Sail Closer to the Wind
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District New Galdon
Case # 24
Initial release date 25.6.2020
Partner(s) Anisa Alvarado
Tristan Fleming
Case chronology
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Ride Herd On At the End of the Track

Sail Closer to the Wind is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-fourth case of Raxelville. It's also the fourth one to take place in New Galdon district.


Few hours after the events of the previous case, the team was ready to infiltrate The Halsted yacht and find The Phantom's appearance-changing talismans. Anisa Alvarado and the player arrived to the yacht, disguised as forgein royalty with Lexi Maynard's help. As the yacht party went on, Anisa and player got inside of Bernard Boris's bedroom and started searching for the talismans. Few hours later, still searching, Anisa decided to take a look in another cabin. The player then heard Anisa's scream and hurried to see what's going on. Shaken up Anisa pointed at the corpse of Tristan's foster brother, waiter Manny Estrada, whose face was melted off with acid. Worried for Tristan, Anisa and player brought Manny's body to Alex Carrington, who said that Manny died of a heart attack within few minutes, confirming that Manny didn't suffered long. Lexi then decided to inform Tristan about his foster brother's murder while Anisa and player searched the yacht. Later on, the team found enough evidence to suspect waitress Heather Night, yacht owner Bernard Boris and actress Ivona Dimovska. After that, Anisa suggested that they should check up on Tristan. Right then, the duo saw Tristan approaching them. With a determined look on his face, Tristan told Anisa that he will accompany the player in this murder investigation, wanting to find his foster brother's killer by himself.

Despite Anisa's tries to calm him down, Tristan still wanted to work on this case with the player. Anisa then sighed and told the player to take good care of Tristan before leaving the yacht. Tristan and player then searched yacht's kitchen counter hoping to find more clues. After investigating it, the pair found enough clues to suspect traveler Lorenzo Mak and paleontologist Eugene DuBray. Later on, the pair discovered that Manny dated Heather Night, but they ended their relationship since both of them were just too busy to have a decent relationship. Despite their breakup, Heather claimed that Manny was still one of her closest friends. They also discovered that Ivona got offended when Manny didn't know who she is. When they returned back to the main deck, the team recieved a call from Lexi, who told them that Bernard sent horrible threats to Manny few days ago.

Pissed, Tristan immediately confronted Bernard, who apologized and told them how someone has been stealing kitchen supplies and he suspected Manny, but it turned out to be a completely different staff member. When Bernard told them that he wouldn't have harmed Manny even if he was a thief, the duo returned to main deck, hoping to find more clues. Eventually, they discovered that Manny accidentally dropped Lorenzo's passport in the water and that Eugene was recorded holding a bottle of Mr Biceps just few minutes before Manny's murder. After all of these events, the team found enough evidence to arrest Ivona Dimovska.

Upon admitting to the murder, Ivona revealed that she was part of Aurora Dixon's friend group, but was never admitted to The Phantom because Aurora believed how Ivona is not reliable and strong enough for the group. Every day foward, Ivona's jealousy of Spirit, Moon, Light and Star grew stronger and stronger. Ivona believed that she and Aurora could finish her goals all by themselves and that they don't need other members for that. After Aurora's arrest and deaths of Jordan and Evangelina, Ivona realized that there are only Moon and Star left, so she decided to do whatever it takes to sabotage them and help Aurora, desperately wanting to get on her good side. After discovering that Moon and Star are waiting for their appearance-changing talismans to come, Ivona decided to get to them first and steal them, wanting to make Aurora proud. After getting invited to the party by Bernard, Ivona started searching for talismans around the yacht and ended up finding them in the pantry. However, when Ivona turned around, she saw Manny staring at her. Manny then quickly ran to the nearby cabin to grab his phone and call Raxelville Mystery Squad and inform them about his discovery. Not wanting to get caught, Ivona grabbed the drain cleaner from the bathroom and splashed Manny in the face. Ivona then closed the door to make sure that no one hears Manny's screams for help. Visibly disgusted Tristan then asked Ivona for the identities of Moon and Star, but she said how Aurora will deal with them eventually and how she doesn't need anyone's help. When asked about the talismans, Ivona started panicking, realizing that she dropped them somewhere on the yacht. The duo then brought Ivona to the police before Tristan told player that he needs some time alone to mourn Manny in peace.

After Ivona's arrest, the team got approached by their friend Kelly Garcia, who wanted to help them find the talismans before the traitor or other The Phantom member get to them. With Bianca O'Brien's approval, Kelly and player searched the main deck and found a food cooler. After going through it, they found a golden key that looked pretty old. The duo then asked Bernard about the key, who thanked them for finding it and revealed that this key unlocks one of the cabins on the lower deck. When Bernard revealed that he saw Ivona constantly being around there, Kelly and player headed to the lower deck and found The Phantom's talismans. Excited, Kelly and player quickly informed Bianca about their discoveries, who told them that they should remain with Kelly until the traitor is caught. Finally happy with some good news, Bianca informed everyone about Kelly's discovery.

Meanwhile, the player got approached by Anisa and Luciano Linberg. Holding each other's hands, the couple revealed that they have an idea that could make their work much easier. Luciano then revealed that he, Kelly and Lexi's girlfriend Mina Coltrane could temporary join Raxelville Mystery Squad until the traitor is caught, thinking that it could reduce tensions between certain team members. The trio then decided to inform Mina about their idea, who happily accepted to join the squad. When Luciano and Anisa left to talk with Kelly, nervous Mina told the player that she has a date with Lexi this evening, but she lost her dress on the yacht. Mina and player searched the yacht's kitchen and found Mina's dress stained with wine. With Heather Night's help, the duo cleaned the dress and Mina was ready to take Lexi out on a dinner, hoping to take their relationship on a next level.

Later on, Kelly, Luciano and Mina told everyone that they will be joining RMS temporarily until the traitor is caught. As others greeted their new teammates, angry Bianca entered the room, banging her fist on the table. Shaking Bianca then explained that The Phantom replaced their talismans with fake ones, meaning that Kelly and player never really found anything. After angry Bianca tried to make everyone confess if they betrayed RMS, Luciano told her to chill out since making everyone stressed and afraid is not going to make them confess. Hearing Luciano's words, Bianca sighed and apologized for her actions before throwing her badge on the floor. Before leaving, tearful Bianca apologized for being a bad chief and bad teammate. When Lexi and Anisa tried to go after her, others stopped them, saying how Bianca just needs some time alone...

On midnight, Luciano, Mina, Kelly and player were discussing the situation and Bianca's resignation before deciding to take a walk and clear their mind. As they were walking through through the dark, silent city, they heard noises coming from the train station. The group then slowly approached the train station, their hearts beating fast. Luciano then pointed on the apartment building next to the train station. The group looked up as one of the windows cracked in thousand pieces, body of their friend plummeting on the train tracks right in front of the upcoming train. The group watched in horror as a train ran over the body, tearing it to pieces. And then, it was all silent...



  • Manny Estrada (found dead on the yacht, his face melted off with acid)

Murder Weapon:

  • Mr Biceps Drain Unblocker




Killer's Profile

  • The killer uses Mr Biceps.
  • The killer suffers from seasickness.
  • The killer drinks champagne.
  • The killer weighs less than 150 lbs.
  • The killer has green eyes.

Crime Scenes

Cabin Bed Cabin Bonus
Main Deck Fear Pong Table Main Deck Bonus
Kitchen Counter Glass Table Kitchen Counter Bonus
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