Sarah O'Hughes
Full name Sarah O'Hughes
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1975
Death 2016
Nationality Irish
Residence Derry, Ireland
Family Jeffery O'Hughes (Husband)
Profession Doctor
Affiliation(s) Northern Ireland Health and Social Care
Appearance(s) Silence in Ireland
Sarah O'Hughes was the victim in Silence in Ireland (Case #1 of The World Edition).


Sarah wore a white doctoral coat, a black top and grey trousers. She had brown hair. She was a 40 year old doctor.

Murder Details

Sarah was found murdered in an abandoned house with her whole head wrapped in masking tape and a stab wound in her chest after her scream had been heard by Arthur Lionel and the player. Millie Fonne could determine the killer had knowledge in mechanics.

Killer and Motives

Sally Kelly, a nurse killed Sarah.

Sally killed Sarah when a few months ago, Sarah had accidentally killed a patient when tending to them drunk. When Sarah killed the patient, Sally found out, and begged her not to tell anyone, with this, after years of abuse from Sarah, Sally decided to get her revenge on her, by going along with it, and then, when she got tired, she killed her. And tried to muffle her screams with the masking tape.

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