Despite the obvious antiquity of this circuit set, I managed to make this cachivache functional again. Maybe I can try to install here the last B&N game now!
—Rogelio Minow

Rogelio Minow is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case, serving as the New Cresthill Police Department's Tech Expert.


Hailing from Punta del Este, Uruguay, Rogelio is the 27-year-old technical expert of the New Cresthill Police Department. Rogelio comes from an Uruguayan wealthy family, despite all the luxurious life he had, he wasn't happy living with his parents. However, he had a nanny since his birth, he considers her as his true mother; when his family moved to New Cresthill because of a huge business, he ordered them to brought his nanny too. As an adult, Rogelio broke all the connections with his parents, and started working as a sales assistant, half of his money was for him and the other half for his "mom". He applied for a job in the Police Department, but he was rejected; although the previous chief watched potential in him, so, he offered a tenure as a tech expert.
He is a young man with blond messy hair and tanned skin. He wears a long black T-shirt with a chess pattern on the bottom. He also has a lotus flower tattoo in the forearm and a silver necklace with the word "Careless".

Height 5'6
Age 27
Weight 101 lbs
Eyes Amber
Blood O+

Notable Events

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Case Appearances

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