Saundra Sanders
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Biographical information
Gender female
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1990
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family Patricia Sanders(grandmother)

James Cockran(grandfather) Jacob Cockran(great-uncle) Dylan O'Connell(Cousin) Brandon Howard(Cousin) unnamed mother

Partner(s) Jacob Cockran(ex-fiancée)
Police Department
Game information
First appearance too deady for school
Your involvement was too little, too late... I killed Sally, in part, due to how she let the legal system down.

Saundra sanders is a recurring Character in S1 of Criminal Case who was a suspect in the murder investigation of nine p eople in St ronde, before being revealed as the Law Supreme Leader and killing SRPD Forensics Expert Sally Minghi in In the End (St Ronde) (Case 60 of St Ronde)


Saundra is a green eyed woman who has a grey shirt and wears a blue vest over it she also has black hair is 5'6 ft tall and has a red pencil on top of her ear

in her first suspect appearance it is revealed that she eats steak

in her second suspect appearance it is known that Saundra smokes cigarettes, drives a SUV, and speaks Spanish

in her third suspect appearance she is seen wearing gloves. It is known that Saundra eats chicken noodle soup, speaks Japanese, and has been to Japan

In her fourth susoect appearance she wears a red sweater

In her fifth appearance  it's known that she eats donuts, has a cavity, and has been to Egypt 

In her sixth appearance it is learned that Saundra eats cactus, drinks apple juice, and goes scuba diving

In her seventh appearance, Saundra wears a lab coat, it is found out that Saundra knows the laws of physics, eats bacon, and rides a bike

In her eight appearance, Saundra has a few pens in her coat.

In her ninth appearance, Saundra wears glasses. Saundra has a bruise, it is found out Saundra drinks coffee and uses a jumprope

In her tenth appearance, Saundra wears a coin necklace and has scratches. It is discovered Saundra uses experimental weapons, and knows Lain

events of criminal case

Too deadly for school

Saundra was spoken to after a meeting planner was revealed with her name on it Saundra said that like most teachers in the school she then said that the only person she knew that had a grudge against steward was Eugene merz

Saundra was spoken to after she called steward a liar and a thief in a text message Saundra said she saw steward rob a bank one day and tried to confront him about it and steward lied to her face and steward walked off without a care in the world

Saundra was found innocent after Rachel machearth was found guilty of steward's murder

A senatorial Crime  

Saundra first became a suspect when she ran into the station yelling at the team for declaring her grandmother a suspect in a murder investigation. When informed of James Cockran's murder she was saddened

Saundra was questioned again when she stormed into the station threatening to sue. however she let it slip that she disliked James who was harassing her

Saundra was found innocent of murder after Jordan Tucker was found guilty of murder however, Saundra came into the station a third time saying she thinks her grandma was the person who hid crimes for 5 years.

In the line of duty

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School Days


case appearances

too deadly for school (case one of st ronde)

A senatorial crime ( Case 4 of St Ronde )

In the line of duty (case 6 of St ronde)

School Days (Case 14 of St Ronde

The School Of Hard Knocks (Case 17 of St ronde)

Something Is wrong In The State Of Murder (Case 19 of St ronde; mentioned)

The Final Day (Case 22 of St ronde)

Science Experiment (Case 40 of St Ronde)

Professor' s Ideology (Case 44 of St Ronde)

You Will Regret This (Case 54 of St ROnde)

In the End (St Ronde) (Case 60 of St Ronde)

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