Samuel Braig
Full name Samuel Dallo Braig
Alias(es) Sam
Gender Male
Status Decreased
Birth 1989
Death 2016
Cause of death Electricution
Nationality Sweden
Residence Gothenburg
Family Dave Braig (Brother)
Profession Bank Worker
Affiliation(s) Critigo Ugalo
Appearance(s) Shocking Beginning
Sam Braig (1989 - 2016) is the victim of the 1st case of The Case 'Shocking Begining'. He was found near the Alguts

Church next to A Tree Electricuted By Tony Algar.


Sam was a 43 year old bank worker for the Critigo Ugalo Bank at the time of his death. His reason to be in springarden is still unknown. He wears a tuxedo whit a ID card and is acording to Pretty Simple, 5'8 tall and weights 54KG.

Murder Details

Sam was found next to a tree near a church on the outside of Springarden electricuted. His atopsy revealed that the killer was 6'00 tall and was eating the car candy called Ahlgrens Cars.

Killer and Motives

His killer is the local priest Tony Algar.

Tony said during his arrest that he didn't acctuly know why he killed him, he was orderd to do it by his boss. When the police wonderd why the Church Herd had whit the murder to do he got angry and said that it didnt have whit the church boss to do, that it had to do whit the Crystal Oder boss. But he refused to tell who the leader of the Crystal Oder was.

He got sentanced to 30 to Life for the murder of Sam Braig


  • Sam was originally going to be called Herman Dallo
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