Sara Kingson
Victim case 9.png
Biographical information
Full name Sara Kingson
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss
Personal information
Nationality United Kingdom British
Residence Parinaita
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case 9: See No Murder, Hear No Murder, Speak No Murder

Sara Kingson was the victim in See No Murder, Hear No Murder, Speak No Murder (Case #9 of Parinaita).


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Murder Details

Sara was found dead at Jack Lambari workshop with her ears, mouth and eyes cut away from her body. The team were creeped out by the murder.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Dockents's family member and the victim's girlfriend, Arron Dockents.

"When brought in by the police. Arron demanded to know what was going on, The police accused him of the murder but he denied it fully. When the police pushed Arron to the breaking point. He screamed and announced that the "Blasted police" were correct. He revealed that he murdered Sara because she knew information about the cold case the police was investigating and wanted it to stay quiet. He revealed that he had kept files on the cold case for years but he didn't expect his girlfriend to look into them at all! He then manipulated her to come to the workshop for some "Fun". He then laughed evilly when he went into the grim details of how he cut her up and made sure she would NEVER reveal the details about the death of "Warren Knowledge!". When he realised he said the victim's name, he was angry with himself and demanded to be locked up, which the police were delighted to approve of."


Case Appearancess

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