Roody Lovehearts
Full name Radwa Lovehearts
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1987
Death N/A
Nationality WE11.png Egyptian
Residence Egypt
Family None
Profession TBA
Affiliation(s) TBA
Appearance(s) When the Sand Falls
War Never Changes

Radwa "Roody" Lovehearts was one of the suspects in the murder investigation of her idol, actress Amal Ishaq  in War Never Changes (Case #15 of the World Edition). Prior to that, she was mentioned by Mako Speltz a multitude of times, along with making a cameo in When the Sand Falls (Case #11 of the World Edition).


Roody is the best friend of Mako Speltz. Roody appears as a beautiful Egyptian lady of 28 years old. She sports long blonde hair which gets darker as it goes further in its ombre. She genetically has brown eyes, but her left eye turned red for unknown reasons. She wears a red strapless shirt with short denim jeans and black boots, and sometimes seen wearing a black hat with a red strap on it.

Roody is known to be a calm, wise woman like her best, although she's more outgoing, friendly, socially confident and less shy but she's very moody and can get angry, sad or devastated easily. Roody also is very respectful and treats people like she wants to be treated.

Height 5'8"
Age 28
Weight 134 lbs
Eyes brown (left eye red)
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

When the Sand Falls

Roody first appeared here when Max Storm and the player questioned who Amal Ishaq was. Roody then appeared, startling Max and the player, revealing that Amal is an actress (not to mention Roody's favorite actress).


  • Roody is the only friend Mako keeps talking to very often, mostly in Arabic to keep the conversation private, which leads the team to be of what they are gossiping about.
  • Roody sometimes freaks out when she misses a call from someone, especially from her sisters.
  • Roody also has an addiction for creepypastas and anime.
  • Sometimes, Roody complains that her and Mako are completely different.


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