Sammy Benson
Biographical information
Full name Sammy Benson
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1979
Personal information
Nationality Japanesse-American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Science Professor
Game information
First appeared Case #15 A Big Axe-ident
Sammy Benson was a suspect in the murder investigation of his student and quarterback Cody McMinn in A Big Axe-ident (Case #15 of Laroy Bay) ,young professor Richard Galls in Cut and Run (Case #16 of Laroy Bay) and GPD Senior Agent David Jones. in Really Hot Game (Case #18 of Laroy Bay)


Sammy is 39-year-old professor from Japan.He has long brown hair and brown eyes.He wears stripped white-blue shirt and green tie.

Age 39
Height 6'3''
Weight 183lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB+

A Big Axe-ident

Sammy became a suspect after Martha Price told them that he organized carnival since dean is in Mexico.He said that he never knowed that murder would happend on carnival and that he is sorry for victim's family.

Sammy was interrogated again,after team found his glasses in Police Station.He said that he was visiting his father in prison and that he left them there accidently.But when Marcus told him that they have victim's DNA,he confessed that Cody stole them while he was in class.Cody was problematic student and spoiled kid.

Sammy was found innocent after team arrested Jordan Barnlow for a murder.

Cut and Run

Sammy became a suspect again after team found picture of him and Richard Galls.He said that he meet him when Richard started to work in University and that he was good person.

Sammy was interrogated again after team found out that Richard wanted to rape Sammy's 15-year-old daughter.Sammy said that she had an affair with him since she was 13.Sammy was mad at them and wanted to sue him.

Sammy was found innocent again after team arrested Mindy Steel for murder.

Really Hot Game

Sammy became a suspect again,after team found his ID Card on stadium.He said that he was at stadium before big match and that he lost it there.

Sammy was spoken to again after team found his voodoo doll in Jones's car.He said that he never wanted to harm anyone and somebody stole it from him and dropped in his car

Sammy was found innocent after team arrested Anya Kuzmanov.

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