Rose Zhao
Biographical information
Full name Rose Zhao
Gender Female
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of ChinaFlag of USA Chinese-American (unconfirmed)
Residence Lindordia
Past profession(s) Bounty Hunter
Affiliation(s) Lindordian Justice Squad
Lindordia Justice Squad
Rank Weapons Expert
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appearance Case #1 New Start,New Murder
The streets are rough out there. Are you sure you can handle it?
—-Rose Zhao
Rose Zhao is a main character in Criminal Case: Back to Past where she serves as Lindordian Justice Squad's weapons expert.


45 years of age, Rose has curly, tied up brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a black, striped shirt with an orange collared blouse underneath and a black glove. She also wears a black hat with a brown rim with leaves and red flowers, a brown ammunition belt, red lipstick, turquoise eyeshadow, a silver pendant, a pearl necklace, and a long golden chain. She also has a mechanical prosthetic right.

Age 45
Height 5'3''
Weight 169lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A+

Case Appearences


Case #1 New Start,New Murder

  • Hunting Knife

Case #2 Branding on My Heart

  • Branding Iron

Case #3 Dead on Tracks

  • Gun
  • Bullets

Case #4 You Steal,I Kill

  • Weapon Box

Case #5 In the Act of Nature

  • Axe

Case #7 Strut One's Stuff

  • Crossbow
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