Save The Europe
General information
Season 2
Setting Various locations across Europe
Primary LEA European International Police
No. of cases in season 41
No. of regions in season 7
Released 02. I 2019.
Unlocked by All 52 Cases of Fario completed
Appears in Criminal Case
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Fario Secrets from Beginnings
Join the European top class Police Unit and fight the crime across Europe!
—Teaser for Save The Europe

Save The Europe is a title of the second season of Criminal Case.

In this season the player is amended to Europe where the player will work in European International Police Agency with they Headquarter in Rykjavík, Iceland. The player job will be to stop madness and rioting across Europe, but also to stop a reborn European evil who has a big influence on the Merged Nations Cabinet for Europe.

Following the events of Fario, after the group funeral for all fallen heroes of the department and Diego's offer, a player in the station meets Priya Lopez, an elite force Agent in European International Police, which is the main focus to be an Agency who will need to spread international Laws and arrest all people who are the threat for the peace and union of European countries.


West Europe

The first region of Europe to investigate. Atlantic ocean, gonna be beautiful, right? Well, guess again! An old evil will be reborn here. You will investigate crimes in 7 countries here and with hope identify that reborn evil.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#1 Flag of Portugal Portugal Lisbon Quick and Dirty
#2 Flag of Spain Spain Cordoba How to Commit a Perfect Crime?
#3 Flag of France France Lyon Jaws of Life
#4 Flag of Belgium Belgium Brussels Playing a Dead Cop
#5 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Cardiac Arrest
#6 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom London Rain on Your Parade
#7 Flag of Iceland Iceland Reykjavík Shooter Among Us

= Scandinavia

The second region of Europe to explore. A snowy, rich and cold region. Fun, right? But no, soon need to be World Achieves Awards and someone important is the target. Through this 4 cases, the team will need to find the person behind the possible assassination.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#8 Flag of Norway Norway Tromsø Up in Ice
#9 Flag of Finland Finland Kuopio A Cold Death
#10 Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Listen to the Thunder
#11 Flag of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Out of the Sky

Middle-West Europe

AI: European Crises

The third region of Europe to explore. In this wall shaped region you will need to find the person who is behind the financier, a person who pay the riots across this region. Oh, and I almost forgot, Tomi Lakatos resigned from European International Police so you need to find him too before something bad happen to him as well.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#12 Flag of Germany Germany Hamburg Heart of Darkness
#13 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bern On the Ropes
#14 Flag of Italy Italy Milan Sacro Egoismo
#15 Flag of Austria Austria Vienna Killing Two Birds with One Stone
#16 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Prague Enemy of My Enemy

North-Eastern Europe

The fourth region of Europe to explore. In this region you now need to catch the person who pain the financier but it all changes when you discovered that is LEGION's vice leader Tiger.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#17 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava Some Habits Never Dies
#18 Flag of Poland Poland Warsaw Devil's True Face
#19 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Kaunas Into the Snake Nest
#20 Flag of Latvia Latvia Riga Deadly Fields
#21 Flag of Estonia Estonia Tallinn Lights, Camera and Blood
#22 Flag of Belarus Belarus Minsk Death Hot as Fire

South-Eastern Europe

The fifth region of Europe to explore. In this region, mi amigo, you will need to catch a Tiger, but sadly he will attack, and that hard.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#23 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiev Kiev In Fire
#24 Flag of Moldova Moldova Chișinău Living Your Dream
#25 Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest On The Edge of Totalitarianism
#26 Flag of Hungary Hungary Budapest Steal Your Heart


Sixth region of Europe to explore. Tiger is down, one of your is dead and you need to catch a Panther but also to stop Balkan War III to happen.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#27 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Ljubljana In a Small Place...
#28 Flag of Croatia Croatia Zagreb A Traitor Among Friends
#29 Flag of Bosnia Bosnia Banja Luka Silent Night, Deadly Night
#30 Flag of Serbia Serbia Belgrade Wind of Change
#31 Flag of Kosovo Kosovo Pristina Warface
#32 Flag of Albania Albania Tirana Promise Made of Lies
#33 Flag of Greece Greece Athens Edge of Democracy
#34 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia Balkan's Blood

Turkey and Russia

The seventh region of Europe to explore. Last region. Here you need to catch a Lion. a Person behind the man and new ruthless leader of LEGION which dream is to be a new Hitler. Fith of Europe is in your hands.

Cases in this region:

Case # Country City Case Name
#35 Flag of Turkey Turkey Instanbul All Roads Lead to Istanbul
#36 Flag of Turkey Turkey Ankara Countdown to Disaster
#37 Flag of Turkey Turkey Trabzon Operation Blackjack
#38 Flag of Georgia Georgia Kutaisi Alea Iacta Est
#39 Flag of Russia Russia Sochi Fantasy of Revolution
#40 Flag of Russia Russia Moscow All Empires Fall
#41 Flag of Russia Russia St. Petersburg Deal with the Evil


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