now and they continue to look for Ludovica as she said how from Maurinica they found that Ludovica was in the victim's illegal hospital. Alfonso told Rosetta that they can do it alone now and went to search the hospital where they discovered a broken tablet that after restoring they found that has Ludovica's initials and decided to ship to Camilla who already knew Ludovica's electronics. Camilla later revealed how Ludovica used her tablet to track the location to her but also that she had a voice recorder opened all the time before saying how the same voice record caught the conversation between Placido, a member of the family who was supposed to be the ally to Calconis, and the victim about her and how thy plan to drug her so they could get some information before selling. A duo approached Placido who tried to play the ally card but Alfonso grabbed and twisted his arm, demanding to know what they needed fro Ludovica, what kind of drugs and where is she now on what Placido chuckled and tried to break free but Alfonso just pushed harder and took the scalper from the Placido's robe and asked one more but as he again rejected to talk with the cold look Alfonso dug the scalper into his leg, making Placido let out a scream as he said that it was to extreme but Alfonso just repeated the question. Now, Placido confessed that he was paid to help Mancio and the victim to bring some random girl there who hold a value information about the Calconi family and that no one will know anything. He progressed and said that he doesn't care who dies and who lives but that he just wanted the money as he said that the mini market the victim tried to buy sells illegal meds who can drug people. Alfonso pushed him on the floor before a duo went to the mini market where they found a packages of illegal highly effective sedative but also that they weren't firs to be here as the player identified a revolver polish on the top of the package. Knowing that Sam is the only one to have a revolver a duo approached the cowboy who told them that is for the best if Alfonso don't go psycho on him as they are on the same side, confessing that he and his close friend bounty hunter Bianca got a task from a mysterious person who said that is the ally for the Calconis an that they are concerned that Calconis won't be able to find Ludovica alone and that they would need more eyes on the field who can follow not direct leads. as he said that the contact said that the victim is involved in all this more then they think, making now-trio to visit his casino once again and find a file under the poker table who was directed from Mancio who said that he wants to get more information from the Calconi family in order to break them down after they re-achieved the drug monopoly over the Twilightwalk Avenue and that Triads would be powerful ally when it comes time for Ludovica to be sent to China as the file more said that after the doctor drug her the interrogation would be held in the warehouse complexes where no one will be able to hear anything. Alfonso looked at Sam and said that he and his girl-friend should be on their side as he said that what he got is important.

Quickly after that, Alfonso and the player showed the file to Giuseppe who knew that someone like this would've happen as he said that Ludovica is not trained to not crack under the pressure and that if they don't find her on time everything is doomed. Alfonso asked him why as Ludovica was just an associate and with no much permission on what Giuseppe slammed the hand on the table saying that Ludovica operates the servers and server passwords that Calconi family uses to censor, buy, sell and have control over the media world and that if Mancio get that information the family is over. He then said that he and the player need to get to the warehouse right now and to make sure everything will be okay with Ludovica.



  • Xi Ping Wong (Died by insanity)

Murder Weapon

  • Insanity


  • Maurinica Sims



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks coffee.
  • The Killer eats biscotti.
  • The Killer knows Latin.
  • The Killer has blue eyes.
  • The Killer is 6 feet tall.

Crime Scenes

Room of Dead Silence Entrance Doors Room of Dead Silence Bonus
Casino Le Triadas Poker Tables Casino Le Triadas Bonus
Mini Market Market Shelves Mini Market Bonus


Chapter 1


  • Investigate Room of Dead Silence (Clues: Victim's Body, Broken Frame, Stained Door Knob; Victim Identified: Xi Ping Wong; Murder Weapon Classified: Insanity)
  • Examine Broken Frame (Result: Picture)
  • Examine Picture (Result: New Suspect; New Suspect: Placido Gideovani)
  • Examine Stained Door Knob (Result: Brown Substance)
  • Question Placido Gideovani about the victim (New Crime Scene: Casino Le Triadas)
  • Investigate Casino Le Triadas (Clues: Old Revolver, Faded Access Badge)
  • Examine Old Revolver (Result: LONEWOLF; New Suspect: Sam "Lonewolf" Clifton)
  • Examine Faded Access Badge (Result: Access Badge; New Suspect: Maurinica Sims)
  • Speak to Sam Clifton about his appearance in the casino
  • Question Maurinica Sims
  • Analyze Brown Substance (06:00:00; Attribute: The Killer drinks coffee)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body (18:00:00; Attribute: The Killer eats biscotti)
  • Go to Chapter 2! (1 star)

