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Sandy Corey
Biographical information
Full name Sandy Corey
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1989
Death 2018
Cause of death Bullet wound to the forehead
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Young Detective
Family Unnamed mother
Game information
Appears in Case #10 Pain in the Vein

Sandy Corey (1989-2018) was a suspect in the murder investigations of indie game developer Benjamin Brinks in Pain in the Vein (Case #10 Laroy Bay) and deli owner Marolda Summers in Special Delivery (Case #44 of Laroy Bay) before getting murdered in Make Laroy Bay Great Again (Case #48 of Laroy Bay)


Sandy was a 29-year-old detective.She had short blonde hair tied in a bun.She sported light brown jacket and white shirt under it.She also had brown eyes.On her chest she had gold brooch.

Age 29
Height 5'7''
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB+

Pain in the Vein

Sandy became a suspect after team found her gold brooch on crime scene.She said that she was first one to discover the body and she wanted to catch the killer herself instead of calling the police.

Sandy was interrogated again after she broke into local shop.She said that Azraah West was her serious suspect and she wanted to arrest her.Team locked up Sandy before she does something wrong again.

Sandy was found innocent after team arrested Mike Clover for a murder.

Special Delivery

Sandy became a suspect after her lipstick was found on bread used to bash Marolda Summers' head with.She said that she went to deli for breakfast,but didn't speak with Marolda.Since she was in hurry,she didn't finished her bread.

Sandy was spoken to again after team found picture of her and Marolda.She said that her mother was in jail for stealing and since Marolda was her good friend,she left Sandy with her to be safe until she gets released,2 years later,Sandy's mom was released and Sandy came back home.

Sandy was found innocent after team arrested Tony Webb for a crime

Make Laroy Bay Great Again

Sandy was found shot in mayor's office.Megan Alan said that she died instantly,but she couldn't find any clues,except that she found cherry liquor chocolate on bullet when the killer put it into a gun,which means that the killer eats cherry liquor chocolate.

Shockingly,the killer was revealed to be Mayor Martha Price.Martha tried to deny her involovment in crime,but she then confessed with evil laughter.She confirmed that she was a ''Big Lord'' whole time and also real leader of Gillenati.Team couldn't belive that a woman who was loved by everyone was exposed to be evil criminal mastermind,but Martha just mocked them that they are stupid.Martha found Gillenati a long time ago,but only as a unharmful organization.After revealing her true plans,a lot of members refused to cooperate so some membersgot killed.After only true members left remaining,Martha explained that after winning elections,she will drasticly change complete view of Laroy Bay and make Gillenati's plans about brainwashing come reality.As for Sandy,Martha claimed that she was too much curious so Martha worried that she might uncover her,so she shot her and tried to blame murder on Chief Kuzmanov.Judge Eva Rose sentenced her to life in jail without any chance for parole.