Mayor Sarah Cardwell
Biographical information
Full name Sarah Cardwell
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1965
Nationality Flag of USAAmerican
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Partner(s) Hyrum Lopez (ex-boyfriend)

Unnamed ex-husband

Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #26: Life With No Money (S1)

Mayor Sarah Cardwell was a suspect in the murder investigation of Trevor Finn in Life With No Money (Case #26 of Grimsdale), Anton Votjka in Super Bowel (Case #29 of Grimsdale), Charles Rayman in A Gut Feeling (Case #30 of Grimsdale) and her ex-boyfriend as well as former competitor, Hyrum Lopez in Deadly Consequences (Case #54 of Grimsdale). She was later murdered in Goodbye, Dear Leader (Case #60 of Grimsdale)


Height 5'5"
Age 52
Weight 138 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A-

Murder details

After hearing of Sarah Cardwell’s death, Mia, Rozetta and Hamilton were delivered by Johanna and a couple other Xerdans to Moneyville. Hamilton then showed them to a skyscraper with a penthouse on the top, which Mia recognized from a previous murder investigation, which they entered and saw Joe waiting for them in the ground floor. After Joe shared a happy reunion with Mia, Rozetta and Hamilton, the four went up in the elevator, to investigate Sarah Cardwell’s murder.

Mayor Sarah Cardwell was laying on a bed, dead, her neck looking red, which suggested she was strangled to death.

Killer and motives

Christian was revealed to be the killer. Mia and Hamilton started looking for Christian in the penthouse, until Joe approached them and told them that Christian was having a smoke outside. Afraid he was planning to escape, the duo rushed there, along everyone at the penthouse and saw Bateman being surrounded by the Johanna and the Xerdans the team came with. Johanna then told them that she recognizes Christian as he attacked her before, while she was hunting in the forest and that he was actually a lovesick giant called Orion. Christian then took off his sweater, increased his size and building, detaching the buttons on his shirt in the process, flashing a glimpse of his chiseled abs. When Mandy, Judith and Missy saw him in his giant form, they got crazy over him. Orion freaked out and ran off, where the women started chasing him, until they lost sight of him.

Events Of Criminal Case

Life With No Money

While Hamida and Hamilton were investigating the victim’s penthouse again, Sarah ringed the bell, and asked to see the victim, not knowing he’s dead. When informed of Trevor’s death, she was shocked, and hoped the best for his wife.

Sarah was talked to again, after the duo found out she lent money to the victim. She admitted that she sent him money, hoping he’d vote for her to be mayor. However, he didn’t take it, and refused to vote for her.

Super Bowel

Sarah came up to the station, where she asked to talk to Hamilton and Diego. The duo made her a suspect, where she told them, she caught the victim eating on a table, with a blonde woman, who she didn’t know the name if, but the duo later on discovered her, to be Tinette Would.

Sarah was spoken to again, after the duo watched an interview of her and the victim, where she snapped at him, for asking her questions about her divorce. She told the duo, that she forgave the victim, as he wasn’t the one who wrote the script.

A Gut Feeling

Sarah became a suspect after learning the victim was in her office. She was upset at Charles’ death, and hoped his sister will be okay, once she finds out.

She was interrogated again, after learning that victim was going to vote for Hyrum Lopez, which she was okay with, as she believes Hyrum would do a good job, as well.

She is seen again, at the stage, where she was announced as the new mayor of Grimsdale, and shook her hands with her competitor, Hyrum Lopez.

Deadly Consequences

After finding her blazer at Hyrum’s study, Mia and Hamilton went to speak to Sarah Cardwell, who claimed that her blazer was missing for months and that she may have forgotten her blazer there during private meetings with Hyrum, and told the duo she heard of Hyrum’s death news.

Sarah was spoken to again after a photo that proved that she and Hyrum were dating was found, where she finally admitted to her relationship with Hyrum, which unfortunately ended after he decided to get back with his ex-wife out of fear his daughter would disapprove of their relationship, and that although Sarah and Hyrum agreed to remain friends, she was heartbroken and wished that Hyrum got back with her and his ex-wife’s death.

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