Sandy Hollow is the fourth district of Campbell City and features Cases #18-24. This district features desert towns, Texas Esque areas, and many robberies caused by thugs.


The thugs are ready to strike.

Sandy Hollow is a large district, laden with crime. Recently, the land has been slowly destroyed by thugs. It's been rumored that there is secretly a chest that contains a large amount of gold bars that is an equivalent of over a billion dollars. These thugs, greedy for money for their own nefarious purposes, are ready to commit unlimited sin so they can become richer than one can dream.


They want money for their own nefarious purposes, and nothing will stop them.

Sandy Hollow's a great place. If you consider a land wrecked by thugs great. Rumor has it that hidden somewhere in Sandy Hollow is a treasure chest, containing enough treasure to be worth billions of dollars. There are a wretched group of thugs in this district who are ready to steal from any place possible, just to supplement their income. Will you be able to put a stop to their thievery, or will your memories be buried in the sand to be forgotten?


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