Sabrina Toska
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Biographical information
Full name Sabrina Alexandra Toska
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1961
Nationality Polish
Past profession(s) Security guard
Family Unnamed mother
Affiliation(s) Federal Bureau of Crime
Game information
First appearance Vice Grip
"Jezus <Rank> <Name>, this is a very complex investigation."

-Sabrina to Winston and the player during the events of Party Time.

Sabrina Alexandra Toska is a main character in Season 1 where she serves as the Chief of Police for the Federal Bureau of Crime.


57 years of age and hailing from Bialystok, Poland, Sabrina has long, graying hair parted to the side and light skin. She has wrinkles on her forehead and light green eyes and thin lips. She is often seen with her Chief of Police uniform and hat. It is known that Sabrina enjoys puzzles, cooking traditional Polish foods for the team and makeup.

Notable Events

Meeting the player

After the events of Vice Grip, Sabrina congratulated the player on working so well with Angus, and recruited the player to be his partner throughout the game.

A Brother's Journey

After the death of Angus' brother Hamish, she offered her condolences to him and replaced him with French police officer Imogen Durand, who would fill him for him while he took time off.

Case Appearances

Case #1: Vice Grip

Case #2: Party Time

Case #3: Don't Leave Me Hanging

Case #4: Running Your Mouth

Case #5: Walk On Water

Case #6: Behind The Mask

Case #7: Heart Shaped Box

Case #8: Dark Heart Ceremony

Case #9: A Brother's Journey

Case #10: Cat Out Of The Bag

Case #11: Everything And Nothing

Case #12: Like A Roll Of Thunder

Case #13: Music To My Ears

Case #14: Shot Down In Flames

Case #15: Blood Is Thicker

Case #16: All Hell Breaks Loose

Case #17: Into Chaos We Climb

Case #18: Bitter Fate

Case #19: The Way Life Goes

Case #20: Odd One Out

Case #21: The Price Of Life

Case #22: We All Bleed The Same

Case #23: Crossing The Line

Case #24:

Case #25:

Case #26:

Case #27:

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