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Sarah Wakefield
Full name Sarah Aubrey Wakefield
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth N/A
Death N/A
Nationality Flag of United Kingdom.png British
Residence Leicester
Family To be added
Profession Pianist
Affiliation(s) To be added
Appearance(s) The Berlin Revolutions (mentioned)

Sarah Wakefield is Ricky Romano's deceased girlfriend. She is first mentioned by Ricky in The Berlin Revolutions.


Sarah appeared as an attractive young woman in her early 20s. Sarah was shown to be a brunette woman with a pair of bright green eyes. In most of Ricky's interpretations of her, Sarah was often seen donning a brown dress with a flower motif. She sometimes donned a short black gown under her dress and a pair of black stockings. Sarah also wore a pair of brown shoes and a flower hairpin stitching at her shoulder-length hair.

Ricky often mentions that Sarah was a shy, kind, and affectionate lady that loves to help each other. As shown in several flashbacks and talkabouts, she was very polite and lovely. She was also very loyal, never leaving Ricky's side even if he did some bad deeds.


Yet to be unveiled...


  • Ricky often says that if Sarah bundled her hair and wore a pair of glasses, she would look exactly like Ava.