Sadness from the Start
Season 1
City Metrocity
District Setil Fields
Case Number 10
Date of Release Februray 15th, 2019
Partner(s) Zvonimir Setil

Samson Marley (one task in Chapter 1) Mike Brown (Setil Conspiracy 4/6)

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In Plane Sight Hello, Doc
Sadness from the Start is fourth case in Setil Fields and tenth case overall in Metrocity.


Henry Douglas decided to give a speech called "The Truth about Setils". Zvonimir Setil finished his treatment and David got back to work and his wound is healed. Chief told David, Mark and Mike to go to the speech and protect everyone.


While the three of them (David, Mark and Mike) were going to the speech, Zvonimir was at the police station and he was following the events with Chief Samson Marley. Cheif called Mark to see if everything is okay. Mark said that everything was okay and at that very moment, the tire went flat. The tire was shot and the car crashed. Cheif and Mark lost connection. Zvonimir and the Cheif drove to the car crash site only to see Mark Olly sliced in half. David Mad and Mike Brown were alive, but they had amnesia.

His brother, Timon Olly, was devastated when he heard his brother died. Mid-investigation, Henry Douglas gave speech about how Setils have absolute power over Metrocity and how that isn't fair. He said that he wants fot Setils to have a limited rule over Metrocity, and that bigger rule should have a mayor. He was flagged as a suspect after he said that he is sad how a cop can die in such a "peaceful city". And lastly, Leo Peter was flagged after it was found out that he stalked Mark. Later, it was found out the Mike wanted a promotion from officer to detective and that Timon and Mark had a fight over the heritage from their late mother.

The Killer turned out to be Leo Peter. He said that he stalked Mark for UMBRA. He said that UMBRA wanted Mark dead because he was in a MCPD. He said that they must find out UMBRA plans by themselves. He was sent 10 years in prision with no chance of parole.

Later, David organised Mark's furneal. He wanted a music from AB/DB, Mark's favorite band. He found one albume at Marks' house. Everyone said nice things about Mark. Mike later got a promotion to a detective due to Mark's death.

The team decided to reasearch about UMBRA and their connections. It was found out that UMBRA is an organization that wants complete anarchy in Metrocity. They decided to leave that investigaon for later.

King of Metrocity, Matthew Setil, came to the station and said that he made a deal with Henry Douglas. He said that royals will have some thing in their control and that mayor will have more things in his control. He said that first elections will occour soon and that first candidate is Henry Douglas. The rest of Setils must find a job. Carl Setil got a job at hospital as a doctor. He works with Phillip Zuinca. The team decide to visit Carl at his first day of the work...



  • Mark Olly (found sliced in half)

Murder Weapon:

  • Chainsaw


  • Leo Peter


David Mad - senior detective

Age 39
Weight 72 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type O+
Height 181 cm

Mike Brown - officer

Age 19
Weight 60 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-
Height 171 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a chainsaw

Is farsighted

Timon Olly - victim's brother

Age 25
Weight 67 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B+
Height 177 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a chainsaw

Is farsighted

Has blonde hair

Henry Douglas - Metrocity Bank CEO

Age 45
Weight 70 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type O+
Height 175 cm
Profile/Appereance Is farsighted

Has blonde hair

Leo Peter - radnom kid

Age 14
Weight 70 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type O+
Height 180 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a chainsaw

Is farsighted

Has blonde hair


Matthew Setil - King of Metrocity

Age 72
Weight 75 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B-
Height 180 cm
Profile/Appereance ---------

Crime Scenes

Car Charsh Car Car Chrash Bonus
Victim's House Living Room Victim's House Bonus
Speech Stage Under the Satge Speech Stage Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has a chainsaw
  • The Killer is farsighted
  • The Killer's blood type is O+
  • The Killer has blonde hair
  • The Killer is under 20 years old


  • AB/DB is a parody of AC/DC.
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