Ron Smith
Biographical information
Full name Ron Smith
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Unknown
Death 2016
Cause of death Killed by Eugene Jacobs
Nationality Flag of Heroldia.png Heroldian
Resting place Pangkal Beach Cemetery
Family Unknown
Profession Builder
Game information
Appearance(s) Thrown by a Stone

Ron Smith was the victim in Thrown by a Stone (Case #2 of Heroldia City).


Ron was a house builder. At the time of his death, he donned a worker helmet, wore a blue t-shirt with a logo of Simpson Property, and has a brown hair.


Murder Details

Sanjay deduced that Ron was buffeted by stones until he was fatally injured. Sanjay had also found a letter with the message "Auf Wiedersehen, Ron" in his mouth and sent it to Gabriel. Gabriel revealed that the message was in German and translated to "Goodbye, Ron". He concluded that the killer had to know how to speak German to be able to write the message.

Killer and Motives

The killer was revealed to be Eugene Jacobs.

Eugene said that Ron had always mocked him. One day when he was working at the construction site, Ron waltzed in and stole Eugene's Nevrax. Blinded with rage, Eugene threw stones at him until he died from fatal injuries. Judge Syarifuddin sentenced him to 35 years in jail.

Case Apperances


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