Chapter 2

  • New Suspect: Kelp O'Brien
  • Ask Kelp what is he doing on the possible crime scene (Profile Update: Kelp drinks coffee; New Crime Scene: Mini Market)
  • Investigate Mini Market (Clues: Shopping Basket, CCTV Camera)
  • Examine Shopping Basket (Result: Broken Glasses)
  • Examine Broken Glasses (Result: Hi-Tech Glasses; New Suspect: Tim Klügmann)
  • Examine CCTV Camera (Result: Unlocked Camera)
  • Speak to Tim about the victim
  • Analyze Unlocked Camera (12:00:00)
  • Speak to Sam about his fight with the victim (Profile Updated: Sam drinks coffee and eats biscotti; New Crime Scene: Poker Tables)
  • Examine Poker Tables (Clues: Torn Letter, Locked Briefcase)
  • Examine Torn Latter (Result: Latin Threat)
  • Examine Locked Briefcase (Documents)
  • Analyze Latin Threat (03:00:00; Attribute: The Killer knows Latin; Profile Updated: Placido, Maurinica and Tim known Latin)
  • Analyze Documents (09:00:00)
  • Question Placido about the documents and blackmails (Profile Updated: Placido drinks coffee and eats biscotti)
  • Go to Chapter 3! (1 star)

Chapter 3

  • Question Maurinica about her overdose (Profile Updated: Maurinica drinks coffee and eats biscotti; New Crime Scene: Market Shelves)
  • Investigate Market Shelves (Clues: Dirty Envelope, Broken Video Recorder)
  • Examine Dirty Envelope (Result: Money & Note[Note])
  • Examine Note (Result: Bribe Letter)
  • Examine Broken Video Recorder (Result: Video Recorder)
  • Question Tim about the brides (Profile Updated: Tim drinks coffee & Sam knows Latin)
  • Analyze Video Recorder (12:00:00)
  • Question Kelp about the arguments on the footage (Profile Updated: Kelp drinks coffee, eats biscotti and knows Latin)
  • Investigate Entrance Doors (Clues: Coffee Mug, Broken Object)
  • Examine Coffee Mug (Result: Saliva)
  • Examine Broken Object (Result: CCTV Footage)
  • Analyze Saliva (12:00:00; Attribute: The Killer has blue eyes)
  • Analyze CCTV Footage (15:00:00; Attribute: The Killer is 6 feet tall)
  • Take Care of the Killer, NOW!
  • Go to Road of Disappearance 3!

Road of Disappearance 3


  • Speak to Tim about the help for Maurinica
  • Investigate Casino Le Triadas (Clues: Locked Safe)
  • Examine Locked Safe (Result: Unlocked Safe)
  • Analyze Unlocked Safe (03:00:00)
  • Speak to Alenka Viktorovna about the help for Maurinica
  • Visit Maurinica in the hospital and offer her support (Reward: Burger)
  • Investigate Room of Entrance Doors (Clues: Broken Electronics)
  • Examine Broken Electronics (Result: Ludovica's Tablet)
  • Analyze Ludovica's Tablet (06:00:00)
  • Question Placido about the recording and Ludovica (Reward: 20 000 coins)
  • Investigate Mini Market (Clues: Package)
  • Examine Package (Result: Clean Substance)
  • Examine Clean Substance (Result: Revolver Polish)
  • Question Sam about his polish o the illegal packages (Reward: Revolver)
  • Investigate Poker Tables (Clues: File)
  • Move on to the next crime!


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