Running Your Mouth is the fourth fanmade case by Beingxsanocean. It takes place in the district of Easthaven in the city of Kanira.

Running Your Mouth
Season 1
City Kanira
District Easthaven
Case Number 4
Date of Release 18th July 2018
Partner(s) Angus Winston
Preceded by Succeeded by
Don't Leave Me Hanging Walk On Water


Detective Winston and the player were enjoying a day off duty together, having what Winston called "a detective's day off." About two hours later, Winston received a call where Chief of Police Sabrina Toska said she had good news and bad news; the good news was that they had found clues connecting historian Billie Marley's disappearance and the bad news was there had been a body found in an old shack. Immediately, Winston and the player jumped into the car, and headed out to the hack, where they found social worker Charrisa Humphreys tied up with her mouth stitched and unable to breathe through her nose.

Cornelius immediately noted upon seeing the body that Charrisa died of suffocation. He was able to detect that Charissa's killer had O- blood, as there was blood on the duct tape where Charissa had been hog-tied, but Charissa's blood was B+, meaning the killer had O- blood. With all the information they needed, the team arrested prostitute Paige Greenfield for the murder.

Paige was schizophrenic and had delusions of Charissa having lesbian relationships with other women. She also believed Charissa was spreading rumors about her. So one day she snuck up on her, knocked her out, and stitched her mouth shut so she could never spread rumors again. Judge Chamberlain sentenced her to life in prison with no chance of parole.

After the events, Sabrina Toska updated the player on Billie's whereabouts. She informed that she had no clue about the message, but had some sort of idea of where she was. She stated that Billie may be in the west side of the district, prompting the player to focus on finding Billie.



Charrisa Humphreys (found hogtied with her mouth stitched)

Murder Weapon



Paige Greenfield

Killer's Profile

The killer has O- blood.

The killer wears purple lipstick.

The killer is female.

The killer is a smoker.

The killer wears a size 11 shoe.


Kurt Humphreys (Victim's brother)


Is a smoker

Paige Greenfield (Victim's girlfriend)


Is a smoker

Is female

Is a size 11 shoe

Wears purple lipstick

Has O- blood

Thomas Humphreys (Victim's father)


Is a smoker

Peter Koller (Electrician)


Is a smoker

Has O- blood

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