Sandale Clock
Sandale Clock mugshot.png
Biographical information
Full name Sandale Clock
Alias(es) Mad Old Clock (By members of the Clock's TIME service and Co)

Mr. Timey Wimey (By Hatty Whatso)

Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 3956
Death 4019
Cause of death Sudden extreme shock and burns
Personal information
Nationality United Kingdom British
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) Boss at Clock's TIME service and Co
Family Unknown grandchild

May Olia (daughter)

Affiliation(s) Clock's TIME service and Co
Game information
Appears in Parinaita (The Secrets)
First appeared Case #13:In the Castle of Despair; First mentioned

Case #26: Trapped in With the Killer!; First appearence

Sandale Clock is a suspect in the murder investigation of Acelya Yildirim in Trapped in With the Killer! (Case #26 of The Secrets of Parinaita). He was mentioned by members of the Clock's TIME service and Co in a few cases before. He then later became the victim in The Mystery of the Missing Time Crystals! (Case #27 of The Secrets of Parinaita)


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Events of Criminal Case

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Murder Details

Sandale was found in his office with a massive cuts around his body, the murder weapon wasn't on the crime scene but soon found out that it was fire whip.

Killer and Motive

The killer turned out to be business man, Scar Fredricks

" He then sighed and admitted that he did it because Sandale murdered his brother, Garlic Fredricks, after one of his "fails experiments" into time travel. He revealed that Sandale never apologize for the murder or ever tried to get him back. He revealed that he stole the crystals in hopes of stopping his brother from dying or doing any stupid for the man. Scar then revealed that the victim found him trying to take the crystals for himself. He tries to explain his reasons but Sandale just didn't care and started to threaten to call the police. In a split second of rage because of Scar's brother's murder and the fact that Sandale never seemed to change, he whipped him hard with the fire whip and Sandale screamed in pain. Again and again, he did it, He wanted revenge and death for the man who murdered his brother. He them pulled him into his office and left the building. He revealed that he set of the death fire because of the team getting too close to him, but he didn't expect anyone to stop it."


Case Appearances

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