The Rocksfellow Police Department, or the RFPD for short, hosts the best law enforcers across the province of Rocksfellow to enforce the law and solve crimes across the turbulent province.


The RFPD solves a range of crimes in the province of Rocksfellow. Examining crime scenes, interrogating suspects, examine and analyze clues, and gather a profile of a criminal in order to apprehend them for their crimes.


Personnel Age Position Duties
Connie Tolentino 53 Chief of Police Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the province.
Player N/A Investigator Performs criminal investigations; brings criminals to justice by all means necessary.
Jackson Walters 26 Agent Assigned to investigate shady crimes with the player.
Phoebe Yates 34 Detective Assigned to investigate shady crimes with the player.
Ferdinand Amado 45 Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if necessary, issues new leads whenever possible, and handles anatomic forensics when needed.
Madelyn Henley 24 Forensic Expert Handles and analyzes physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help the investigators.
Gabriella Harrison 29 Tech Expert Handles and analyzes digital and technical evidence to help investigators gain new leads.
Alden Holmes 27 Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic or technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis.
Baxter McDonald 38 Officer Keeps an eye on the suspects, issues new leads if found, and sometimes issues new suspect attributes when needed.

Citizens Apprehended

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