Russian Murder
Season 1
City Fario
District Immigrant's Square
Case Number 40
Date of Release 12 December 2018
Partner(s) Lena Lovato
Preceded by Succeeded by
Just Like in '90 Deadly Art
Russian Murder is a case in Season 1 of Criminal Case in Immigrant's Square, district based in Fario.


Chief Rust interrupts the players and Lena's talk 'bout Eastern Brick by saying that another Russian is dead inside an Italian restaurant. When the team went there they found Russian mafia boss Jasper Lenin, dead.
The team interrogated first, a Chef who found him, Molly Mancini. Soon on the suspect list appeared Silvia Armstrong, Cooker, Peter Stalin, victim's second in command and Ling Yin, the shop owner.

Phillip approached the team after the autopsy telling that the victim was recorded on the Airport how greets Italian mobster Alberto Ferrari. Lena and the player also found that victim's relationships with Silvia and Ling were not perfect. Silvia said that the victim often came just o complain about the food even tho he would eat it, and on the end, he would get away without paying it. Ling said that the victim used to be her boyfriend but that even in their relationship, the victim cheated on her. 

Elvin came and informed the team that Peters want to burn down a Restaurant where Jasper is killed. The team rushed there and arrested Peter. He said that he just wanted to burn down an object where the victim was since he was a shame for the Russian community since he allowed American gangsters to step inside. Later, the team found that Molly was the victim's wife before he turns on to be a cheater. Also, Alberto changed his story about the victim saying that he was a shame of all gangsters and that he is weak. 

After all evidence the player collected, Lena and the player were ready for another arrest. This time, the team arrested Peter Stalin for the murder. After hard denying he confessed that he killed him not because to be the chief of the mafia, but to clean the gangs from nonRussian. He explained that Jasper was never pure Russian and that's his reason for the murder. Judge York sentenced him to life in jail without parole.

After the trial, Andrea Bor, Serbian-Croatian community leader, asked the player for their help since a lot of inside conflicts happens and that street war could happen at any time. The player successfully arrested Alberto for his acts of violence and nationalist propaganda.



  • Jasper Lenin (found dead at the restaurant)

Murder Weapon:

  • Hammer


  • Peter Stalin

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer eats mushrooms.
  • The Killer reads War and Peace.
  • The Killer uses hand sanitizer.
  • The Killer is 6 feet tall.
  • The Killer is a man.

Crime Scenes

Restaurant Restaurant Tables Restaurant Bonus
Cafe Tables Cafe Bonus
Airport Terminal Airport Bonus
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