Sara Thompson
Full name Sara Thompson
Gender Female
Status Dead
Birth 1981
Death 2013
Nationality American
Residence Dunfay Bay U.S.
Profession Secretary
Appearance(s) Your Last Meal! (Case# 2 of Dunfay Bay)
Sara Thompson was the victim in Your Last Meal! (Case # 2 of Dunfay Bay).


Sara Thompson was Helen Pickely's friend, Carlos Anthony's neighbor, and also was Efrain Simpson's neighbor. Sara Thompson had Orange hair. Wore a light blue shirt along with a Navy Blue long skirt. She also had Pale skin and had light brown eyes.

Murder Details

Sara Thompson was found dead face planted on her chocolate cake in Lee's Gourmet. She was poisoned.

Killer and Motives

Sara's killer turned out to be her neighbor, 13 year old Efrain Simpson.

Efrain killed Sara because Sara was abusing Carlos Anthony's dog Greñas and Carlos Anthony. Since Carlos did not want to take any action Efrain did. Therefore Efrain was sentenced 2 years in juvenile detention.

Case Appearences

Case #2: Your Last Meal!

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