Rylee Muller
Biographical information
Full name Rylee Muller
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2019
Cause of death Bullet wound to the heart
Nationality GermanyUnited States of America German-American
Residence Venusville

Bierburg (formerly)

Profession(s) Student

OoS Agent

Family Unnamed parents
Affiliation(s) Venusville University
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Venusville
First appeared Case #5 One More to Go

Rylee Muller was the victim in One More to Go (Case #5 of Venusville).


Rylee was a German exchange student with long red hair and blue eyes. She wore red and white Grim Badgers shirt with black stripes. She also wore silver necklace.

Murder Details

Rylee was shot during school president elections. Philip said that the killer left traces of sunscreen on bullet, confirming that whoever killed her is using sunscreen.

Killer and motives

The killer was revealed to be science professor Hank Black.

Admitting to the murder, Hank said that Rylee was making his life hell every day after he graded her latest test with an F. Her friends and her vandalized his car and spread rumors about him having affair with Brooke, causing his wife to leave him. Hank was slowly going crazy, but final straw was when Rylee framed him for rape after he accidently walked into female bathroom. Wanting his normal life back, Hank decided to shot Rylee and end his pain right there. In courtroom, Hank was finally happy that he will have piece and life without Rylee and her friends. Judge Grayson Pierre sentenced him to 17 years in prison with mandatory counseling.

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