Ronald Rooney
Biographical information
Full name Ronald Rooney
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1968
Nationality American
Partner(s) Unnamed ex-boyfriend
Affiliation(s) Gillenati
Game information
First appearance Case #38 Keeping up with Cindermans
Ronald Rooney was a suspect in the murder investigation of model Megan Cinderman in Keeping up with Cindermans (Case #38 of Laroy Bay)


Known as a hot-shot actor, Ronald has messy brown hair combed back with facial hair and blue eyes.He wears a silver gray blazer over a white shirt with black buttons and a purple bow tie.

Age 50
Height 5'11''
Weight 205lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0-

Keeping up with Cindermans

Ronald became a suspect after team found his wallet in main hallway of Cinderman home.He said that he is good friends with them and that he appeared in their show.

Ronald was spoken to again after team found picture of him kissing a guy.Ronald said that Megan took the picture and wanted to reveal him as gay in their show.Ronald was mad because he didn't want his fans to find that out.

Ronald was found innocent after team arrested Darci Stone for a murder.

Ronald was spoken to again in AI after he revealed himself as Gillenati member,however he didn't want to say anything about their work

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