Robin Falcon
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Biographical information
Full name Robin Falcon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1992
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) 'By the Sea' Resturaunt
Game information
Appears in In criminal case: Stanford Bay
First appearance Out of Breath

Robin Falcon appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of Charlie Gunther in Out of Breath (Case #2 of Stanford Bay). And He was the victim in My Heart Won't Go On (case #4 of stanford Bay)


Robin is a 26-year-old man who worked in the By the Sea' resturaunt as a waiter.

In his first appearance, it's known that he knows how to cook, eats lobster, knows how to swi and his blood type is B+.

Events of Criminal Case

Out of Breath

Robin was interrogated after the player and Jennifer found out that he was an employee in the victim's resturaunt. Robin said that He was a waiter in this resturaunt and he liked the victim. Then he became very sad of the victim's death.

Robin was interrogated again when the player and Jennifer found a note written by Robin to the victim saying: "Stop being so cruel to me". After being asked about it, Robin explained that the victim did not treat him very well, often yelling at him really loudly and cursing him. He did not give Robin the salary he promised and the victim also threatened him to fire him from his job if he talks anything about his salary. Robin was helpless without a job, so he kept quit. He tried his best to be on the better side of the victim but the victim's behaviour towards him never changed.

Robin was found innocent after the player found enough evidence to arrest Robert Loris for the murder.

In Paradise Lost, while the team were looking for a missing purse of Maria Taylor, It was found out Robin took the purse. After the team asked about it, He returned the purse and the team returned it to Maria Taylor.

Murder Details

Killer and Motives

Case Appearances

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