Ross Studdlepot was the victim in Welcome to Dunfay Bay! (Case #1 of Dunfay Bay)

Ross Studdlepot
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth 1982
Death 2014
Nationality American
Family Loli Studdlepot |Wife|
Profession Office Worker
Appearance(s) Welcome To Dunfay Bay!


Ross Studdlepot was Loli Studdlepot's husband and Joan Trey's co-worker.Ross had light brown hair, a dark green button shirt, brown eyes, and white skin.

Murder Details

Ross was found stabbed in the stomach and chest by a knife that was next to him.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be the victim's wife , Loli Studdlepot .

Loli killed Ross because Ross was never home he was always partying and getting drunk with his co-worker Joan Trey. So when Ross came home drunk Loli drove him to the city entrance because she thought nobody would find the body and stabbed him in the stomach and heart multiple times.

Case Appearances

Case #1: Welcome to Dunfay Bay!

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